Week 8, Friday 24 March 2017

From Our Principal

Let’s Look for the Good
A couple of years ago I was fortunate to attend a positive psychology conference facilitated by the Australian Council for Educational Leaders. The keynote presenters were the ‘who’s who’ of global experts and their presentations challenged us to have a clear, distinct focus on promoting and enhancing the wellbeing of our students and staff. Prof Lea Waters, widely recognised as a global authority in this space, was the ‘stand out’ presenter for me and encouraged us to ‘look for the good’ in all we do.

Prof Waters has created a wellbeing and positive education program for schools called Positive Detective (PD+). The program ‘…encourages students to find the good in their world and share it with others to increase their own happiness and those of others.’

Ms Walsh, Reception Teacher

Our Early Years classes have been successfully facilitating PD+ with regular highlights being shared on Twitter. I was grateful to see Prof Waters promoting the learning going on in Mrs Walsh’s Reception room, by ‘re-tweeting’ the following in response to one of Mrs Walsh’s tweets: ‘Wow! I love this photo and #gratitude project with young students using @positivedetective #goodteacher.’

By connecting with Mrs Walsh via Twitter, Prof Waters promoted the quality implementation of PD+ at Annesley with her 4,885 Twitter followers. I encourage you to spend 10 minutes with Prof Lea Waters, watching her ‘clip’ on the underlying Psychology Science behind PD+ https://positivedetective.com/science/

I’m pleased to announce that we are now members of the Positive Education Schools Association who will support us as we further develop this important focus at Annesley. In my many and varied conversations with people, a constant theme of gratitude continually emerges as we reflect upon ‘life’ here at Annesley. As we chat, build community and encourage our children as learners, let’s continue to focus on ‘looking for the good.’

Until we next meet, I look forward to seeing you around Annesley and on Twitter @_LukeRitchie

For Your Information

We are grateful that:

  • Students are now using the newly purchased readers
  • Student initiative is alive and well at Annesley. Jake’s Soccer Clinics are now scheduled for later this term and I’ve loved my rich, learning focused conversations with students about a potential Science Club and lunchtime drama production
  • Swimming lessons at the Unley Pool were successful and positive
  • Our new website, being constructed in partnership with Nation Advertising and Lark Studio, is only a matter of weeks away from ‘going live’
  • The Annesley Community have already raised just under $100 towards purchasing 3D Printers for our students (ELC -Year 6) to use by purchasing an Entertainment Membership. Entertainment Memberships can be ordered here: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/9g37010 with 20% of funds raised going to Annesley.
  • We have applied for a $5000 grant to go towards establishing a ‘Maker Space’ at Annesley
  • We celebrated Harmony Day as a school, promoting the theme of ‘belonging’.

Our School

Entertainment Book

We are providing our community with the opportunity to purchase an Entertainment Book. 20% of every purchase will be returned to Annesley and funds raised will go towards the school purchasing 3D printers. You can pre-purchase the new 2017-2018 Entertainment Book membership now and it will be available for collection at the school (or via a digital membership) by Monday 3 April 2017.

If you would like to purchase an Entertainment Book and in turn support Annesley’s fundraising efforts, please follow the link to our purchase site and follow the prompts:


ReSolve Design Challenge on Spatial Reasoning

On Thursday and Friday in Week 6, I was involved in the ReSolve Design Challenge on Spatial Reasoning. Over these two days we worked on this national government initiative to design resources for inquiry Mathematics from Reception – Year 4. These resources must be purposeful, challenging and assessable to teachers. A focus for these resources is to have a knowledge building culture. We worked in collaboration with academics and other teachers using a design thinking approach. The two days of designing were engaging and challenging!

Over the next few weeks, I will be trialing the outline of lessons we have designed in my classroom and giving feedback to the coordinators of this project. The reflections on the learning will inform the ReSolve project as it continues to grow.

Sarah Walsh
Reception Teacher


Co-curricular Term 1

This term students from Years 1 to 5 have been participating in Gardening as part of the Co-curricular programme offered at Annesley. Over forty-five trees have been planted, nurtured and watered. Students also made a beautiful succulent ball to hang near the new garden.

Some lovely comments from our keen gardeners:

“I like gardening because it helps our world get stronger and better.” – Phillip (Year 2)

“I like watering the plants and watching them grow.” – Amelia R (Year 2)

“I like gardening and wearing my gardening gloves because it is fun.” – Jake (Year 3)

“My favourite part is watering with the hose and the watering cans.” – Abigail (Year 1)

“I like planting and learning about plants.” – Sergej (Year 4)


A Special thank you to Ms Walsh for ordering all the plants and co-ordinating the programme. Thank you also to Ms Lane and Ms Sellars for being her ‘green thumbed’ helpers.

We are expanding our co-curricular program to give students’ choice. In Term 2 Annesley will be offering two co-curricular activities on a Thursday afternoon commencing Week 2:

  • Basketball Skills Coaching – run by Mr Hopton
  • Technology Club – run by Mr Richardson

Permission forms for Term 2 Co-curricular will be sent home in Week 1 of Term 2.

