Friday April 05

Annesley News Issue 220

Principal’s News

School as a Community
As we have enjoyed another Primary Sports Day today, I am reminded of the important role schools play, often as one of the most significant communities in family life. Today was an example of the strong community Annesley families value and enjoy, with smiles, cheers and connection amidst the mosaic of house colours.

Strengthening Community
I also reflect upon the strong role parents play in contributing to the work of a school in building community; lifelong connections, experiences and memories for our students and their families.

Today, a Parent Events Team coordinated lunch packs for families. This took time, commitment and energy from a small group of parents. Schools are complex places and there are many logistics to organise when creating events and initiatives in a school. I am so grateful for the work of Eleni, Emily, Edwina, Shona and Sara who have taken the lead on this initiative for Sports Day and the many parent helpers who supported them today. The work of our Parent Events Team has worked beautifully alongside the work of the Annesley staff team in running a successful Sports Day.

Enhancing Student Success
Research consistently demonstrates that students whose families are actively engaged in their school tend to perform better academically, exhibit improved behaviour, and have higher aspirations for their future. Parent involvement in schools reinforces that education, relationships and community is a priority.

Parent Events 2024
A number of Parent Events are being planned for the remainder of the year and all parents are encouraged to contribute to these events. This work does take time and effort in the busy lives we all lead, but in return gives a sense of purpose, connection and achievement for the contributions we make and strengthens the community bonds in our school. We are seeking someone to support in a Treasurer role for Parents Events in 2024. If you’d like to connect with a Parent Events Team in 2024, keep an eye out for meeting times communicated through School Stream or email Cat Rogowski –

Thank you too to our Parent Class Reps who are organising wonderful events for our families to enjoy, and other parents who are contributing as sport coaches, excursion volunteers, as members of our School Council and supporting in classrooms.

We are grateful!


A change of guard in the Front Office

Kathy Farrugia joined Annesley at the start of 2019 and has served our school with warmth and unwavering dedication for 5 years. Kathy has been a key member of the Admin Team working across every Admin role at various times and in various capacities with a common theme of adding value to the service the Admin Team provide to our whole community. Kathy is heading off on an extended travel adventure with her family and finished her last day on Thursday 28th March. Kathy will be missed by staff, students and families. Her kind, gentle, friendly, helpful manner has been appreciated by all. But we are pleased that this will not be a final good-bye but rather a see you later. Thankfully upon her return Kathy will be available on a casual basis for Admin relief as need arises, which will be a real asset to the Admin Team. In the meantime, we wish Kathy and her family safe and happy travels together making lots of special memories.

We are pleased to announce that a new appointment has been made in the front office, and we welcome Sarah Burford to Annesley. Sarah has worked in administrative roles, varying from receptionist to office manager, in various law firms for over 20 years. She is eager to transfer her skills to a school environment and has a strong interest in working in child-centred organisations, recently completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. She presents with a warm, engaging, approachable and friendly manner that is of value in this role.

Primary Sports Day 2024!

Congratulations to all our students for their incredible effort, teamwork and positivity during our Annesley Primary Sports Day today. We witnessed some fantastic athleticism and saw the true spirit of learning and celebrating strengths within our community.
Bravo to the winning house Delphi and congratulations to all of the participating students and houses.

Thank you to the entire Annesley staff for their outstanding teamwork. Special thanks to our PE Team, Penny Rawinski and Zac Venning, for their dedication and brilliant organisation, making our Sports Day event possible.  A heartfelt thank you also goes to our incredible Parent Events Team for their tireless efforts in orchestrating all the behind-the-scenes logistics, including food and preparation. Your invaluable contributions were greatly appreciated.

It was wonderful to see our Annesley community come together to make today one to remember.

Pokémon Club

In the realm of card collecting, there is one phenomenon that has captured hearts and minds of both young and old alike. Pokémon cards! Many of our parents and even some of our Annesley teachers, grew up with Pokémon, watching the animated series, playing the video games, (and Pokémon Go) and of course collecting the iconic cards.

There has been a surge in the interest in Pokémon, sparking a wave of excitement that’s hard to resist. In the past Pokémon cards were exchanged (traded) faster than Pikachu’s thunderbolt and this has caused problems at schools with students (and parents) realising that a trade may have been ‘unfair’, not considering the sentimental and/or monetary value of the card, creating upset, argument and conflict that has impacted on the learning environment. This has resulted in the decision to discourage the bringing of Pokémon cards to school.

