Week 10, Friday 7 April 2017

From Our Principal

As a Uniting Church school, Annesley recognises and celebrates the significant Christian events that occur during the year. Easter is one of these significant events, a sacred and special time for Christians to remember the sacrifice made at the cross and the love that God has for mankind. As a Christian, Easter is a time when I connect with loved ones and we reflect with gratitude and reach out to those less fortunate. ‘For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, for whoever believes in Him shall not die, but have eternal life.’ (John 3:16).

Wishing you a safe and meaningful Easter with your loved ones. I also thank you for what has been a successful Term 1 and I look forward to bringing you some exciting announcements about Annesley during Term 2.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

Jake’s Soccer Clinics

Hi, my name is Jake and I am in Year 3 at Annesley. I love soccer and I play for a Club called Metro Stars.

I wanted to run a soccer Clinic for the younger kids because I want to teach people how to play soccer so that they can have fun and build their confidence in the sport. I spoke to Mr Ritchie, and he helped me to organise the clinic.

Last Wednesday I ran my first successful Soccer Clinic for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 kids. The day went better than I expected! Everyone did an awesome job and I look forward to running another one next Term.

See you there!!

Year 3 Student

Entertainment Book

We are providing our community with the opportunity to purchase an Entertainment Book. 20% of every purchase will be returned to Annesley and funds raised will go towards the school purchasing 3D printers. You can pre-purchase the new 2017-2018 Entertainment Book membership now and it will be available for collection at the school (or via a digital membership) within the next week.

If you would like to purchase an Entertainment Book and in turn support Annesley’s fundraising efforts, please follow the link to our purchase site and follow the prompts:


Primary Years Uniform

As members of our Annesley community students wear the uniform with pride. It is important that our uniform is worn by all in a consistent manner. The School uniform is a complete unit and no part of it should be worn with other clothes. All clothing items, apart from socks and shoes, are available to purchase at school.



Dress checked dress with knife pleat
Woollen Jumper
Socks white short
School shoes black lace or Velcro straps or Sandals summer only navy blue or black with enclosed heel and toe.


Shorts navy
Shirt white short sleeve/banded
Woollen Jumper
Socks white short
School shoes black lace or Velcro straps or Sandals summer only navy blue or black with enclosed heel and toe.



Pinafore tartan regulation style and material
Shirt white or Skivvy white
Woollen Jumper
Socks/tights black socks or tights
School shoes black lace or Velcro straps


Trousers navy blue
Shirt white long sleeve/banded
Woollen Jumper
Socks black
School shoes black lace or Velcro straps 

Sports Uniform to be worn only on P.E days

Boys and Girls

Summer Boys Shorts, Girls Shorts or Skorts
Winter Track Pants
Polo top
Rugby Jumper
Socks white short
White sneakers

Hair accessories maroon or white (hair shoulder length or longer to be tied back)

Maroon poly/cotton bucket hat

If your child is wearing items not on the list above then it is not part of our uniform, this includes leggings and bike shorts. We ask for your support so that our uniform is worn correctly.

A Note from our Chaplain

Take Note This Easter

I have special memories of Easter as a child. Some of these include painting and decorating eggs, camping with the family, gorging on chocolate eggs, celebrating the Christian faith at church – and one year receiving a $2 dollar note from an uncle!! Looking back now, the $2 note does appear quite small and of little value – especially as I realise it’s been 29 years since it was removed from circulation!

But perhaps it wasn’t so small and insignificant. And perhaps it still isn’t. After all, I still remember it well.

This Easter, as you take the opportunity to be with family, let me encourage you to reflect on the generous gift that was offered all those years ago. Jesus Christ came to earth as God’s message of love, hope and forgiveness. And even though it seems this true message of Easter has gradually been taken ‘out of circulation’ from our society, it doesn’t mean the gift is any less significant, or of little worth today. Hold on to it through your conversations. Hold on to it through your laughter and tears. Hold on to it through your faith.

May we celebrate God’s gift this Easter, and remember Jesus well.

Have a safe and blessed Easter.

Pete Morton
Annesley Chaplain

Primary Years Learning

Each Friday afternoon Year 4/5 participate in Genius Hour. This is an hour where students plan and control their own fun and learning.

Activities chosen by the students have ranged from creating Battlebots out of cardboard, coding, making advertisements on iMovie, playing board games, learning to knit, using Stop Animation and completing activities on Mathletics, Skoolbo or Studyladder.

“We love Genius Hour each week!” – Jedda and Nikita

“We get to choose what we do which is great.” – Harry

“I love doing different things especially drawing and making cards.” – Noah

“I like drawing and making.” – Victoria

“I enjoy doing apps on the tablets.” – Sergej

“I like making with my friends.” – Sophie

Gail Millar-Luke
Year 4-5 Teacher

Early Years Learning

Last week in connection with our current unit of inquiry, ‘homes reflect the local environment and the occupant’s needs’ the ELC enjoyed a visit from Animal Capers. We were given the opportunity to hold, pat and feed a rabbit, lizard, crocodile, chicken, owl and possums. We learnt about the different animal’s names and discussed the different types of environments in which they might live. We demonstrated curiosity as we asked questions about the different animals and enthusiastically interacted with them. Many of us displayed courage as we took risks to hold and pat them, noticing the different textures of their bodies. This hands on experience allowed the children to formulate ideas and transfer their learning from one context to another. Experiencing a wide range of new and different animals, and discussing their similarities and differences helped to deepen our understanding of why they may live in different homes and environments.

Student Reflections:

“Bunny dig a burrow a very big burrow. We went on a bush walk and saw a very big burrow.” – Spencer”

“The bunny lives under the ground. It finds a burrow. Snails live on the ground. They have a shell.” – Luca

“Crocodile lives in water. It don’t live in a bed.” – Sibella

Jess Fosdike
Banksia Room Teacher


As our student numbers continue to increase we are seeking new staff to join our teaching community. This week we interviewed for Co-educators to join our Early Years programs. On the weekend we are advertising for a new teacher for the Mid-Year Reception class. This class will commence in Term 3 2017. We will announce all new appointments next term.


Assembly/Chapel Dates – Term 1

*Please note that due to Be Active Day, on Thursday 13 April Chapel will be held in the afternoon at 2.45pm.

Week Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
11 Thursday 13 April (Be Active Day) Chapel at 2.45pm

Annesley Parents' Association

In conjunction with Be Active Day on Thursday 13 April, the APA are holding a Sausage Sizzle, Cake Stall and Easter Raffle Event. All money raised from sales on Be Active Day will be donated to the school to assist with the purchase of a 3D printer. For more information please download the Sausage Sizzle flyer and Easter Raffle flyer.

Vacation Care

The April Vacation Care Program is now available. Please click on the below links to download:

Tennis Coaching

Term 2 Tiger Tennis information is now available. Please see below for more information.

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