As a Junior School, we understand it is important to create pathways for our students to their secondary school years.

We are proud of Annesley students who are awarded scholarships to an array of schools and we respect that families have different circumstances to consider when deciding on a secondary school including budget, location, family history and needs.

For families who are exploring secondary school options with a similar education environment to Annesley, we have formed a partnership with St John’s Grammar School (Belair) and Westminster School (Marion). These partnerships establish a pathway for our students as they move into Year 7. The below partnership videos provide some insights into the culture and offerings of these secondary schools.

From 2023, St John’s Grammar and Westminster will provide return bus services from Annesley for students in Years 7 to 12. These bus services ensure Annesley families can maintain a single drop off with siblings at secondary school at St John’s Grammar or Westminster.

St John's Grammar School

Westminster School

Secondary School at Annesley?

At this point in Annesley’s growth journey, the Annesley College Council made the decision not to commence a secondary school. However, this decision will be revisited in the future.

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