As with any trend, it is essential to strike a balance between enjoyment and responsibility. At Annesley we encourage students to pursue their interests and passions, therefore, we have had discussions with Pokémon enthusiasts about bringing their Pokémon cards to school to show friends. We have been able to reach an agreement on how to embrace Pokémon cards in a positive and inclusive way through the development of a Pokémon Club.

Pokémon Club is an opportunity for Pokémon collectors to share with others their interest in Pokémon cards, developing social skills as they share the stories of their cards, their latest purchase and their goals for the future. Further to this, Gail, our Personalised Learning Coordinator has shared a Pokémon Board Game that her son collected many years ago. It has been lovely seeing current Pokémon enthusiasts playing this game at Pokémon Club.

Students are encouraged to bring their Pokémon cards to school on Wednesdays only for Pokémon Club which is held on Wednesday’s at 1:25pm – 1:55pm in the Dining Room. Students are expected to keep their Pokémon cards in their bags until Pokémon Club. They are not to come into the classroom and Pokémon cards should not be at school on any other day. Seasoned Pokémon enthusiasts and curious newcomers are welcome to join the Pokémon Club as long as they follow the agreed rules and understand that it is not an opportunity to trade.

We encourage parents to talk to their child about the value of their Pokémon cards both sentimental and monetary, so that students can consider their decision to attend Pokémon Club. We also ask parents to support the agreed rules which are as follows:

  • Pokémon cards are only to be brought to school on Wednesdays and left in bag until 1:25pm
  • No trading of cards
  • Students are responsible for their own Pokémon cards
  • Pokémon are not to be brought to school on Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri.
  • Pokémon Club will be supervised by Gail, Personalised Learning Coordinator and Sharyn, Director of Primary

Congratulations Emmii

Congratulations to Emmii for her outstanding performance at the Athletics State Individual Championship last weekend. The State Individual Championship is the pinnacle competition that young athletes strive for to compete against the best from around the state. She participated in 5 events and brought home an impressive 3 medals. Silver in long jump (3.58m), silver in high jump (1.09m), and gold in the 70m race (11.09 s). What an incredible achievement.

House Discos - Friday 12th April

On Friday 12th April, our student Board of Directors and School Leaders have organised discos for our House Teams to celebrate the end of term together.

Reception-Year 6 students are invited to come dressed in their house colours on this day.  The discos will take place during the school day in Gillingham Hall at the following times.

Calling for Unify donations

Calling all families to donate gently used Annesley uniforms to Unify, our student-led pop-up shop for second-hand uniforms. Your contribution not only promotes sustainability but also helps support many of the school’s initiatives. Your ongoing participation is greatly appreciated and contributes to the continued success of our school community. Donations can be left in the Unify tub located in the Front Office.

Bouncing Bean Hours

Our Bouncing Bean Café and Unify Second-Hand store are open at the following times each week:

Before School: 8.15am – 9am, Everyday
Morning Break: 11.05am – 11.45am, Everyday
Wednesday Afternoons: 3pm – 4pm

Grandparents and Special Friends Days 2024

We warmly welcome our Grandparents and special friends to join us on the following dates. These special event dates have been planned and integrated into the students learning experiences in each year level. Teaching staff will share more details as these events approach.

ELC:  Wednesday 12th June
Reception: Wednesday 6th November
Year 1: Friday 30 August
Year 2: Thursday 8th August
Year 3: Tuesday 11th June
Year 4: Monday 19th August
Year 5: Thursday 17th October
Year 6: Tuesday 14th May 

Eucalypt News

Year 1 Brad News:

Upcoming Dates Term 1 

Monday 8th April: Reception – Celebration of Learning
Tuesday 9th April: ELC Sports Morning
Wednesday 10th April: Reception – Celebration of Learning
Wednesday 10th April: Base 3 – Celebration of Learning
Friday 12th April: Reception – Celebration of Learning
Friday 12th April: House Discos
Friday 12th April: Last Day of Term 1
Monday 29th April: Start of Term 2

Would you like to volunteer at Annesley?

Our website now has a volunteering page under the Community Tab that outlines clearly the process we require our family members to follow to volunteer at Annesley. This process meets legislative requirements in order to keep our children and volunteers safe at Annesley. See more here.


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