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Entertainment Book

We are providing our community with the opportunity to purchase the new 2017|2018 Entertainment Book. 20% of every purchase will be returned to Annesley and funds raised will go towards the school purchasing 3D printers. You can purchase the new 2017|2018 Entertainment Book membership now and it will be available immediately for collection at the school or via a digital membership.

If you would like to purchase an Entertainment Book and in turn support Annesley’s fundraising efforts, please follow the link to our purchase site and follow the prompts:


AFL Auskick

AFL Auskick is being held at Annesley on Saturday mornings. We are grateful for our team of volunteers being led by Michael and Eddie Dadds. All involved are having a wonderful time developing their collaborative skills and football skills. Thank you to all involved for making this a wonderful ongoing event for our students.

Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum

Across our school all teachers implement the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum into their teaching. This program outlines four focus areas to support children to develop safe practices. The areas are:

1. The Right to be Safe
2. Relationships
3. Recognising and Reporting Abuse
4. Protective Strategies

The content of each area is planned sequentially, so that a student’s knowledge and understanding is developed in an age appropriate manner over their years at school from age 3 years to Year 12. So far this year, the following topics have been incorporated into the learning across the curriculum with classroom and specialist teachers.

ELC – have explored what privacy means and how to respect each other, identified and expressed feelings and the difference between safe and unsafe

Reception – are discussing identity and the needs and wants and rights within relationships

Year 1 – have explored their feelings, safety, how to understand warning signs when feelings of uncertainty and fear arise and have identified networks of people they can trust

Year 2 – have continued to develop their understanding of feelings and emotions and also learning about the human body

Year 3 – have explored growth and fixed mindsets, identity and significant relationships in their lives, as well as cyber safety

Years 4/5 – have continued investigating warning signs as well as safe and unsafe decisions and how to identify and develop trust networks, as well as cyber safety

These topics are not taught in isolation but often link in with the Units of Inquiry, extend from discussions on our school values, relate to friendship issues amongst peers and support the students’ children’s understanding.

If you would like more information on the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum please visit the website.

Donna Nicolle
Director Early Years


Assembly & Chapel Dates


Week Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
9 Thursday 29 June Assembly Grevillea/Wattle

A Note from our Chaplain

Annesley is a school community where values matter however values have little influence unless they are embodied through action. We are all able to demonstrate the Annesley values in different ways. This is something we are inviting our children to discover for themselves. Being an International Baccalaureate School, we have different traditions, customs and expressions of life so it is wonderful that the students have the opportunity to hear this from each other.

Each Chapel we are introducing a Valuable Action idea which is linked to the value we focus on for that month. There will be opportunity for the students to inquire further and journal about how they are able to give action to the value. I look forward to spending more time with the teachers and each class, to reflect on how these values can become part of who we are in life and faith.

Pastor Pete
Annesley Chaplain

Early Years Learning

This term in connection with our year long unit of inquiry ‘balance in life creates a strong sense of well being’ we have been discussing our feelings and emotions. Using pictorial representations of different feelings we have been acting out various emotions and discussing what might make us or our friends feel this way. In the morning we sign into the Banksia room by placing a face next to our name that best describes the way we are feeling. We have also been capturing our ideas on paper by drawing our feelings and creating collaborative mind maps about what makes us feel happy, sad, scared and angry. We used mirrors to aid our creations by observing our faces in the mirror and recognising our changing expressions. We have also enjoyed listening and dancing to songs during our music and movement program that make us feel happy and silly.

I feel HAPPY when… “I love my Mummy and Daddy.”

I feel SCARED when… “Trains.”

I feel SAD when… “It’s raining outside.

Jess Fosdike
Banksia Room Teacher

Primary Years Learning

Year 3 Who We Are – ‘Challenges shape humanity’

Our recent experiences at camp deepened our inquiry into our second line of inquiry – characteristics humans develop through challenge. Using the concept of causation, the children created these reflections about the character strengths they employed at a time of personal challenge at Nunyara.

‘A challenge I faced at camp was climbing the tree. I tried to be a risk-taker when I got to the top of the ladder and had to keep climbing.’ William
‘A challenge that I faced at camp was climbing the tree. I was grateful when people were cheering me on.’ Jake
‘A challenge I faced at camp was sleeping. Sleeping was hard because the room was dark and scary. I tried to be  risk-taker when I was scared in a very, very dark room.’ Amy
‘A challenge I faced at camp was the tree climb. I had to trust the belaying team.’ Pollyanna
‘A challenge I have had on camp was sleeping away from home. I tried to be confident when trying to go to sleep. I found it a bit overwhelming and tricky.’ Kara
‘A challenge I faced at camp was doing the brain teaser relay.  I tried to be resilient and a communicator when the golf balls and pipe didn’t go well.’ Ava
‘A challenge I faced on camp was the tree climbing. I had to trust the rope that was pulling me up.’ Hudson
‘A challenge I faced at camp was sleeping away from home.  I tried to be a risk-taker when I slept in my first single bed.’ Maddelena
‘A challenge I faced at camp was doing the tribal games without some of my friends on my team. I tried to show justice when I supported them but no-one support d me.’ Carrington

Jo Rossiter & Olivia Lane
Year 3 Teachers

Vacation Care

The July Vacation Care Program is now available. Please click on the below links to download:

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