Week 2, Friday 9 February 2018

From our Principal

Principal's Video News - Week 2

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Nature Play Grand Opening

Our new Nature Play was officially opened on Thursday 8 February by Chair of Annesley Council, Mr Bruce Spangler, with the help of Year 5 students, Jedda and Daniel.

Lunch Order Suvey

We have recently changed suppliers for our Friday lunch orders,  increasing the amount of healthy choices on the menu. Popular local café KW27 will now cater our lunch orders. We seek your input during this time of transition. Please click here to complete our survey.

Our School

Welcome To Annesley’s New Families

We would like to welcome the following students who have commenced with Annesley in 2018:

Banksia Room Harry, Isaac, Ted, Flynn, Xavier, Stella, Vanessa, Ethan and Viviane
Eucalypt Room Max, Zane, Gracie, Ethan, Aaliyah, Elijah, Henry, Dhruven & Madeleine
Grevillea Room Eleanor, Amelie, George, Oliver
Wattle Room Olivia, Chloe, Navarre & Anwen
Reception Eva, Beatrix, Eliane, Santino, Kira
Year 2 Olivia & Jamie
Year 3 Otilia
Year 4 Amelia
Year 5 Sophie


2018 Staffing

We are delighted to share Monika Falk’s exciting news that she and her partner are expecting their first baby. To support our students in the Eucalypt Room with a successful transition, we have appointed Emily Ravenscroft to the position of Teacher. Emily is already very familiar to the students and families as she has been a member of the Eucalypt team for the past two years. Emily has a Bachelor of Music and graduated with a Masters of Education in Early Childhood. Monika will go on full time leave during mid Term 2 and will be sharing the teaching role with Emily from the commencement of the term.

2018 Staffing, as communicated late last year, is outlined below:

Principal – Luke Ritchie
Business Administrator – Alex McCole
Deputy Principal and Head of Early Years – Donna Nicolle
Head of Primary Years – Jo Rossiter

Chaplain – Peter Morton
Community Engagement Coordinator, including Registrar role – Lisa Stuart
Finance Officer – Julie Hatherly
Executive Assistant to the Principal – Bronte Binnion
Administration Assistant – Jeanette Burchmore
Grounds and Maintenance – Bruce Flemming and Morgan Davies

Co-ordinator Student Autonomy and Wellbeing: Sarah Walsh
Co-ordinator Sport & Co-curricular: Hugh Hopton

ELC Co-ordinator – Fiona Hodgson
Banksia Room – Jessica Fosdike, Marisa Iadarola and Alice Meredith
Eucalypt Room – Monika Falk (Emily Ravenscroft from Term 2), Jo McLoughlin and Katerina Skrombros
Grevillea Room – Cherie Redwood, Lucy Magarey and Lorrayne Tiver
Wattle Room – Christiana Schammer and Olivia Lane, Tricia Terrell and Devan Chalmers

Support Staff – Jo Puddy and Sam Lawson

Reception: Alice Dunstone
Reception: Sarah Walsh
Year 1: Alana Iannazzo
Year 2: Michelle Williams
Year 3: Gail Millar-Luke
Year 4: Dylan Colsey
Year 5/6: Jo Rossiter

The Arts: Liezel Sellars
Technologies: Phil Richardson
Health & Physical Education: Hugh Hopton
French: Claire Charenton

Learning Support: Lauren Hussey

Library Assistant: Sasha Shearer

OSHC Co-ordinator: Lauren Hussey
OSHC Co-educators: Alana Bowley, Stephanie Patching, Shannon Traeger and Leah Zanker

Music in the Primary Years

This year we are fortunate to have Annesley parent, Jane Constance, volunteering to collaborate with our class teachers to teach Music. Lessons will commence Friday Week 2 and will be held fortnightly. Class teachers will accompany their class to the lesson. Jane is a talented musician and has a wealth of experience to share with us. We are very much appreciative of her skills and the giving of her time to provide these experiences for our students.

Kiss n’ Drop Zone

Please do not park in the ‘Kiss n Drop’ zone from 8.30am to 8.45am and 3.30pm and 3.45pm. This space is supervised by staff during these times to keep students safe as they arrive and leave school.

