27 April 2020

Dear Annesley Community,

It is wonderful to have the majority of our community back on campus, playing in the Autumn leaves, developing core skills and being creative collaborators. Our playground is shining in the sun after a disinfectant and clean! There is a real buzz of excitement at Annesley, with 72% of our Primary students back on campus. We predict attendance to continue to increase as the week goes on. It was lovely to catch up with some parents as we ‘social distanced’ outside the school gate at the start of today. In line with the current Public Health advice, we encourage you to please send your children to school where able.

We are committed to minimising risk for the whole community and we continue to action a range of advice received from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). According to the AHPPC, ‘…the greatest risk of transmission in the school environment is between adults.’ We are very much looking forward to the day where we can reduce the amount of restrictions with regards to parents and caregivers on campus but in the meantime, we are grateful for you putting the following into action:

  • ELC; drop your child to their room, sign them in and minimise your time in their room and on our campus
  • Reception; drop your child to the entrance of their learning space but please refrain from entering the room and minimise your time on our campus
  • Years 1 – 7; utilise the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone and only come on our campus if you have an essential need
  • Maintain physical distancing from other parents and teachers when on campus
  • If your child is sick, they must not come to school. You must keep them at home and away from others

The AHPPC have made it clear, ‘…the more space between people, the harder it is for the virus to spread.’ Thank you in advance for doing your part to keep our community safe.

Kind regards,



23 April 2020

Reception to Year 7 – Term 2; New Advice, A New Direction

Dear Reception to Year 7 Families,

We are blessed to live in South Australia. We have much to be grateful for in this state, including the current ‘flattening of the COVID19 curve.’ With this successful management of COVID19, the Government messaging has significantly changed in the past 48 hours. We received notification only yesterday that families are now to return to school, encouraged to have their children on campus. This information has come directly from Professor Nicola Spurrier, Chief Public Health Officer. Please refer to her letter below for more information regarding her advice.

It is important to note that this is a substantial shift from the directive that was in place at the start of this week. At the end of Term 1, the Government directive to schools in South Australia was clear. Term 1 finished early and all teachers in South Australia were given four days to plan for Distance Learning which was to commence for all students on Monday. Most families were to conduct school from home and those essential workers who were required on their work site were able to have their children supported and supervised on the school campus. Our dynamic staff were very well prepared for this ‘new version of School’.

The team have been working countless additional, unseen hours over the past 5 weeks to prepare for Distance Learning, to have plans change based on changing Government advice only days before the commencement of Term 2. We had an Annesley team Zoom meeting yesterday at 9am to discuss the changed plans for Term 2. Fortunately, Annesley’s staff are dynamic, agile and can pivot in a highly effective manner as required. I am grateful for each of them as individuals and a collective. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement of these amazing people!

In line with Government advice, we encourage you to return to Annesley on Monday and we can’t wait to see your children! During Week 1 of Term 2, we will be implementing the learning and teaching that has been planned for our Distance Learning program for Week 1, on the Annesley campus. This will be for all primary students in Reception – Year 7. For Week 1, we will now be offering a reduced version of Distance Learning for those families that remain at home as we anticipate a large percentage of our students will return to the School campus on Monday in line with the new advice. Detailed information regarding Week 1 Distance Learning for those working from home will be circulated shortly. Please follow normal protocol with regards to your child being absent. Please note that as we have all experienced, plans are subject to change based upon the latest Government advice. During Week 1 we will update you as to plans for Week 2 and beyond. Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are hesitant to publish detailed plans for the whole of Term 2 in the current climate of ever changing advice. It is our hope that School life will become more ‘settled’ in the coming weeks.

School iPads
In light of the new Government advice, School iPads will not be sent home as they are now needed on site at School. The collection times for School iPads tomorrow and Monday are therefore cancelled.

Minimising Risk

We have enhanced measures to minimise risk on our site, including;

  • Heavily increased cleaning daily
  • Very regular handwashing
  • Staggered eating and play times
  • Modified practice in class
  • Implementing social distancing measures
  • Staff meetings in Gillingham Hall to allow for greater social distancing
  • Use of Zoom where appropriate
  • Limiting visitors to our site and heavily increasing their sign in processes
  • Cancelled or postponing all School excursions and incursions, Chapel, Assembly, Co-curricular and Sports programs

Demand for enrolment into Annesley continues to be very high. Our Term 2 tours will occur virtually, via Zoom, to minimise the amount of people entering our site.

Parents and Caregivers on the Annesley Site
We are focused on minimising risk for our students, staff and broader community. The measures that were in place at the end of Term 1 remain in place for the commencement of Term 2.

When dropping off and collecting your child we request parents and caregivers;


  • practice as normal but minimise time on our site

Years 1 – 7:

  • utilise the Kiss and Drop zone
  • only come onsite if you have an essential need

If Your Child is Sick
Please do not send your child to School if they are sick, including mild symptoms. This is to minimise the risk to them and our community.

If You Are Sick
Please do not come onto our site if you are sick, including mild symptoms. This is to minimise the risk to you and our community.

OSHC continues to be open and available to children of parents who are essential workers. We are grateful for the support to our families provided by the Government via the Early Childhood Education and Care Relief Package whereby no fees will be charged to families for OSHC services for the period 6/4/2020 to 28/6/2020. Under the Package however, please note our funding of our OSHC service has been halved. As a result, we ask families to be mindful of the significant financial impact our OHSC service is experiencing and only book sessions where essential to your work commitments during this period. As our attendances in OSHC will be low and staffing reduced to reflect this we will temporarily relocate Before and After School Care to the Multi-purpose room in the Early Years Building, commencing Monday Week 1. In line with additional health practices currently in place, at this time we will not be providing afternoon snack. Instead we ask that you please pack an additional serve of food for the afternoon snack into your child’s lunch box. Whole fresh fruit will be available if needed.

We will continue to update you if and when advice and plans change. We look forward to school life on our site returning to ‘normal’ as soon as can be. Thank you for your ongoing flexibility, support and understanding during these ever-changing times. Please note that separate information will be circulated shortly regarding the Early Learning Centre.

Kind regards,



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