Week 2, Friday 11 May 2018

From our Principal

Our School

Ongoing Improvements
We are a growing community and we continue to innovate and invest in our wonderful school. We are very pleased to continue to be improving our school grounds, facilities and resources for our students and staff. The new Primary Years learning spaces are complete and include a range of new furniture, resources and digital infrastructure. We have also developed a Mac Research Lab in the Courtyard for students from ELC- Year 6 to use on a needs basis. We are grateful to the Annesley Parents’ Association for the funding they provided to create and resource our new Wellbeing Room. This beautiful space is now complete and being used by our students from ELC to Year 6. We have added new shelving, ‘child sized’ furniture, bean bags and books in our Library (the Imaginarium) and have a range of further improvements and additions scheduled to continue this year.

We have created a staff Professional Learning room, with the specific focus on staff connecting for rich professional dialogue and future planning for our growing school. We have also made our Staff Room more relaxed and comfortable, with the including of some repurposed furniture to enhance the atmosphere for our team as they relax and connect.

The Annesley Council have approved a range of exciting capital improvements for the school to further enhance our diverse facilities and learning spaces for our students, as well as the promotion and enhancement of our beautiful site. We have much to be grateful for as a growing community and we look forward to sharing details of our capital projects with you in the coming months.

Welcome To Annesley’s New Families
We would like to welcome the following students who have commenced at Annesley in Term 2:

Banksia Room  Edward A, Casper, Marcus, Finn, Eliyana and Edward W
Eucalypt Room  Chloe and Harper
Grevillea Room  Sophie
Wattle Room  Ruby and Leo
Reception Jessica and Charlotte
Year 4 Venkatesh and Philemon
Year 5 Jun

Enhancing our Culture of Trust, Excellence and Innovation
The majority of our students are in the new uniform range, designed to maximise their comfort, individuality and wellbeing. We are now addressing staff work dress. We have a positive culture of trust, excellence and innovation. During Term 2, staff are trialling having more flexibility and empowerment in their dress, under the premise of wearing what is comfortable, practical, respectful and reflecting their role as a professional member of our growing independent school.

ELC Casual Bookings
Our ELC is near capacity with most days, particularly in the Banksia and Eucalypt Rooms, fully booked. This has an effect on availability for families to book casual days. To assist us in supporting our community with providing casual day bookings, please ensure you advise the school if your child will be absent on their usual days of attendance. Please contact Jeanette Burchmore if you child will be absent due to holidays or sickness. If you need to request casual day bookings please contact Fiona Hodgson.

ELC and OSHC – Government Changes to Child Care Assistance
From July 2018 there will be changes to how Child Care Assistance payments are calculated and how information is collected and reported. To prepare for the changes families must

• Go to education.gov.au/childcare to keep abreast of the pending changes
• Set up a MyGov account – this will be required to register changes to family information

As part of the introduced changes a child’s times of attendance will be recorded. In the coming weeks designated iPads in each ELC room and OSHC will be used by families to electronically sign in and out. You will simply enter your phone number and will be prompted to set a four-digit code unique to you. You will then use the phone number and code each time you deliver and collect your child. If you have Grandparents and other carers assisting with drop-off’s and pick-up’s,  please make sure they are also aware of the pending changes.

Staff Professional Development

PESA Conference
During Week 11 of Term 1, Sarah Walsh, Reception Teacher and Co-ordinator of Student Autonomy and Wellbeing, and I were fortune to attend the Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) Conference hosted by Geelong Grammar in Victoria. We were privileged to hear from leading psychologists such as Dr Martin Seligman and Dr Lea Waters along with many more highly regarded research based professionals. Each presenter shared their research and first hand experiences from a wide breadth of backgrounds and there was a common message throughout the conference, wellbeing is the key to life satisfaction, success in learning and in our ability to manage and recover from adversity in our lives.

We heard many startling mental health statistics for youths and young adults but the statistic which stood out the most for me is that in Australia 1 in 6 primary school students are diagnosed as clinically depressed. Biological and environmental factors influence our mental health. We all have a role to play and do have the power to make a difference to the wellbeing of our community. The information shared at the conference will continue to influence our work at Annesley. We continue to focus on building strengths, applying strategies to self-regulate, and create opportunities to demonstrate our passions through taking action. This is all for the betterment of our staff, students and our parent community.

Donna Nicolle
Deputy Principal and Head of Early Years

Annesley Sports

Year 4-6 Basketball Team
Annesley Junior School competed in the basketball competition at Unley High School in Term 1. The students showed great commitment and effort throughout the term and improved with each game both in their defensive and offensive skills. The team came away from the season on a high, scoring almost double digits in their last three games. I would like to thank all the parents and families for their support over the season, it was a great help to the team’s success. The Year 4-6 Basketball Team will be looking to continue their improvement at the start of the new season in Term 4.

Term 2 and Term 3 Sports Program
Thank you to all the students and parents who have shown interest in the term 2 and term 3 sports program at Annesley Junior School. This term we have an Auskick program and a Year 4-5 Goodwood/Annesley football team starting in week 2 and a Year 2-3 soccer team starting Week 3. I am very excited to see the students participate in these programs and a huge thank you to those parents who have volunteered to support our developing sports program. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hugh Hopton
Co-ordinator of Sport

Assembly & Chapel

Term 2

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 18 May Assembly  Year 5/6
 Thursday 24 May Chapel
Thursday 31 May Assembly Reception (Dunstone)
Thursday 7 June Chapel
Thursday 14 June Assembly Year 3
Thursday 21 June Chapel
Thursday 28 June Assembly Banksia/Eucalypt

Early Years Learning

Eucalypt Room
In term 2 the Eucalypt Room have started investigating the Unit of Inquiry ‘people work together in communities’. Through their play the children have been exploring and responding to the provocations: ‘how do people work together?’ and ‘what is team work?’.

The Eucalypt Construction Zone has given our children the opportunity to work in partnership and explore their ideas about how we work together. These shared understandings will become the foundation for further inquiry into the interconnected nature of our community.

Student Reflections:

Ethan: Because there is a fire
Molly: There’s a chimney, let’s work together
Ethan: Let’s work together
Molly: Now that’s better we saved the day
Harper: Harper helping


Primary Years Learning

Year 5/6 Class

This week the Year 4/6 students attended camp at Victor Harbor. Below are some student reflections:

“I found kayaking challenging because it was hard to get the right direction without crashing” – Kara

“I found the raft making really challenging because my hands were really numb” – Harry

“I found it really hard at the raft building, the wild weather was a challenge for me” – Sergej

“I am grateful for the opportunity to fly on the flying kiwi yesterday, because I was a bit scared at the start but then I really enjoyed it” – Adele

“I am grateful that it didn’t rain every single minute of the day” – Daniel

“I am grateful for the opportunities we have had on camp” – Victoria

“I am grateful for discovering a new game, nine square!” – Nikita

“I enjoyed going in the kayaks because we got to paddle in a big river and be pulled by the current” – Will

“It was a challenge standing up on the kayaks and not falling off” – Sophie M

“I enjoyed the kayaking and flying kiwi the most” – Fynn

“I found the kayaks surprisingly easy even though it was my first time” – Jedda

“I have enjoyed playing nine square and going on the flying kiwi” – Sophie S

“Kayaking was kind of difficult but fun!” – Philemon

“I have really enjoyed everything, all the activities have been a great experience” – Hudson

“I had a great night’s sleep” – Amy

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