Week 10, Friday 29 September

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Primary Years Learning

Year 3 - Sharing Our Learning

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How We Organise Ourselves - 'Democratic governments enable communities to make and enforce decitions that affect everyone'

Our School


Early in Term 4 Annesley’s new uniform will be available for purchase. There is a selection of Annesley styled and branded clothing for students to mix and match to create a look and feel they are comfortable wearing for learning and play.

Clothing Options
Short Sleeve Polo (All students) $48.00
Long Sleeved Polo (All students) $50.00
Cotton Drill Shorts $36.00
Cotton Drill Pants $42.00
Skort $36.00
Leggings $38.00
Rugby Jumper $82.50
  Shoe Options
Any colour sports shoe
Navy or White Leather Sandals
Black Leather Shoes (Formal Uniform Only)

The current maroon bucket hat and Annesley school bags will continue to be used. Please note that hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up with either navy or maroon ribbons.

Once students begin wearing the new uniform items we ask that the uniform is worn correctly and not in co-junction with older uniform pieces (there will be an  exception to this rule for Year 3-7 students while we are waiting for delivery of the PE pants). Please note that non Annesley clothing is not to be worn with the uniform.

The following uniform items will be available for purchase early in the 2018 school year:

All Weather Jacket $TBC
Puffer Vest $TBC
Navy Socks $13.50
Sports Track Pants & Shorts (Years 3-7) $TBC
Formal Uniform Options (Years 3-7) $TBC


This week we have farewelled Liz Tomas as she will soon be welcoming twins into her family. We wish her all the best and can’t wait to meet her babies. Next term Cherie Redwood will be the Grevillea Room teacher. Liz and Cherie have met several times to ensure the change for the children will be a smooth transition.

In Week 1 of Term 4 we will be farewelling Kate Wise. Kate has recently accepted a fulltime position in a child care centre. Alice Meredith whom has been relieving for us across the ELC will replace Kate in the Banksia Room.

Co-Curricular Term 4

We are pleased to again offer two activities in Term 4.

Dance: Reception (Ms. Walsh) to Year 5
Soccer Skills Sessions: Years 1 to 5

Dance will be run by the talented teachers in Year 1 & 2, Miss Michelle Williams and Mrs Alana Iannazzo. Both teachers have been dancing since the age of three and have had experience in many different dance styles. Students will learn different sequences of movements and dance routines in Modern and Funk.

Soccer Skills sessions will also be held in Term 4. Matt Rossiter and Ilke Onur (Year 1 parents) have kindly offered their services and we thank them for their time. Students will learn the skills and rules of soccer and play mini soccer games. This is excellent preparation for Annesley fielding soccer teams in the Southern District Junior Winter Competition in Term 2 & 3, 2018.

In Term 4, the co-curricular program will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 3.30-4.30pm for four weeks, beginning in Week 2.

Gail Millar-Luke
Co-curricular Coordinator

Early Years Learning

Eucalypt Room
What a busy and exciting term we have had in the Eucalypt room. As a part of our Term 3 Unit of Inquiry ‘Life is a cycle of change’ and our whole year inquiry ‘Balance in life creates a strong sense of wellbeing’ the students have had opportunities to look after baby chickens, meet Paige’s baby brother, participate in a visit from Miss Fosdike’s dad the Policeman and engage in a Yoga Intelligence program. Yoga has been an important part of our wellbeing inquiry and is now imbedded into the student’s relaxation time. Not only do the Eucalypt students enjoy the movement and poses they learn in Yoga, they enjoy telling stories and expressing their emotions in a healthy way. Yoga is helping the students to practice being calm, enhancing their concentration and confidence.

Monika Falk
Eucalypt Room Teacher



Nude Food Day

Did you know that our Primary School disposes of approximately 27,400 pieces of rubbish every year.

The Year 3 class is trying to reduce the amount of rubbish collected in the ocean as an action from their Unit of Inquiry ‘sharing the planet’.

When: Monday 23 October 2017
Who: Early Years and Primary Years Students
Why: There is over 3 trillion pieces of rubbish in our ocean. Rubbish collects in gutters and rivers travelling to the ocean
How: Use less plastic wrap and packaging by putting food in reusable plastic containers and beeswax wraps

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