National Young Leaders Day

Matilda and Lily Represent AJS at the Halogen Foundation National Young Leaders Day Matilda and Lily have been our hosts at Assembly for some time now. This important role not only involves the development of confident public speaking skills that we witness from each of these girls, but Matilda and

08 Apr 2016    Cherylyn Skewes

Developing Coding Skills through Collaboration, Cooperation, Competition and Creativity

Developing coding skills through collaboration, cooperation, competition and creativity In the 21st century developing computational thinking is an expectation of the Australian Curriculum. How, then, do we engage children in relevant and meaningful learning activities that expose them to the experiences of following code, recording code and being able to

25 Feb 2016    Cherylyn Skewes


Grandparents I was fortunate to have known each one of my grandparents. As a child in primary school I remember being so excited about sleep – overs at their houses as they always made me feel special. They had the time and the desire to focus on me, and they

01 Sep 2015    Cherylyn Skewes

Annesley News

We like to keep our parents and extended family up to date with the highlights, regular goings on plus the detailed information you need and want to know when your child is attending Annesley Junior School. Fortnightly we provide informative newsletters which we believe cover most if not all you need to know about what’s happening here at Annesley.