Our Mission

Annesley Junior School believes that community is sustained through values, service, diversity, relationships and learning. Our school is a caring community, committed to inquiry-based learning within a Christian ethos for young girls and boys in partnership with families

Our Vision

Nurturing the curious young learner into a self-assured, resilient and empathetic child ready for life beyond the primary years.


The values we teach at Annesley Junior School have passed the test of time. Throughout the world, regardless of religious or cultural differences, these values are central to how well we function as individuals and communities.

We all need to take RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and the impact we have on others. We need COMPASSION to empathise with people who live with disadvantage. CIVILITY leads to the cultivation of personal behaviours that benefit the communities in which we live. A concept of JUSTICE teaches us fairness in our dealings and actions. As does RESPECT, which suggests that we can learn from the wisdom and experience of others. INTEGRITY comes from learning the importance of honesty, truthfulness and consistency in our actions. COURAGE gives us the ability to confront the unknown and to resist intimidation or discouragement. RESILIENCE is an ability to cope with setbacks or adversity. GRATITUDE is an ability to appreciate and be thankful for what we have or are given. And finally, HUMILITY teaches us self worth, without the need to openly display it to others.



Our values encourage us to look beyond our personal desires. We CAN take action to improve the local and global communities we live in.



The staff, students and families at Annesley value the diversity that each of us brings to our school. As a community of learners we draw upon each other’s life experience and cultural backgrounds to expand our thinking. This nurtures strong connections in our desire to live harmoniously.



At Annesley every interaction is valued. As a community of learners we listen within and beyond our boundaries. In doing so we grow reciprocal partnerships that respond to aspirations and needs. We build meaningful relationships by nurturing and caring for each child enabling them to be effective and considerate contributors to their expanding community.



The environment at Annesley provides spaces for people to meet, play and learn. The staff inspires the joy of learning and draws upon the skills of our wider community to offer an array of learning experiences. Our curriculum is progressive and responsive. We seek to support individuality and the different learning styles of our children.

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