Thursday November 16

Annesley News Issue 212

From the Acting Principal

Courageous Learners

The opportunity to be Acting Principal for Term 3 was one that took great thought and consideration, particularly since I had only started at Annesley at the beginning of 2023. Having read many books by Brene Brown about courageous leadership, when I considered this opportunity I thought about Brene’s quote “when we dare to lead, we don’t pretend to have the right answers; we stay curious and ask the right questions.” The opportunity to be Acting Principal has certainly been an opportunity to stay curious and learn about Annesley, the learning, the community and the history. In this learning, one thing that has been evident. Annesley is filled with courageous learners.

The Year 4 Annesley Slammers Basketball team last night courageously played in the Grand final against the Mercedes Camels and won 17-15. Under the guidance and coaching of Todd Perry, this team has worked together showing enthusiasm, teamwork and support for each other, even when faced with challenges.

Courage is not about winning or losing, it’s about the courage to show up when you can’t predict or control the outcome. The Basketball team didn’t know if they would win or lose the grand final but that didn’t stop them from showing up at training and the game. They bravely faced every challenge as a team, supported each other, persisted and have gone from strength to strength to achieve something great. This does not come without courage.

The Basketball team is only one example of courage at Annesley. Each day students come to school they are being brave, ‘showing up’ each day when they are unsure of what learning they may face shows pure courage. With the support of mentors, peers and families students bravely come to school every day and innovate, solve problems and help others. As they do this they make mistakes and with courage they face these mistakes, learn from them and try again. By being courageous students progress and grow. The Term 3 celebrations of learning have certainly shown this growth. They have been celebrations of courage!

As I complete my role as Acting Principal, I return to my role as Director of Primary inspired by the courage around me. Courage is contagious and I am so grateful to be surrounded by courageous learners who bravely challenge themselves each day so that they can solve problems and help others. What a great place to be a part of!

Celebration of Learning

This week, our Base 5 students took us on a remarkable journey as they celebrated their learning in the “Where We Are in Place and Time” Unit of Inquiry, focusing on the theme of Migration. 

They developed short presentations using their characters from our term two production “Pirates of The Curry Bean,” creatively showcasing a deep understanding of how migration impacts our world. 

A big thank you to family and friends who joined us for the “Celebration of Learning” and helped make it memorable. 

Wattle Room News

This term we have been focusing on the IB inquiry Where we are in place and time, in particular homes; everyone needs a home. This inquiry has led the Wattle room to explore the notion of animal homes, specifically birds. We explored the different native species that we see within our environment and the homes they keep. We explored our garden for nests and discussed our prior knowledge about birds.

We did representational drawings and paintings using some of the books we had been exploring about birds. Then to finalise the inquiry and the learning we invited the nature education centre for an incursion, where they detailed the different species of birds and some fun facts for our young eager learners. 

Social Justice for all

At Annesley, our Senior students lead a student-directed Unit of Inquiry in collaborative groups and create an exhibition in Gillingham Hall to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and attributes as a PYP learner. This year our students explored the central idea ‘’Social justice is enhanced when we increase access to equal opportunities’, creating their own inquiries and central Ideas, around an issue of social justice that mattered to them.

Masterplan Building Update

Our students are enjoying using our brand-new Art Studio and French Room. Members of our Annesley Administration Team have moved into their new home in the historic Patchell Building. An extended, updated library is nearing completion, and a new construction zone is creating a custom-built brand-new Base 5, larger Science Lab and new Technologies Makerspace by Christmas!

Have you met our new friends?

We have four new chicken friends in our farm! Their names are Pearl, Oreo, Peanut and Twilight. They were hatched in the ELC as part of their learning in Term 3. Our much-loved elderly hens have retired to a farm near the Mt Barker summit. Many thanks to Amy (ELC Educator) who have looked after our chicks and helped re-home our older girls. Our chicken friends would welcome any fruit and vegetable scraps from the kitchens of our families, please just avoid banana skins, citrus and onion scraps! They love greens, potato and carrot scraps, pumpkin and apples!

Bush Care Day

Hello Annesley Community, 

The Human Interdependence Project is completing its first year. This is a pilot extension program of Enterprise. As our action, one of our year five groups, the Tree Troop invites you to a Bush Care Day which is being held in cooperation with the friends of Glenthorne National Park. 

The event will be held on Sunday, November the 5th at 10am. 

Activities include weed removal, installing insect hotels, spreading mulch, and a tour of Adelaide’s newest National Park. The organised events will be no longer than 2 hours. There will be a sausage sizzle ($2), bake sale and an opportunity to use the adventure playground. Please bring your own gloves, hat, water and sunscreen. To help us with catering and planning, RSVP below if you will be attending. 

Thank you,
The Tree Troop
Harper Ritchie, Harry Langman, Juliette Roach, Audrey Manudhane, and Louis Belfrage.