23 November 2020

COVID19 Update

Dear Annesley Community,

It was delightful to welcome our students back to School this morning after our shorter than expected ‘lockdown.’ Our new Adventure Nature Play has already been well used and students are commencing their final 2 weeks of 2020 with focus, fun and a sense of Christmas joy emerging across our campus.

With a wide range of restrictions still currently in place, we continue to action a number of protocols to minimise risk to our community.

These include, but are not limited to;

  • Moving all onsite meetings to Zoom
  • Reminding everyone to thoroughly wash their hands before and after play time
  • Increased cleaning playground equipment during the day facilitated by our external cleaning company
  • Cancelling all School sport, including trainings and games
  • Cancelling regular ‘out of hours’ hirers of our facilities including basketball and dance clubs
  • Moving our scheduled School tours from ‘face to face’ to Zoom
  • Cancelling music tuition lessons
  • No paraprofessionals onsite

At this critical time, we respectfully ask parents and caregivers to please;

  • Only enter the campus if you must and minimise your time on campus
  • Leave the Annesley campus directly after School drop off
  • Leave the Annesley campus directly after School pickup, not playing on the playground after School
  • ELC; drop your child to their room, sign them in and minimise time in their room
  • Reception- Year 7; Utilise the ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone and encourage your child to be independent in meeting their teacher and entering their learning space
  • Utilise the hand sanitiser stations if you need to access the campus
  • Maintain physical distancing from other parents and staff at all times
  • Keep your child home and away from others if they are sick or exhibiting COVID symptoms
  • Stay home and away from others if you are sick or exhibiting COVID symptoms
  • Seek a COVID test is you have any of the symptoms as listed on the SA Health Website

We are monitoring the ever changing restrictions and advice closely and ask that you please note the following information with regards to the final two weeks of the School year. Believe me, this is not the end of year I envisaged when we ‘kicked off’ 2020.

Week 7 Events

Year 3 Quest – Adelaide Zoo

ELC Orientation

Christmas Chapel
This celebration will go ahead for students and staff only. Staff will share some video content via Seesaw. No shared picnic after Chapel

Moving Morning
This will go ahead for students and staff only. 2021 Class placement letters will be circulated late afternoon on Thursday this week

Interschool Sports Competitions

There will be no more co-curricular this year

Goodwood Library Excursion (Year 4/5)
Cancelled due to 38 degrees forecast

Week 8 Events
Year 3 Quest – Adelaide Zoo
Going ahead, private coach now transporting to and from venue

French Theatre Incursion
Going ahead

Student Led Conferences
Going ahead with one parent per child (online booking form to follow shortly)

Graduation Assembly
Registered parents of Year 6/7 students are able to attend

Graduation Dinner
To be confirmed

ELC Orientation
To be confirmed

PYP Exhibition
Going ahead

Interschool Sports Competitions

Adventure Nature Play Official Opening
We had planned an official event to open this exciting new space this year. We will delay the Official Opening to early in 2021 and will honour the Annesley College Foundation and Annesley Parents’ Association at this event.

Vacation Care
Modified service provision for Annesley Reception to Year 7 students only. There will be no excursions and some incursions. We are now reviewing what was a finalised and approved Vacation Care Program and will send updated information this week.

This is not the end of year that we wanted or expected. We thank you for your ongoing partnership in minimising risk to our community and ensuring we follow the required guidelines.

Kind regards,


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