Dare to Become

We dare to become, so they can be themselves today and be anything they want tomorrow.

About Us

Principal’s Welcome

Our why is centred around a progressive and innovative approach to education. Custom-created, co-learning spaces with our dedicated and compassionate teachers. Providing the foundation for the development of literacy and numeracy, enabling students to inquire and build a true understanding of the world.

Early Learning Center

Nurturing Early Explorers

As your child ventures out into the world, we are there to encourage them to experience life in all its wonder with great regard for the trust placed in our hands.

Primary Years

Fostering Confidence & Impact

Our connection with each child and their social, emotional and intellectual needs creates an engaging, personalised experience for your child.

Facilities & Location

Learning Beyond Boundaries

Nestled near Adelaide’s South Parklands, Annesley’s extensive outdoor space and exceptional onsite facilities redefine primary education. Students explore the city’s treasures, enhancing their learning through real-world experiences.

Programs & Initiatives

Empowering Tomorrow's Minds

At Annesley, education extends beyond the classroom through “The Quest,” a unique experiential learning initiative. This signature program immerses students in diverse natural settings, fostering resilience and independence.