Friday June 07

Annesley News Issue 223

Principal’s News: Moving Maths

In a Reception Maths lesson each week at Annesley, you’ll observe children engaging in a variety of physical activities such as balancing, jumping, bouncing, running, and scooting. While it may resemble a PE lesson, our students are not only honing fundamental motor skills but also practising essential mathematical skills, such as counting, adding, estimating, number formation, patterning, and direction.

At Annesley, our Reception students are engaged in our Moving Maths program with both their class teacher and PE Teacher. Based on brain research, Moving Maths seamlessly merges movement and learning and capitalises on the interconnected relationship between physical activity and cognitive development. By performing specific movements and mathematical tasks the students are igniting key areas of their brains, priming them for receptivity to new information while also consolidating prior learning.

Students complete a range of activities which link a specific mathematical skill or concept and a fundamental motor skill. Research has shown the neural pathways developed when learning motor skills are also used when we are learning and consolidating new information. The proper development of these pathways help students to grasp new concepts quicker, turn thinking into actions and retrieve and encode information from their memories (Ratey, J. 2008). All of this has an impact on student learning and their readiness to learn.

Moving Maths is a highlight of the Reception students’ week at Annesley and benefits the students as they return to the classroom to continue their learning in other areas. The movement the students have performed forces oxygen and glucose to the brain at greater rates and feeds the brain much needed nutrients (Blaydes, J. 1996). This helps the brain to be in an optimal learning state in the classroom.

Blaydes, Jean October (1996) The body/Mind Connection: Its implications for Physical Education TAHPERD Journal pp.9-13

Ratey, Dr John (2008). SPARK:The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain. Little Brown and CO., NY Boston Learning and the Brain Conference Nov, 1999 The Care and Feeding of the Brain.

Penny Rawinski
PE Teacher | Annesley Junior School

More SAPSASA Success!

State Cross Country

Congratulations to Navarre, Scarlett, and Sophie for representing the Adelaide South East District at the State Cross Country Championships. Competing against 170 participants on a challenging hilly course, you made us proud with your impressive finishes in 32nd, 43rd, and 63rd place. Well done on your outstanding efforts. Commendation to Lila who also qualified for the state championship but was unable to compete due to being unwell.

State Netball Carnival

Congratulations to Base 5’s Henry Bannister on being selected to represent the Adelaide South East District in the State Netball Carnival. Henry is a dedicated netballer who makes significant contributions to both our school netball team and his club team. We admire how Henry champions boys’ netball even inspiring his friends to join the school team. Good luck at the carnival, Henry!

Science News: Investigating light and shadow

Base 5 students have been investigating the nature of light within the strand of Physical Science. The central idea of the unit is: Light travels in a straight path, can form shadows and can be reflected and refracted.

We see objects around us because light from a source, such as a torch, travels in a straight line (called a ray) from the source to the object.

Recently the students explored shadows and how they formed when the path of light is blocked. The students made shadow puppets from card and observed how the shadows were formed. Shadows are made when an opaque object blocks light from a light source. An opaque object is one that does not allow light to pass through it.

They used the scientific method to carry out an experiment that investigated how the size of a shadow is affected by the position of the light source.

In the experiment, the independent variable was the distance the puppet was from the light source. They changed this deliberately. The dependent variable was the size of the shadow on the screen. This was what they measured. The controlled variables were using the same puppet, using the same light source and keeping the same torch in the same position.

Quest News: Cleland Wrap Up

Base 6 have completed their final visit to Cleland Wildlife Park. As part of their culminating event, students toured members of the Annesley Leadership Team around the park. This served as a fantastic opportunity for students to share their knowledge, highlights and expertise about the Park that they have called home for the last 5 weeks.

Next week will see Base 6 visit the Forktree Project at Carrickalinga to put into action the work that they have been doing with seed propagation and understanding the inner working of the project.

News from Base 5 Darren

Don't miss the Base 5 production of Star Warts

We warmly invite all members of our community to attend our incredible Base 5 production of Star Warts – The Umpire Strikes Back.

You don’t want to miss this, so hurry and book your seats via School Stream now!.

That's a RAP

Last Friday, over Bouncing Bean coffee, we took a significant step towards creating unity, understanding and reconciliation in our community.

We celebrated the launch of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) earlier this year, shared our vision for reconciliation and our RAP actions with our community.

Reconciliation is our whole-school conceptual focus this year in our Units of Inquiry, ELC to Year 6. Together, we’re committed to building stronger relationships between Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous peoples for the benefit of all Australians.

Now More Than Ever, it’s crucial for us to come together as a community, teaching for the future – so every voice is heard and respected.

