26 March 2020

Dear Annesley Community,

It is a privilege to lead such a dynamic team of professionals. Under immense pressure, they are shining. As Principal and also a dad at Annesley, I would not want my own children anywhere else at this time of great challenge.

We continue to act in line with Government directives and remain ‘open’ for face to face learning and teaching. That said, we are very well prepared to move to Distance Learning. As we move closer to 50% attendance across our Primary School we know this means close to 50% of our students are self-isolating at home. In line with our well-developed plans, we are now at a point where we are putting into action a range of new initiatives to prepare for Distance Learning. Commencing today the following action will occur to positively support our students and their learning:

  • Distance Learning; Our teachers in Year 1 and 2 will collaborate today and tomorrow to trial a combination of ‘face to face’ and Distance Learning, as this is looking like one potential outcome moving forward. This will not compromise the ‘face to face’ experience for those attending on site and will likely enhance the Distance Learning experience for those students at home.
  • French; Zoom (https://zoom.us/) is our preferred video communication tool. Our French teacher will work remotely and ‘Zoom in’ to teach our French lessons to our students that are attending School on site. At this stage in our process this is not available for students working from home. This is part of our planned trial of Zoom so we can ensure a smooth transition in the event we have an extended School closure and we need to use Zoom on a regular basis with students.
  • Outdoor Time; We are staggering our outdoor play time to further minimise risk and make social distancing more feasible with children.
  • Enterprise; will occur in class to minimise student movement around the School.

Please note we continue to monitor risk and enforce risk reduction strategies to best protect our staff team and students. With this in mind, from 9am today, we have cancelled;

  • Instrumental lessons on site with tutors from Hallmark Music
  • Before School tennis lessons
  • All co-curricular

Thank you for your ongoing support at this time of great challenge.

Yours sincerely


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