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Annesley News Issue 222

Principal’s News: Experts in Primary Schooling

Our Focus

With students from 2 years to 12 years of age at Annesley, there are two things that are clear in focus:

  1. We celebrate childhood as a critical stage of development. A great childhood is the best preparation for adolescence and adulthood. We fiercely promote and protect a child-like environment to keep the pressures of adolescence and adulthood that we all know too well, at a distance.
  2. We teach students that they are capable agents in their world. Their perspectives and ideas are valued and they have time to action projects that matter to them, learning how they can make impact in a world defined by increasing complexity and diversity.


Learning Spaces

In a primary setting, we are fortunate to have spaces soley dedicated to the use of our ELC and Primary students of which include:

  • Gillingham Hall for Assembly, Chapel, events and performances
  • Expansive Gymnasium facility for PE, sport and co-curricular activities
  • Dining Room and Café Precinct for Budding Lunch, Enterprise cooking projects and our Work- related skills program
  • Extensive outdoor play spaces to promote activity and engagement with nature

Our journey from Annesley College to Annesley Junior School has gifted us with outstanding resources for the education of primary-aged students.


Preparation for High School

Annesley students successfully transition to a variety of high school settings after graduating in Year 6. Our Teaching Team, Leadership Team and Administration are entirely focused on pedagogy, programs and experiences that are tailor-made for primary students. Our learning spaces, staffing and timetable structures are designed for primary students to achieve our purpose, to empower them with knowledge, skills and understandings to prepare them for what’s to come in high-school and beyond.

By the end of Year 6. Annesley students know themselves as learners, and have lifelong skills for learning. They learn to set goals, identify resources required to achieve goals, seek and act on feedback and reflect on their learning. They are taught to sit in the driving seat of their learning to set them up for success when navigating their learning journey beyond Annesley.

I feel very confident that primary schools do primary schooling best!

Jo Rossiter
Principal | Annesley Junior School

Now More Than Ever

Yesterday, our School Leaders, Hugh and Louis, launched our third Annesley Junior School Reconciliation Walk to students and staff. At Assembly, they shared a carefully researched video that explained the concept, history and progress of reconciliation and connected it to this year’s theme of Now More Than Ever.

The Annesley Junior School Walk has been based on the historic Sydney Harbour Bridge walk where more than 250 000 people marched together as a sign of reconciliation. Next Thursday, our community will be undertaking a walk of approximately 1.14km around the Kaurna land that Annesley Junior School is placed.

In its third year, our walk is an opportunity to also celebrate the launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Over the last three years, a group of staff, parents and students have worked to create our Annesley Junior School RAP. This is a commitment to building relationships, respect, and opportunities in our school community. It’s about learning together, respecting each other, and working towards a better future for all Australians.

Our walk this year will be enhanced by the inclusion of an Aboriginal cultural trail. There will be opportunities for students and staff to pause, reflect and learn more about our rich and diverse history and culture as a celebration and commitment to our RAP.

We invite family and community members of Annesley to join us next Thursday morning at the Bouncing Bean Café where we will share our vision for reconciliation and planned actions. Now more than ever, it is our responsibility to contribute to the concept of reconciliation to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Indigenous peoples, for the benefit of all Australians.

More than Health and Physical Education

In our Physical Education classes, we’re not just exercising; we’re building a solid foundation of fundamental motor skills, fostering interpersonal interactions, and nurturing essential social skills. Through energetic activities, we’re instilling the values of good sportsmanship and exploring the depths of emotional intelligence.

In Health, we are developing our understanding of body systems, safety practices, overcoming obstacles, and celebrating diversity. Meanwhile, students in Base 4-6 are engaged in enlightening “talk about it sessions” led by Life Education, learning about crucial topics like body safety, navigating relationships, understanding puberty, and exploring identity.