Mrs Millar-Luke
Co-curricular Co-ordinator

Professional Learning

All teachers attended an IB PYP Hub Group meeting this week, visiting schools across the metropolitan area. Annesley hosted teachers teaching Year 3 and The Arts. Thanks to Jo Rossiter and Liezel Sellars for leading these groups. Hub groups such as these provide teachers with opportunities to share practice and build networks. At the meetings our teachers shared the rich inquiry units which our students enjoy and the assessments which provide evidence of the students understanding and progress. Through discussions with their peers our teacher’s skills and their knowledge were affirmed we have strong practice and deep understanding of the IB PYP here at Annesley.

Donna Nicolle
Director Early Years Learning


Be Active Day supported by APA

On Thursday April 13th all students will participate in Be Active Day. We are fortune to have the support of the APA to assist us in making this a very special and fun event for our community. Much planning and work goes on behind the scene to make this event run smoothly. Soon the APA will be asking for your support to assist on the day. You could assist by donating foods to be purchased, cooking the BBQ, selling raffle tickets etc. Please add your name to the roster which will soon be placed in the entrance foyer.


Year 2 Social Gathering

The Year 2 class had a fantastic family catch up at the INEA YMCA in Walkerville. The children, along with their siblings, parents and Ms Williams, were bursting with energy as they spent time on the trampolines, ropes, bars, beam, in the foam pits, and practicing their cartwheels and handstands.

A Note from Our Chaplain

A Closer Look At Respect

Harmony Day celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusivity, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. In Assembly, I shared a video of myself having a disagreement with…MYSELF! I teased, taunted, ridiculed and blamed myself – to which I retaliated in like manner. After a short time, I came to the realisation that being disrespectful is a terrible way to get along with each other. In fact, when we behave like that, it’s impossible to get along.

While the video was light-hearted, there was a deeper message I wanted to convey. That harmony occurs when there is evidence of respect which treats others in the way we ourselves want to be treated. It doesn’t have to be complicated or conditional. And often we don’t have to look too far. Opportunities can be right in front of us. To invite. To welcome. To include. To celebrate.

“When you do things, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide. Be humble and give more honour to others than to yourselves. Do not be interested only in your own life, but be interested in the lives of others.” (Philippians 2:3-4)

Table Talk: Imagine you are one of the instruments in an orchestra. Describe what you would be, and why. When you hear an orchestra or group of singers, what are some things they need to do so there is harmony? We are all different and unique, yet we have been created to make a sound which brings God pleasure. Think about the people you encounter. Who is someone you know from a different culture, that you could do something thoughtful for?

Peter Morton


Assembly/Chapel Dates – Term 1

Week Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
9 Thursday 30 March Chapel
10 Thursday 6 April Assembly Grevillea/Wattle
11 Thursday 13 April (Be Active Day) Chapel

Early Learning

Wattle Room

Children in the Wattle Room have been enjoying exploring colour mixing through a variety of sensory experiences. We planned these experiences based on direct observations of the children who were mixing colours to achieve different effects while creating their self-portraits.

It has been a great way for children to explore the world they live in. Sensory experiences are vital to young children’s learning as they stimulate and allow children to explore their senses (touch, smell, sound and sight). This type of play enhances learning through hands-on experiences. It also allows the children to use their imagination in new and exciting ways while at the same time improves fine motor skills. The children have had a lot of fun and we have been inspired by the delight they have shown.

Christiana Schammer & Danielle Rypstra
Wattle Room Teachers

Primary Learning

Year 3 – ‘Places of significance reveal much about the past and present’

In an IB School, students learn to build a better world. Teachers often ask the ‘so what?’ question. How is this learning building a better world? This week, the Year 2 and 3 students used two PYP Attitudes: Respect and Tolerance to ask two BIG questions – WHY? and HOW?. Why should their chosen place of significance be preserved? How can it be preserved?

The Colosseum – by Maddelena
WHY? To learn about history
HOW? By not taking photos, touching it and always listening to the person that is leading

The Zoo – by Kara
WHY? Because when people go there, they learn about animals
HOW? Clean up after yourself, don’t touch the animals and don’t stare at the animals

Waterfall Gully – by Hudson
WHY? Because the wildlife wouldn’t have anywhere to live
HOW? Don’t bring dogs, don’t step on the plants and keep it clean

Jo Rossiter & Olivia Lane
Year 3 Teachers

Hudson - Waterfall Gully

Jake - Cooper's Stadium

Maddelana - Colosseum

Pollyanna & Kara - Zoo

Amy - Eiffel Tower

Ava - Bali hotel

Carrington - Uluru

Viky - Hahndorf/Mount Barker Golf Course

Will - Germany

Vacation Care

The April Vacation Care Program is now available. Please click on the below links to download:

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