Friday November 24

Annesley News Issue 214

Principal’s News

I’m a proud Principal!

Last week, I attended a seminar that saw two of our Year 5 students, Juliette and Matisse confidently present about the meaningful action taken from their learning to School Leaders from the Independent School sector and world-renowned education thought-leader and author Professor Yong Zhao.

Since 2016, we have worked with Professor Yong Zhao at Annesley to help us shape what schools should be for our students. Yong identifies three key issues currently facing education across the globe:

  • Diversity and equity
  • Cultivating creative individuals
  • Artificial Intelligence


Professor Zhao says that we have a right to feel concerned for our children’s future. Education of our children however holds the key to shape our children’s future. Key to this is allowing children time to create change from their learning, to action what they are passionate about in their world.

Annesley students have this opportunity to action learning in literacy and numeracy and Units of Inquiry. During Enterprise, they use literacy and numeracy skills and learning about significant issues in our world, to apply solutions to problems they want to act upon.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Professor Zhao saw great division begin to take place in our world and is now leading thought around human interdependence rather than division, all to create a better world. Annesley has been partnering with YEE Education and two other schools in SA in the first year of the Human Interdependence Project (HIP). We have had ten ‘HIPsters’ in Year 5 creating projects to lead change.

The school leaders in the room couldn’t believe that primary students were leading these projects, Professor Yong Zhao was as proud as I was.

My deep gratitude and admiration also goes to Darren Richardson (Year 5 Mentor) for leading the ‘HIPsters’ at Annesley.

Primary Christmas Concert and Market

The forecast for today’s weather was such that we had to make the difficult decision to postpone our Primary Christmas Concert and Market for safety reasons. Capacity limits in our indoor spaces such as the Hall and Gym meant that an indoor concert would require us to significantly restrict attendance, something we didn’t not want to do. I appreciate that rescheduling these events has impacts on personal schedules. Our priority is allowing the children the opportunity to share their Christmas joy as they have prepared. We are looking forward to this favourite annual event taking place on Monday, weather permitting!

Unfortunately, we cannot go ahead with our special Annesley community event tonight. In response to the weather forecast the Local Buy Annesley Market and R-6 Christmas Concert this Friday will be postponed. 

To support our students and all the work they, along with their teachers, have put into the market preparations and performance rehearsals, we have made the decision to reschedule the event to Monday November 27th. 

  • Local Buy Annesley Market 5:00pm-5:45pm 
  • R-6 Christmas Concert 6:00pm-7:00pm 


At this stage, the weather forecast is looking favourable. However, if conditions change, and the live event cannot go ahead we will then film the children’s concert performance during the school day and share the concert via Seesaw, so that families can view it together. 

We appreciate the change in date may cause some disruption to family’s schedules, but we believe it is important to honour this special community event and are doing everything we can to share it with you. Should your family be unable to attend on Monday evening, then you are welcome to view the final rehearsal on Monday at 10am. 

Further details are available from yesterday’s post on School Stream. 


We have received some great feedback within our community and beyond about our new website and branding.

Our survey of Annesley families earlier this year led us in the direction of evolving the Logo, rather than a complete change. The intent in the new Logo has been to
retain the connection to our heritage but also refresh it’s look. The previous shield is a legacy from the MLC Crest and has an authoritarian connotation. It is absolutely our commitment to not make current uniforms redundant with a new Logo. Current uniforms with the Crest Logo will still remain, we do not want to create clothing waste and financial pressures on families. As we order new uniform stock, we will start introducing our updated Logo. 

Colour Palette
The primary palette, Annesley Maroon and Annesley Navy are the core colours employed in our identity. The secondary palette has been chosen to complement the primary palette and reflects the colours used by the students at Annesley when they drew their images of Annesley as their part in the stakeholder research.   

Custom Font
Gillingham Font is a custom font developed exclusively for Annesley Junior School. The letterforms are derived from a set of pictograms that reflect our school. The characters are playful, yet structured and inject a contemporary look and feel. Key themes of our School are represented in the lettering – strengths, passions, skills, collaboration, creativity, belonging and impact.  

New Website
Don’t forget to check out our brand-new website!  

Much gratitude and respect for our Brand and Communication partner, StudioBand and members of the Annesley Admin Team who’ve brought this all together. 