As an exciting addition, we’ve been taking our primary years students on excursions to participate in lacrosse and netball carnivals. These events not only elevate their skills and strategic understanding but also foster camaraderie and sportsmanship through friendly competition with peers from other schools.

Our Base 6 students recently attended the National Wheelchair Rugby tournament, where they were captivated by the remarkable abilities of the players. Witnessing the dedication and talent of athletes, some of whom are destined to represent Australia at the upcoming Para Olympics, left a lasting impression on our students, inspiring them to reach for their own heights of achievement.

Penny Rawinski

Cross Country SAPSASA success

Annesley proudly brought their largest squad of runners to the Adelaide South East SAPSASA carnival this year. All of our students gave their best efforts, achieving numerous personal bests. Special congratulations to Navarre, Scarlett, Lila, and Sophie for finishing in the top 6 and earning the honour of representing the district at State Day later this year.

Leadership Talks Podcast

Our School Leaders Hugh and Louis this year are launching their first Podcast ‘Leadership Talks’ and are proud to share their first episode in this edition of the Annesley News. In this episode they interview Annesley Junior School’s Chair of Council, Bruce Spangler.

ANZAC wreath recognition

Our Annesley OSHC students were awarded with a book voucher from Pieter Haverhoek, President of the Unley RSL branch, in recognition of their beautiful wreath decoration for the ANZAC dawn service.

The design brief highlighted environmental friendliness to prevent landfill waste while adding a personal touch. In keeping with our school tradition of attending the ANZAC dawn service, this year’s creation was especially meaningful.

We are very proud of our talented OSHC students.



Year 1 Amy news: Late night at school

A highlight of the Year One Late Night at School was cooking damper and singing songs around the campfire with Sophie, our wonderful Performing Arts Specialist.

On the night, held in week 2 this term, the children engaged in various special activities, including observing constellations with Christiana our expert Science Specialist. The children also made the damper from scratch and created artworks to reflect their interpretation of the day/night cycle.

Our Unit of Inquiry this term is How the World Works and we are exploring how Earth’s natural cycles help us to make decisions. The Year One’s watched the sunset from the Annesley playground before enjoying the campfire. They sang Waltzing Matilda and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as Sophie accompanied on her ukulele and Brad passed around the highly anticipated damper.

Next, we shared a barbeque dinner with sausages in bread before finishing our late night with bedtime stories. My fellow Year One teachers Laura and Brad did a fantastic job helping to prepare the evening which ensured the night ran smoothly and was enjoyed by all the children. A huge thank you to the parents who supported us by volunteering at this event and to Sharyn and Kin who helped with the campfire and skilfully cooked the damper!

What an engaging provocation for the Year One’s as they begin their inquiry into the predictable and unpredictable nature of Earth’s natural cycles and weather patterns and forecasting.

Amy Wells
Year One Teacher

SASTA Science Active School

We are proud that Annesley has been named as a SASTA Science Active School in 2024! This recognises our commitment to having a Specialist Science Teacher at Annesley who teaches Science to every primary class every week.

Christiana also has a dedicated role in developing young scientists in our Entrepreneurial Learning Program, Enterprise and also bringing scientific perspectives within our Experiential Learning Program, The Quest. Christiana regularly attends our Year 3 Outdoor Classroom Program at the Zoo and our Year 1 Late Night at School.

Annesley students are also encouraged to share their scientific passions, skills and knowledge through participation in the Oliphant Science Awards each year, with many of our students receiving recognition for their strengths as prizewinners each year.

 Breaking new ground!

After 18 months of dreaming and planning ‘The Quest’ ventured into the new territory today, offering a bespoke Year 2 sequential ‘Ride A Bike Right’ program.

Working with industry experts, students honed their skills, assessed their bikes and learnt key safety concepts. With an eye to future Quest experiences at Annesley, today’s start has laid the foundation for successful bike riding adventures in the years ahead!

Thank you to our Coordinator of Experiential Learning, Kin Maclean and the Year 2 Teaching Team for making this happen today and in the weeks ahead.

