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Video News, Term 3, Week 2

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Book Week Art Piece

The theme for Book Week this year is “Find Your Treasure”, we would like to invite families to spend some creative time together and make an artwork that represents this theme. The artworks will then be on display in Gillingham Hall during the Book Week Parade, and after this on display in the library for the remainder of the term.

All finished pieces of “Find Your Treasure” art need to be delivered to the Multi-Purpose Room no later than Monday 20th August, please ensure they are clearly named with a description of your artwork.

So put your creative hats on and start brainstorming with each other as to what your families master piece will be.

In Term 3, we will trial enabling parents and caregivers the opportunity to comment on the learning experiences shared in Seesaw. We thank you for ensuring the comments posted are positive, encouraging and kept brief. Class teachers will have the power to ‘approve’ or ‘block’ these comments, depending on their content. Thank you for the positive feedback we have received about this communication tool. We are very pleased with the manner in which Seesaw has enhanced our partnership between ‘home and school,’ allowing students to share their learning and experiences at school with their ‘important people’ outside of school.

We are delighted to welcome the following new staff to our Annesley community.

Alicia Clare
Mid-Year Reception Teacher

Katie Cummins
Teacher – Grevillea Room

Penny White
Teacher – Grevillea Room

Amy Wells
Co-Educator – Grevillea Room


Victoria McDonnell
Co-Educator – Grevillea Room

Sheenu Sharma
Co-Educator – Wattle Room

Congratulations to our Year 2 Teacher, Michelle Williams, who got engaged to her fiancé Kevin over the school holidays. We wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding.

Defibrillator Donation
Annesley would like to sincerely thank the Lions Club of Glenside who generously donated a defibrillator to the school.


Last term was a huge success for co-curricular at Annesley Junior School with the two programs of Oliphant Science and Manga Art. Students were very engaged completing a range of activities and it was fantastic to see many students challenge themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Thank you to all the students that participated in the program in term 2 and to Jo Rossiter, Christiana Schammer and Liezel Sellars for the professional teaching and guidance for their programs.

Term 3 co-curricular will introduce three new options with Contemporary Dance, Technology and Music. These sessions will be held every Thursday from Week’s 3-9. Please note that Technology with Phil Richardson is now full. If you would like to sign up to the Contemporary Dance or Music sessions please return consent forms by no later than Monday 6 August (Monday Week 3).

Early Years' Learning

Eucalypt Room
This term in the Eucalypt Room we are exploring the central idea that ‘The arts develop children’s imagination and creativity. Creative expression comes naturally to our youngest learners as they interact with their world through music, dance, art and imaginary play. To begin our unit of inquiry we have invited the children to show us how creative they can be by designing a self-portrait through a medium of their choice. As a result, the children have created abstract self-portraits using a wide range of resources, such as construction blocks and water colour paints.

We will revisit this task later in the term, and reflect on our designs to see how our children have extended their creative and imaginative capabilities after engaging further with the unit of inquiry.

Emily Ravenscroft
Eucalypt Room Teacher

Primary Years' Learning

Year 2
During term 3 the Year 2’s are working and inquiring with our Year 1 friends. This gives us the opportunity to collaborate and share our ideas with a variety of thinkers. The Unit of Inquiry we are focussing on for the first half of the term is: Materials can be combined for a range of different purposes. We are investigating the properties of various materials, ways materials can be combined and changed and the purpose of a material to help meet a human need.

We began our unit by using our sense of touch to feel a variety of materials in our ‘feely box’. We described what the object felt like, then we predicted what the object was and what it was made of. After this, we sorted a variety of materials to look for similarities and difference between objects and the materials they were made from. Later this term, we will be putting on our scientist hats and conducting experiments that combine materials and see the changes or reactions that occur. In week 4 Scientist Dr Sally Plush will be visiting us, turning our classroom into a science lab and leading us in a science investigation.

Some of our observations and learning during our first two weeks –

“Materials are made from nature and objects like sand, rock or plants.” – Charlie

“Materials can be soft and you can wear different fabrics like cotton.”- Abby

“Glass is a material that is hard and can break easily.” – Jemma

“Materials are made of different things. For example, trees can be used to make paper, wood and pencils.” – Thinuk

Michelle Williams
Year 2 Teacher

From our Chaplain

Be Dressed In Quality Clothing
In Chapel last week, we talked about quality clothing – things which we wear which have real value. Clothes can often identify something about us. Uniforms especially help us to identify the responsibility that someone carries – the reliance we can have on those people to perform a certain task. Their uniform can remind us that they are to be respected in the community.

Uniforms and clothing can identify something about us too – our purpose, and what we should be doing. They can help remind us to be responsible. When people see us in our Annesley uniform, we want to be recognised and known for certain things. We want to be creative and curious learners. We want to be empathetic and concerned for what is happening in the world around us. We want to present ourselves well, and honour values which have been integral to the heritage of Annesley.

“…clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.” (Colossians 3:12)

The writer of these words in the Bible uses language which describes clothing ourselves in a certain way. If we desire to live lives which honour God and follow the ways and teachings of Jesus, then we’re encouraged to wear – to carry on us – specific attributes. Here the Bible uses clothes as a comparison to values, behaviours, and attitudes. The Bible points out that when people see us, they will notice that we have compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, which ultimately comes from the character of God, and a love for people.

As a school, we are intentional with teaching and practicing our values. We encourage one another to put those values into action. To live them out, and wear them proudly. When we get up in the morning and dress ourselves in those behaviours and attitudes – in qualities that are valued – we are ready for the day, and ready to be with others in a healthy and good way, as God intends us to be.

Be assured, you can’t outgrow ‘quality clothing’ like courage, respect, humility, responsibility, integrity, resilience, justice, compassion, civility, and gratitude. Those qualities grow and become stronger as you continue to display them, and allow them to be part of who you are becoming.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

Assembly & Chapel

Term 3

Date                                       Assembly/Chapel                 Class Presenting

Thursday 9 August                Assembly                                      Year 1

Thursday 16 August              Chapel

Thursday 23 August              Assembly (Book Week)             Year 2

Thursday 30 August              Chapel

Thursday 6 September          Grandparents’ Day                    Reception (Walsh)

Thursday 13 September        Chapel

Thursday 20 September       Assembly

Thursday 27 September       Chapel

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