Acknowledgment of Country 2024

In the Grevillea room, we are proud to share our Acknowledgment of Country, highlighting our everyday commitment to practicing Reconciliation. Our ELC students have had the privilege of working closely with Uncle Tamaru, who has taught us this beautiful Acknowledgment song in language.

Thank you Tia for this special video.

Annesley Farm: Watch this space!

It is with great delight and excitement that we can share with the school community that Annesley has been successful in securing a grant from Unley City Council for the Annesley Farm.

Over the coming weeks and months, ‘The Farm’ will receive an upgrade and transform into a fit for purpose ‘Intergeneration and Wellbeing Farm’. We eager to begin this project and cannot wait to see outcome.

We are extremely grateful to the Unley City Council for their support and generosity. Watch this space!

Spotlight on Enterprise

Dear Annesley Families

My name is Mac, from Base 5, and for my Enterprise project I am collecting used sports equipment to raise money for the charity Make-A-Wish .  Australian children’s charity Make-A-Wish Australia grants life-changing wishes for kids with critical illnesses.

The donated sports equipment will be sold at the Local Buy Annesley Market

If you would like to donate, go to the Front Office and look for the below logo. A basket will be there from Week 7 to Week 9.

Local Buy Annesley Market

Parent workshop

Musical Bingo! Parent event

Budding Canteen by Africola

Our partnership with Africola continues to provide a healthy and nutritious canteen option for our Annesley students. In line with our Nutrition Policy, we are committed to offering ‘real food’ to fuel our students’ bodies for learning, health, and growth. Budding Canteen by Africola delivers high-quality, child-friendly food as a convenient ‘take away’ option. Place your orders by 5pm every Thursday via the Qkr app for students to enjoy during their first break on Friday mornings.

Supervision before and after school

A reminder to Primary families that supervision for our students is provided from 8.30am on school grounds. Prior to this time, students are not to be left onsite without an adult family member. Our Before School OSHC Service is available to families requiring early supervision from 7.30am to 8.30am. Similarly, staff supervision is provided after school until 3.45pm. OSHC is available to families needing care after school until 6pm.

Annesley uniform

We have a uniform at Annesley to create a sense of belonging, identity and equity. It is an expectation that Annesley students are wearing correct Annesley uniform when attending school. As the cooler weather sets in, winter uniform items can be ordered through the Uniform Purchase Form on School Stream and purchases will be delivered to students within three days of ordering. Second-hand uniform items are available in Unify – our student, driven pre-loved uniform shop. This can be accessed any time in our Bouncing Bean Café which is open:

  • 8.15am – 9am each day
  • 3pm to 4pm Wednesdays


We welcome donations of pre-loved uniform for Unify to our Front Office anytime.

Calling for Unify donations

Calling all families to donate gently used Annesley uniforms to Unify, our student-led pop-up shop for second-hand uniforms. Your contribution not only promotes sustainability but also helps support many of the school’s initiatives. Your ongoing participation is greatly appreciated and contributes to the continued success of our school community. Donations can be left in the Unify tub located in the Front Office.

Bouncing Bean hours

Our Bouncing Bean Café and Unify Second-Hand store are open at the following times each week:

Before School: 8.15am – 9am, Everyday
Morning Break: 11.05am – 11.45am, Everyday
Wednesday Afternoons: 3pm – 4pm

Grandparents and Special Friends Days 2024

We warmly welcome our Grandparents and special friends to join us on the following dates. These special event dates have been planned and integrated into the students learning experiences in each year level. Teaching staff will share more details as these events approach.

ELC:  Wednesday 12th June
Reception: Wednesday 6th November
Year 1: Friday 30 August
Year 2: Thursday 8th August
Year 3: Tuesday 11th June
Year 4: Monday 19th August
Year 5: Thursday 17th October
Year 6: Tuesday 14th May 

Upcoming Dates Term 1 

Tuesday 11th June: Base 3 Grandparents Day & Special Friends Day
Wednesday 12th June: ELC Grandparents Day and Celebration of Learning
Thursday 13th June: Mid-Year Rec Orientation Day
Wednesday 19th June: ELC Orientation Day
Wednesday 19th June: Year 1 Celebration of Learning
Wednesday 19th June: Year 2 Celebration of Learning
Thursday 20th June: Base 5 Star Wartz Production
Friday 21st June: Mid Year Reception Transition Visit
Wednesday 26th June: ELC Orientation Day
Thursday 27th June: Local Buy Annesley Market
Friday 28th June: Last Day of Term 2


Would you like to volunteer at Annesley?

Our website now has a volunteering page under the Community Tab that outlines clearly the process we require our family members to follow to volunteer at Annesley. This process meets legislative requirements in order to keep our children and volunteers safe at Annesley. See more here.