Budding Lunch is a School Lunch Program at Annesley! We are partnering with Africola to provide a nutritious, shared lunch for our Reception to Year 6 students every week in our Dining Room.

Annesley is committed to what is best for children. Sometimes this involves challenging what has ‘always been done’ if there are opportunities for innovation or to match a changing world. School lunch programs exist all over the world and are valued by communities as an investment in the health and social outcomes as a key part of ‘learning’. Learning to eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense food, which fuels our body, optimising health, and function. Learning also from eating with others in a social environment as food and tastes are explored.

Budding Lunch is a different experience to a restaurant. Our children aren’t choosing a dish from a menu which is something they know they like and have eaten before. They are offered a variety of foods to try and to learn from. They are eating high quality, local produce that is seasonal, low carb, no sugar, good fats that is cooked simply but presented with care. Each experience is one to grow and learn from.

Intentionally, it is presented on platters and eaten to share. Great conversations are facilitated in this environment between adults and children alike and community is nurtured.

We continue to be inspired to continue this journey by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students. Students who are sharing their joy at trying something new, walking away with tummies full of nutritious food and excitement about eating together with friends in the dining room.

Registrations can be made through School Stream or contact our friendly admin team on 8422 2288.

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