Applications for siblings

A reminder to all families that if you have younger children that you have not yet submitted an application form for, that it can be done via this link:

An application must be submitted in order for a child to be considered for a place.

If you are not sure if you have submitted an application and wish to check, or for any other questions, please contact Laura in the Student Enrolments Office on 8422 2211 or

Supervision before and after school

A reminder to Primary families that supervision for our students is provided from 8.30am on school grounds. Prior to this time, students are not to be left onsite without an adult family member. Our Before School OSHC Service is available to families requiring early supervision from 7.30am to 8.30am. Similarly, staff supervision is provided after school until 3.45pm. OSHC is available to families needing care after school until 6pm.

Let's RAP! event

Parent workshop

Budding Canteen

Our partnership with Africola continues to provide a healthy and nutritious canteen option for our Annesley students.
In line with our Nutrition Policy, we are committed to offering ‘real food’ to fuel our students’ bodies for learning, health, and growth.
Budding Canteen by Africola delivers high-quality, child-friendly food as a convenient ‘take away’ option.
Place your orders by 5pm every Thursday via the Qkr app for students to enjoy during their first break on Friday mornings.

Annesley uniform

We have a uniform at Annesley to create a sense of belonging, identity and equity. It is an expectation that Annesley students are wearing correct Annesley uniform when attending school. As the cooler weather sets in, winter uniform items can be ordered through the Uniform Purchase Form on School Stream and purchases will be delivered to students within three days of ordering. Second-hand uniform items are available in Unify – our student, driven pre-loved uniform shop. This can be accessed any time in our Bouncing Bean Café which is open:

  • 8.15am – 9am each day
  • 3pm to 4pm Wednesdays


We welcome donations of pre-loved uniform for Unify to our Front Office anytime.

Calling for Unify donations

Calling all families to donate gently used Annesley uniforms to Unify, our student-led pop-up shop for second-hand uniforms. Your contribution not only promotes sustainability but also helps support many of the school’s initiatives. Your ongoing participation is greatly appreciated and contributes to the continued success of our school community. Donations can be left in the Unify tub located in the Front Office.

Bouncing Bean hours

Our Bouncing Bean Café and Unify Second-Hand store are open at the following times each week:

Before School: 8.15am – 9am, Everyday
Morning Break: 11.05am – 11.45am, Everyday
Wednesday Afternoons: 3pm – 4pm

Grandparents and Special Friends Days 2024

We warmly welcome our Grandparents and special friends to join us on the following dates. These special event dates have been planned and integrated into the students learning experiences in each year level. Teaching staff will share more details as these events approach.

ELC:  Wednesday 12th June
Reception: Wednesday 6th November
Year 1: Friday 30 August
Year 2: Thursday 8th August
Year 3: Tuesday 11th June
Year 4: Monday 19th August
Year 5: Thursday 17th October
Year 6: Tuesday 14th May 

Upcoming Dates Term 1 

Friday 31st May: Reconciliation Action Plan Event (RAP)
Tuesday 11th June: Base 3 Grandparents Day & Special Friends Day
Wednesday 12th June: ELC Grandparents Day and Celebration of Learning
Thursday 13th June: Mid-Year Rec Orientation Day
Wednesday 19th June: ELC Orientation Day
Wednesday 19th June: Year 1 Celebration of Learning
Wednesday 19th June: Year 2 Celebration of Learning
Thursday 20th June: Base 5 Star Wartz Production
Friday 21st June: Mid Year Reception Transition Visit
Wednesday 26th June: ELC Orientation Day
Thursday 27th June: Local Buy Annesley Market
Friday 28th June: Last Day of Term 2


Would you like to volunteer at Annesley?

Our website now has a volunteering page under the Community Tab that outlines clearly the process we require our family members to follow to volunteer at Annesley. This process meets legislative requirements in order to keep our children and volunteers safe at Annesley. See more here.


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