Physical Education in ELC

This year we are extending our learning program by offering Physical Education classes on Thursdays in the Grevillea and Wattle rooms. This term the students and staff are working with our Specialist PE teacher, Hugh Hopton, to develop their skills ready for Be Active Day on Thursday 30 March.

ELC and OSHC – Government Changes to Child Care Assistance

From July 2018 there will be changes as to how Child Care Assistance payments are calculated and how information is collected and reported. To prepare for the changes we encourage families to:

  • Go to education.gov.au/childcare to keep abreast of the pending changes
  • Set up a MyGov account as this will be required to register changes to family information
  • A child’s times of attendance will be recorded so keep a look out for designated iPads in each ELC room and OSHC for families to electronically sign in and out

As more information is released we will keep you informed.

Celebrations in the ELC

Last year we shared with our community a change in how we celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, in the ELC. To ensure all experiences are inclusive to all children we no longer accept foods to be shared. Teachers have planned other traditions to support your child to celebrate their special day.

Extended Leave from School

Family holidays can be a rich learning experience for children, inspiring and awakening their curiosity and building positive relationships. If your family is planning on taking extended leave from school during term time, please ensure that you notify the Principal in writing so the school is aware of any extended student absences from school.

A Note from our Chaplain

Courageous Steps

Seeing our children grow in confidence is a wonderful thing. It is an important value that we celebrate at Annesley, and one which we build upon through the year. Courage is thought of as not being afraid to give things a go. It is not that we never have any fear. But courage helps us overcome the fear which says it can’t be done. It may be through showing determination to learn a new concept, or it could be even as simple as saying “Good morning” out loud to our friends each day.

TABLE TALK: What things are you needing to try, but in the past you have said no to. What did you do today that required some courage? How did you feel afterwards? Remember, even if you didn’t get as far as you had hoped, one small step forward is still a courageous step.

Early Years Learning

Banksia Room

Feeling a sense of belonging to the Banksia Room is important for all children. Children experience belonging in many different ways as they bring diverse experience, knowledge and skills to their learning. To help support each child’s developing sense of identity and to establish a feeling of belonging within the Banksia Room we have begun the term exploring ‘all about me’. During our morning meeting experiences we have engaged in group conversations about our families and the experiences we enjoy sharing with them using our family photos as provocations. We have continued our explorations by discussing our amazing bodies and how different parts of our bodies help us in various ways. The children have photographed ‘the best part of me’ explaining how this part of their body helps them in their daily interactions. This allows children to develop positive self-identities and build on their understanding of how different parts of their bodies work together to support them.

The Best Part of Me

Flynn: I like my legs so I can walk
Scarlett: My Eyes. Because when it’s dark I open them
Arthur: My ears. I can listen to music
Imogen: Head to turn around
Meg: I like my tummy…food
Luca: I really like my arms, because they get things. Well they get chocolate and banana
Rosheen: I like to look at my toes. They help me put stuff in my room

Primary Years Learning

Reception (Ms Walsh)

The Reception students have started inquiring under the transdisciplinary theme of ‘Who We Are’ with our central idea being ‘Friendships are made and maintained when people understand their role as a friend’.

We have used the fabulous book ‘Pearl Barley and Charlie Charlie Parsley’ as a provocation to begin our inquiry into friendship. Madame Charenton has joined us as we learn in both English and French as part of our new bi-lingual program.

“Good friends share.” Hannah

“Friends can be different and like different things.” Matisse

“Friends invite you to a birthday party.” Henry

Sarah Walsh
Reception Teacher

Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 15 February Chapel
Thursday 22 February Assembly  Year 2
Thursday 1 March Chapel
Thursday 8 March Assembly  Reception (Walsh)
Thursday 15 March Swimming Lessons
Thursday 22 March Assembly Year  4
Thursday 29 March Be Active Day
Thursday 5 April Chapel
Thursday 12 April Assembly Grevillea/Wattle


International Baccalaureate Mission Statement

How familiar are you with the Mission Statement of the International Baccalaureate Organisation?

There are 185 IB World Schools in Australian and 4973 IB World Schools worldwide. We are proud that Annesley is one of these! To read the full IB Mission Statement, click here.

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