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Annesley News Issue 216

Principal’s News

Is Annesley an Academic School?

At times Annesley can be mistaken for a school that doesn’t have a strong academic focus. Possibly this is because our children don’t sit in rows and work through standardised worksheets. Also maybe because of our focus on schooling being more than the traditional 3 Rs – reading, writing and arithmetic.

To highlight Annesley’s academic success, in 2023 our Year 5 cohort achieved results across all literacy and numeracy tests in the top 6% of our state, and 32nd amongst 500+ schools in South Australia. Annesley achieved results higher than other independent schools such as Pulteney, Loreto, Mercedes and Immanuel. In 2022, our Year 5 students ranked 34th in the state and in both years our Year 3 results have also been very strong, but the comparable data against other schools is not readily available in Year 3. Whilst NAPLAN is only one of many assessments we use to track student growth, NAPLAN is helpful to measure the impact of teaching programs.

English and Maths at Annesley are known as Foundational Skills. We call them such because while there are many measures of success as a learner, literacy and numeracy skills are the crucial foundation. Foundational skills are taught at Annesley explicitly every day in every classroom. We assess and track data on all our students in Reception to Year 6 in English and Maths continually throughout the year, to ensure each child is progressing, no matter where their skill set sits. We work to see at least twelve months growth for twelve months of teaching, regardless of whether a student starts the year below, at or above grade level standard.

We are ‘punching above our weight’ in this area because of our outstanding teaching team, their effective collaboration and commitment to excellence. As part of our commitment to continually improve our practice, in 2024, we have added two new key leadership roles in our school. Steph Bates is our new Co-ordinator of English and Joe Paton is our Co-odinator of Mathematics. Steph and Joe are teaching in classrooms three days a week and for the other two days each week, they are working to ensure further development in our resources, assessment, teaching and learning in these key learning areas. We are not resting on our laurels and continue to invest heavily in the academic success of our learners.

Annesley is an academic school with data and results to prove this. We also invest in student wellbeing, learning key character strengths through rich and authentic experiences and the development of creativity, service industry and business skills, knowing that these elements are crucial in the overall success of a learner who is ready for high school and to make impact in their world.


Annesley Awarded, Science Active School by SASTA

Annesley has been selected as a 2024 Science Active School by the SASTA (South Australian Science Teachers Association) in recognition of our leading primary Science program. All Reception to Year 6 students engage in weekly Science lessons with our Science teacher Christiana, in our newly renovated Science Lab. Christiana also supports and encourages our students to participate in the Oliphant Science Awards each year, with a number of our students regularly receiving prizes and awards. Christiana also mentors student Enterprise projects in the Science Lab and the Annesley Farm.

Christiana has also been selected as the South Australian representative in the Australian Science Teacher Awards (ASTA). Goodluck Christiana, we are proud of you and grateful for the work you do in inspiring and empowering our young scientists at Annesley!

Welcome Zac Venning – PE Teacher

Zac is passionate about bringing his love of sports and movement to his other life purpose of teaching primary students. A talented sports person himself, particularly on the football field and the cricket pitch, Zac has vast experience in coaching roles at Blackwood Football Club, Mercedes College, working in school programs and sports administration, Zac is teaching PE to Year 1, Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 under the expert mentorship of our other PE teacher Penny Rawinski, forming a powerhouse, collaborative teaching team in 2024.


Student Leader Induction

Yesterday, we proudly inducted our Student Leadership Team for 2024 at Assembly in Gillingham Hall.

School Leader: Hugh  & Louis

Environment Leader: Hari & Max

Nemea Leader: Emerson

Delphi Leader: Archer

Corinth Leader: Henry

Olympia Leader: Harry

We are excited about this team of emerging leaders and look forward to journeying with them as they grow into these key roles in our community. This month, they have a overnight Leadership Retreat and Halogen Leadership Day to kick off this important year of their lives.

We Dared to Become

Enjoy this terrific video that our Design Agency, Studio Band put togther which encapsulates the evolution of the Annesley brand.

The Quest Begins for 2024!

Base 4 students embarked on the first Quest adventure of the year. Catching the tram to Glenelg Beach, students partnered with Surf Life Saving SA and began their 6 week sequential Outdoor Classroom Program.  

Our budding surf life savers engaged in a variety of activities designed to enhance their understanding of beach safety and surf awareness. Guided by experienced instructors, students learned valuable lessons about identifying potential hazards, recognizing safe swimming conditions, and practicing surf survival techniques. 

This immersive experience not only provided invaluable water safety knowledge but also presented an opportunity to students to use surf life saving equipment and form deeper connections with their peers. 

 Here’s to a program with sun, sand, and safety for our Base 4 surf life savers! 

Kiss and Drop

A reminder that immediately outside our two school gates on Rose Terrace is our Kiss and Drop Zone. Parking is not prohibited in this area between 8.15am – 8.45am and 3.15pm – 3.45pm. Thank you to our community for using this zone as it is intended before and after school to support the flow of traffic at these peak times.


Due to recent changes in Child Safe Legislation, we have updated our requirements for our parent volunteers at Annesley. If you’d like to support the learning program at Annesley by attending excursions or helping with reading in the classroom, please follow the updated procedure that can be found on our website.

Reconciliation Action Plan

We are proud to have our Reconciliation Action Plan published to the Narragunnawali Website. With grateful thanks to our Reconciliation Action Plan team, led by Leanne Williams who have worked through an authentic and thorough process to create our RAP. This year, we have chosen Reconciliation as our school-wide conceptual focus as we plan, teach, learn and grow. You can view our RAP here.

Settling In Meetings

Our teaching team have valued the opportunity to meet with families to learn about students in their class this week and next in our Settling In Meetings. At Annesley, we have developed a culture of families making meetings throughout the year to discuss their child’s learning with teachers (specialist or class teachers) at any time. We value families having these important partnership conversations at a frequency and time that supports the best outcomes for each child, rather than standardised parent/teacher interview evenings throughout the year.

Reception Leanne News

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day – Wednesday February 21st

Annesley is proud to be an IB World School, committed to education that builds intercultural understanding and respect.

Language plays a critical role in preserving traditional knowledge and culture within a multicultural society.  Based on our admissions data, almost a quarter of our children have one or more home and family language other than, or in addition to English. International Mother Language Day, on February 21st,  provides a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate all the languages within our community. 

 Art Display

To mark International Mother Language Day this year, our Arts teachers, Penny and Sarah, will work with students during Art classes, to create a multilingual display using the words for ‘Welcome’ from our different languages. .

 Welcome Circles

During our daily Welcome Circles in Week 4 we will be exploring and sharing our home and family languages and will display the languages of our classes on our doors.. Belonging begins with feeling welcome, safe, and respected, and develops as we get to know each other, appreciating both our commonalities and differences. 

 At Home 

We encourage you to discuss your home and family languages with your children, taking the opportunity to build their curiosity and appreciation.  If you would like to prepare them for the Art activity in Week 4, you can teach them to say and write your word/s for welcome..

 Learn more about UNESCO International Mother Language Day here:

Welcome Back OSHC

Annesley Students finished 2023 exploring animals at the Hahndorf Farm barn, making pottery, slipping and sliding on water day and much more. Students were able to participate in a safe and welcoming environment while provided with a wide range of learning opportunities appropriate for students ages and interests. 

After a restful break students were welcomed back onsite in 2024 ready for January Vacation care. Excited for the year ahead Annesley Students were given opportunities in vacation Care to develop socially and emotionally, physically, intellectually and above all had fun! 

With such a successful Vacation Care period behind us, we welcome the new school year with many more adventures to be had within Before and After school care. 


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