Base 3 Joe

Last week, David and Jo hosted a team of educators from Lutheran Schools in SA and Interstate as part of their professional learning tour to learn about programs in schools. This is their third visit to Annesley. We shared a workshop about our Enterprise program, highlighting the skills, engagement and agency this brings to Annesley students. They toured the school during Enterprise and were impressed with the confident learners in each learning space that talked passionately about what they were doing and why. We also led a session about our Experiential Learning Program The Quest and our approach to developing assessment capable learners. A pleasure to share our practice with other educators!  

Lutheran Education Contemporary Learning Tour

Last week, David and Jo hosted a team of educators from Lutheran Schools in SA and Interstate as part of their professional learning tour to learn about programs in schools. This is their third visit to Annesley. We shared a workshop about our Enterprise program, highlighting the skills, engagement and agency this brings to Annesley students. They toured the school during Enterprise and were impressed with the confident learners in each learning space that talked passionately about what they were doing and why. We also led a session about our Experiential Learning Program The Quest and our approach to developing assessment capable learners. A pleasure to share our practice with other educators!  

Adelaide’s Fastest Growing Independent School

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!  

Annesley is making headlines in Wednesday’s edition of The Advertiser as the fastest growing schools in SA. 

Our dedication to excellence in teaching and learning and a progressive and innovative educational setting is gaining well-deserved attention.  

 A big shout-out to our incredible community for contributing to our exciting journey and a special thank you to Lizzie and her sons Henry and Eddie for gracing the article with a fantastic hero shot. 

Christmas Gratitude Tree 2023

Through our relationship with Baptist Care SA, we have an opportunity for our whole Annesley community to support people experiencing homelessness during this Christmas season. 

Items can be brought in over the next few weeks and placed around the Gratitude Tree located near the Reception classrooms. These donations will be delivered to Baptist Care SA at the end of the term. 

At WestCare Centre the emergency relief supply is running very low, with some non-perishable products completely unavailable.

If you could please help out, they need: 

  • 1L full cream milks (long life) 
  • Pasta sauces 
  • Pasta packets 
  • Rice 
  • Tinned soups 
  • Tinned tomatoes 
  • Small cans of tuna 
  • All types of cereal 
  • Canned meat (ham or corned beef) 
  • Savoury and sweet snacks 


The following toiletries can also be donated: 

  • Shampoo and conditioner 
  • Body wash 
  • Deodorant 
  • Shaving cream 
  • Razors 
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste 


Your generous donations help to keep the WestCare Centre up and running and continue to provide support to South Australian sleeping rough. 

PE News

Expressions of Interest

The Annesley College Council are seeking expressions of interest from the Annesley Community to join the School’s Governing Council.  A number of current Council members are nearing the end of their term of service. To fill these vacancies Council are inviting interested candidates with backgrounds in Education leadership, Finance/Business, Human Resources and ICT to apply.  If you would like further information or would like to submit your expressions of interest, please email Cat Rogowski:  

Budding Lunch Survey

Budding Lunch has been a thought – leading project at Annesley this year, with the clear intention of feeding nutrient dense food to your children once a week, providing an environment for them to learn about and try new foods with their friends, changing their relationship with food for life. Watching our students eat together in our Dining Hall each week, sharing and learning over food has been magic this year. 

We appreciate the support of our Annesley community and the partnership we have enjoyed with Africola and Flinders University. As promised, it is now time to consult our families to learn more about Budding Lunch and direct its future. We encourage all families to fill out this 5-minute survey by Sunday 26 November, if they have participated in Budding Lunch or not. This survey has been tailored to Annesley’s Budding Lunch program but is also fulfilling the research purposes of the Flinders University School Food Research Team from the Caring Futures Institute. 

Please complete to help direct the future of School Lunches at Annesley.

Budding Lunch Survey Link – CLICK HERE 

Spotlight on Enterprise

Need a cute Christmas Gift? Scarlett in Base 4 is taking orders for Printed Mugs with Annesley School Photo, individual or sibling! You can find her at the Local Buy Annesley Christmas Market or at her ‘pop up’ display at the Bouncing Bean Café all next week. She has worked during Enterprise to action her idea from a couple of years ago, exploring issues or ethical photo use and problem-solving the process of ordering and both financial management and sustainability. Please support her if you are interested, she will be excited to get your order! 

Base 4 Camp Out

In Base 4, Annesley students invite a significant adult in their life to camp at school with them on a Friday evening to enjoy quality time together away from the demands of normal life. A key feature of The Quest program, this experience aims to build confidence in our students to camp in tents, ready for Base 5 camp at Deep Creek next year and brings a sense of belonging in our community.

