Friday February 23

Annesley News Issue 217

Principal’s News

From the Coordinator of Numeracy: Joe Paton

What is Place Value? Why is it important?

As I have been in classes in my role as Numeracy Coordinator this year, I have seen teachers across R-6 reinforcing the building blocks to our Base 10 number system: place value.

It is crucial that students develop a thorough understanding of place value to be numerate and have success in Mathematics. Teachers therefore begin the year (and continue throughout) with a focus on this key concept.

Place value is the understanding of the value of numbers in relation to which digit they are placed in within a numeral. For example, in the number 14, the 1 represents 1 ten, not 1. Having a strong sense of numbers 0–10 assists place value understanding. In the early years this means modelling, reading and writing the numbers to 10 using materials, words, diagrams and symbols.

As students progress in their understanding, recognising 10 as a countable unit is fundamental. Teachers will often use ten frames to prompt mental models for numbers and mental strategies. The knowledge that 10 ‘ones’ is equal to 1 ‘ten’ is necessary for learners to be able to work effectively with two-digit numbers and beyond.

Regular opportunities for learners to make multiple bundles of ten (eg pop sticks) which can then be regularly counted is important. This can also be achieved through games which consolidate this idea. Place value mats can be used to model and record two-digit numbers.

Before working with hundreds as a new place value part, learners must develop a sense of numbers beyond 100. Pattern work involving number charts that emphasise the continuing count of tens beyond 100 is useful. It is best to ensure that two-digit place value is deeply understood before proceeding to three-digit numbers too quickly.

Teen numbers (eg 617) and internal zeros (eg 503) can prove tricky for some learners who will need plenty of opportunities to make, name and record hundreds, tens and ones using materials and place value parts.

By the end of their time at Annesley, students will be using place value understanding to work with rounding numbers, multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10 and beyond, and solving complex problems involving fractions and decimals.

Based on the work of Dianne Siemon, Professor of Mathematics Education at RMIT.

Siemon D, Beswick K, Brady K, Clark J, Faragher R & Warren E (2015) Teaching Mathematics: Foundations to Middle Years, 2nd edition, Melbourne, Oxford University Press

Joe Paton
Coordinator of Numeracy

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Many families shared their home and family languages in class this week in celebration of International Mother Language Day. Our multi-language ‘Welcome’ display, coordinated by our Visual Arts teachers Sarah and Penny, and EAL/D teacher Sallyanne has helped our students make visible their languages. If you notice a home or family language we have missed, please let us know and we will be sure to add it!

Trans-languaging and Language Development

At Annesley we recognise the significant and continuing role our students’ home and family languages can play in building identity, self-esteem, and enhancing our students’ capacity for learning.

In IB programs, multilingual students are actively encouraged to develop and use trans-languaging practices. Trans-languaging, as described by the IB, ‘is a process in which students draw on known languages, naturally and flexibly, combining their elements to meet communicative and social needs”.  (IB, PYP, from Principles into Practice, 2018) In this process students use language skills from one language to support another moving fluidly between the two.

The Final Countdown

Stage 4 of our Masterplan – The final stage!

With the completion of Stage 3 of our Masterplan (Library, Base 5, Science Lab and Digital Technologies Learning Space), we are now commencing the final stage of our Masterplan to create a new and bespoke Base 6 learning space. Base 6 will be located on the ground floor of our historic Patchell Building, with large collaborative learning spaces and smaller breakout spaces. Base 6 students will be in close proximity to members of our Administration Team, as they regularly connect with our Accounts team, Marketing Officer, Business Manager and Risk & Compliance Officer as part of their Leadership Roles, Café duties and Enterprise projects. This final stage of our Masterplan will be complete in Term 2 this year.

Parent Events at Annesley in 2024

All parents (ELC – Year 6) are warmly invited to join together at 8.30am next Friday in the Dining Room to choose key Parent Events in 2024 for fundraising and friend-raising! Details and RSVP on School Stream.

Welcome Jaimie Barton

Risk and Compliance Officer – Jaimie Barton

We are excited to have appointed Jaimie as our new Risk and Compliance Officer at Annesley. Jaimie comes to Annesley with extensive risk and compliance experience gained in aviation – a highly regulated industry. She is looking forward to transferring her skillset and knowledge to a school setting and we look forward to her contribution in this important role that is key to upholding the safety of all members of our community.

Wattle Room News 

In the Wattle Room we have been working on oral communication and encouraging children to build confident and knowledgeable self-identities. In order to enhance this, we have encouraged children to bring in four special artefacts from home and share them with the group talking about how these items are special to them. Watching the children share their items has been interesting and has allowed the children to develop a deeper understanding of their peers and what makes them unique. What a wonderful expression of self-identify.   

Grandparents and Special Friend's Days 2024

We warmly welcome our Grandparents to join us on the following dates. These special event dates have been planned and integrated into the students learning experiences in each year level. Teaching staff will share more details as these events approach.

ELC:  Wednesday 12th June 

Reception: Wednesday 6th November 

Year 1: Friday 30 August 

Year 2: Thursday 8th August 

Year 3: Tuesday 11th June 

Year 4: Monday 19th August 

Year 5: Thursday 17th October 

Year 6: Tuesday 7th May 

Co-Curricular Performing Arts activities

You will have seen a letter earlier in the week on School Stream from Sophie Waller, Performing Arts Teacher, which outlines the co-curricular Performing Arts activities available in Term 1. Please discuss with your child and if necessary respond on SchoolStream to register your child. Here are the activities being offered below.

Upcoming Dates Term 1 

Tuesday 27th February: Year 2 Cubby Building Excursion 

Wednesday 28th February: Base 6 Student Leaders Excursion 

Monday 4th – Wednesday 6th March: Base 4 Camp 

Wednesday 6th March: Base 5 & 6 Lacrosse Carnival 

Thursday 7th March: SAPSASA Swimming Carnival 

Friday 8th March: B3 Fringe Excursion 

Tuesday 12th – Friday 22nd March: NAPLAN 

Tuesday 12th – Friday 15th March: Swimming Week 

Thursday 21st March: Harmony Day 

Friday 5th April: Primary Sports Day 

Monday 8th April: In School Poetry Recital Competition 

Monday 8th April: Reception Celebration of Learning 

Tuesday 9th April: ELC Sports Morning 

Friday 12th April: Last Day of Term 1 

Base 3 Reconciliation Talk

Would you like to volunteer at Annesley?

Our website now has a volunteering page under the Community Tab that outlines clearly the process we require our family members to follow to volunteer at Annesley. This process meets legislative requirements in order to keep our children and volunteers safe at Annesley. See more here.


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