Specialist Areas

Physical Education

Our children participate in regular Physical Education lessons as evidence indicates that physical activity enhances children’s cognitive functioning, concentration and on-task behaviour. At Annesley these lessons are delivered by a specialist teacher to ensure that every child participates in a quality PE program and has positive and worthwhile experiences. We know that children deserve meaningful PE classes that introduce a variety of movement experiences (e.g. sport, dance, fitness, aquatics and games) and instil the value and habit of lifelong physical activity.


Annesley Junior School is committed to developing students who can understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and is a variety of modes of communication (The IB PYP Learner Profile). Our students engage in regular French lessons with a teacher from the Alliance Française to support our endeavour to grow internationally minded citizens.

The Arts

Research over many years has revealed that sustained engagement in a quality arts program can enhance a child’s academic achievement, respect for self and others, training and life skills and self-expression. Children at Annesley engage in the Arts with their class teacher and with our specialist teacher on a regular basis. This provides another avenue of support in their development of higher order thinking skills, analysis, synthesis and evaluation, as well as critical-thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. It also nurtures their love of the Arts!

Co-curricular Learning

At Annesley, we are committed to offering a co-curriculum program ‘with a difference’. This program strengthens the community aspect of Annesley by giving students opportunities to interact with and learn from a broad range of people of varying ages and walks of life. Our co-curricular program sits outside daytime teaching and learning and aims to expand students’ skills and experience. Activities are varied and have included establishing and maintaining an organic vegetable patch, making bird boxes, macramé hangers, gift cards, cooking and photography for beginners. Co-curricular activities take advantage of campus facilities including the gym.


Hallmark Music Studio provides instrumental music lessons at Annesley for children from four years of age to Year 6. These lessons are conducted on the school grounds.