Grateful to our Outdoor Education Partners Beyond Limits Outdoor Education for joining in the fun and leading fun activities for both the young and the young at heart! Thankyou too to our Annesley team members who planned and facilitated the event. 

Delphi House Breakfast

Last Friday, Delphi House illuminated the courtyard in bright yellow. The morning sun was shining, and an impressive turnout gathered for a delightful breakfast and coffee. The house captains delivered compelling speeches, and everyone enjoyed a vibrant and cheerful morning.

Thank you to everyone for joining us!

Exploring the South East: Base 6’s Road Trip Adventure!

In an exhilarating five day journey, our Base 6 students embarked on a memorable road trip to the enchanting landscapes of South East corner of our great state, weaving through the picturesque towns of Mt Gambier, Robe, Nelson, and the Coonawarra. Covering over 1000 kilometres, this expedition was not only a geographic exploration but an extraordinary experiential learning opportunity that left an undeniable mark on our students. 

 Nestled in the heart of the Limestone Coast, Mt Gambier’s iconic Blue Lake was a breathtaking start to our adventure, setting the stage for the natural wonders that awaited us. Robe’s historic charm and Nelson’s coastal beauty provided a diverse backdrop for our learning experiences, while the renowned Coonawarra offer a stunning finale to round out our trip as we star gazed and camp under the stars. 

 More than just a road trip, this journey was a catalyst for building resilience, fostering teamwork, and cultivating a strong sense of community within our Base 6 class. From cooking on Trangia’s, kayaking along the Glenelg River, mountain biking through Robe and setting up camp, every task became a collaborative effort, instilling essential life skills in our students.  

 As they returned, tired but triumphant, the smiles on their faces spoke volumes about the impact of this uniquely Annesley adventure. Here’s to the Class of 2023, forever bonded by the road trip that shaped memories and friendships for a lifetime! 


Road Safety School

As part of our How We Organise Ourselves inquiry, three of our Reception classes visited the Road Safety School. During the excursion, the students explored systems that keep our community safe while having fun walking and riding bikes on the mock roadway.  

Remembrance Day

For our tomorrow, they gave their today.

We will remember them.

Annesley was represented by our School Leaders Aria and Logan at the City of Unley Remembrance Day Service this morning.

Thank you to Talia (Year 6) who made the wreath placed on the cenotaph today, remembering all parents, teachers and scholars of Methodist Ladies College who enlisted to serve Australia in the
First World War.

Lest we forget.

ICAS ASSESSMENTS - Celebrating Academic Excellence

Each year we provide our Base 3 – 6 parents with the option for their children to take part in the ICAS assessments. ICAS assessments are designed to recognise academic excellence. Students are assessed on their ability to apply classroom learning to new contexts using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills in the areas of Mathematics, English, Writing, Spelling Bee, Science and Digital Technologies. 

 11 of our older students undertook one or more of the ICAS assessments and at assembly this week they all received certificates in recognition and celebration of their academic achievements. Overall Annesley students achieved 3 distinctions 3 credits and 2 merits in mathematics, a distinction and a credit in spelling, a distinction and credit in writing, a credit, and a merit in science, 2 distinctions and 2 credits in English and 2 credits in digital technologies.   

 You can find out more about ICAS on their website. 

Royal Australian Chemical Institute Award

We are excited to share that Remy (Year 1) was awarded first place in the K-2 group of the RACI National Crystal Growing Competition. This was for the crystal he entered into the Oliphant Science Awards, where he also won first place. Congratulations Remy!

National History Challenge

Congratulations to Logan (Year 6) who was a state finalist (Top 3 in state) in the National history Challenge and received his award today at Scotch College! Four other students were awarded Bronze certificates, congratulations Miroslava, Deakin, Joel, and Alex. Congratulations all!

Base 6 students researched, synthesised and wrote detailed information reports around a central theme, ‘Change & Continuity’. Logan was recognised for his information report on the History of Mapping. He was able to highlight some of the earliest maps ever used (carved into stone tablets) and how mapping continues to be an important part of our lives even today (Hello Google Maps!).

Road Safety on Rose Terrace

The safety of our children and their families is our highest priority. Please refrain from completing a U-turn on Rose Terrace as this presents significant danger for our pedestrian community. Of concern recently to some parents has been speed use and reversing in the Church grounds and Clarke Place. We ask that families are vigilant when dropping off and picking up students given the number of pedestrians in the area, many of which are young children. We continue to regularly consult Unley Council to improve measures for our families on Rose Terrace. 


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