Friday December 08

Annesley News Issue 215

Principal’s News

Learning Spaces 2024

I am pleased to share that, as part of our Masterplan building work, many new renovated learning spaces will be available for use by our teachers and students at the beginning of the 2024 school year. In early January, we will receive handover of two new Base 5 learning spaces, a new Science Lab and Technologies Makerspace. Our updated library space has been extended, with new windows, circulation desk with a new landscaped outdoor reading space that will be ready for our student’s return in 2024.

I look forward to touring Annesley Families through these new spaces at our ‘Welcome Back to School’ event in January and at the beginning of Term 1.

In our final stage of our Masterplan works, we will see the completion of a new Base 6 learning space, ready for use by our students in Term 2, 2024.

We extend our gratitude to be collaborating on this project with our school architects Swanbury Penglase and builders Harrold and Kite.

Until next year, I wish all Annesley Families a Merry Christmas and a safe and restful holiday full of quality family time and adventures.


Thankyou Tali

Tali Ingram this year has been teaching on Thursdays and Fridays in the Banksia Room, alongside Olivia Lane. As Olivia is returning to full time work in 2024 in the Banksia Room, it is time to acknowledge Tali for the outstanding contribution she has made to the ELC team, ELC students and families. Tali has previously taught in the Wattle Room and also as a Primary Art Teacher at Annesley. We look forward to Tali continuing to work at Annesley as a relief teacher in 2024 as she is a valued member of our community. Thankyou Tali!

News from Annesley Council

Annesley Council Farewells

Due to the completion of their term on the Annesley Council, at the end of this year we share our gratitude and farewell Jill Bosanquet, Chris Riemann and Sally Plush. They have all served our school with outstanding goverance.

Expressions of Interest

The Annesley College Council are seeking expressions of interest from the Annesley Community to join the School’s Governing Council.  A number of current Council members are nearing the end of their term of service. To fill these vacancies Council are inviting interested candidates with backgrounds in Education leadership, Finance/Business, Human Resources and ICT to apply.  If you would like further information or would like to submit your expressions of interest, please email Cat Rogowski:  

Roshie & Saskia introduce a New Agreement

Yard Essentials Agreement

This year, Welcome Circles were introduced to every classroom to support student engagement, build wellbeing and create positive classroom communities. The Welcome Circle follows a predictable routine to prime students for a positive and successful day of learning. As a part of the routine, expectations for positive behaviour are shared and a classroom goal set. This term the expectation focus during welcome circle was around yard play because of some work that two students in Year 4 did during Term 3.

Roshie and Saskia were Year 4 BOD reps in Term 3. While all classrooms have Essential Agreements, it was identified that Annesley did not have an Essential Agreement for the yard. Roshie and Saskia worked through a process after BOD had discussed how they would like people to feel in the yard. As a result of the process the following agreement was developed;

At Annesley…

We play games respectfully and are aware of our surroundings and game rules

We are capable to get our own equipment, use it responsibly and put it back where it belongs

We trust each other and are mindful of other people’s feelings

We use all spaces, and facilities respectfully and how they are meant to be used.

Roshie and Saskia shared this at Assembly and at the beginning of Term 4 classes focussed on an essential agreement each day during Welcome Circle by unpacking as a class what behaviours would be demonstrated to make sure they were following the Essential Agreement.

This Essential Agreement has given us a common language to use to outline expectations and to support discussions when things go wrong. This Essential Agreement will be a key focus at the beginning of 2024 when everyone returns to school. Teachers will be looking at these expectations and class expectations during the professional learning weeks leading up to 2024.

A message from Pastor Pete

Christmas Message

Last week at our Christmas Concert the Primary students presented different traditions from around the world. These traditions generally have the intention of bringing joy into each other’s worlds. ‘Tradition’ comes from an understanding of something being passed on, practised, and protected. Do you have Christmas traditions? Some practised over many years? Some maybe only recently as your family dynamics have shifted or grown?

Here’s what I’ve discovered about traditions. They can quickly lose their significance when I lose sight of their meaning and purpose. The power of a tradition weakens if I only focus on the what of the tradition and forget the why of the tradition.

Now there can be different practical reasons for not keeping certain traditions going.

  • We’ve outgrown them.
  • We’ve lost interest in them.
  • They’re not relevant anymore.
  • We can’t be bothered.
  • We think the cost to keep them outweighs the need to uphold them.
  • We’ve lost faith in them.


But this year as you approach Christmas – whether you are practising old traditions or establishing new ones – let me encourage you to talk about the why of your traditions. Bring a fresh meaning and purpose to your Christmas this year. Don’t rush through Christmas thinking, well this is just what we have always done. I invite you instead to pause and allow some reflection. Revisit the why of what you are doing.

Even consider the events of what happened in the story of Jesus’ birth, as told in the Christian tradition. These too can lose their significance when we ignore the why of Jesus’ birth. For some, the birth of Jesus may be what we have heard but feel we have outgrown; lost interest in; considered not relevant; can’t be bothered with; think costs too much; or perhaps have lost faith in. But the mystery of Jesus’ birth can still evoke why questions today. Why questions expand our curiosity, wonder and awe. They can connect us to meaning and purpose in life, far beyond the trimmings and trappings of Christmas decorations and shopping. These why questions lead you to wow moments which truly bring inner joy and change your life for the better. And it’s this tradition, which is worth passing on, practising, and protecting.

I pray you have a safe, restful, and joyful summer break, celebrating with family and friends. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Pete Morton.


Base 6 Graduation

We have proudly celebrated our 2023 Annesley Graduates in the last week with numerous events. Last Thursday, we held a formal Graduation Assembly in Gillingham Hall where each child was honoured for their character traits and contribution to Annesley life. They enjoyed a fun day in the sun at Marion Pool together this week and last night we hosted the graduates and their families for a Celebration Dinner. Three 2022 Graduates shared their experiences of their first year of high school, families then enjoyed an Africola dinner under the trees in the Courtyard and a celebratory Croquembouche and Bouncing Bean Coffee. Go well Graduates, we know you will!


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