At Annesley, we believe students are capable now, not just in the future. We empower our students to develop their strengths and discover their passions.

We empower our students at Annesley through the freedom of choice. Students select what elements of our uniform they feel comfortable wearing and have the freedom to wear their bright coloured sports shoes. We also encourage student participation in important organisational decisions such as assisting with recruiting and selecting the best staff to join our team.

Students are passionately making ‘real world decisions’ and experiencing life as entrepreneurs and small business owners through the opening of the ‘Crunchy Café,’ a new student enterprise created by 5-8 year olds. This great student initiative is supported by a ‘start up’ loan from the school and is giving the students experience with developing business plans, negotiating rental agreements and engaging consultants. Students are being supported by our Annesley Ambassadors, a team of industry leaders, as they develop their ‘Crunchy Café’.


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