Week 10, Friday 28 September 2018

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Hear Me Roar! Project

On Saturday 22 September, the year 1 class went to Annesley and sorted books for kids and packed them into book bags. Leonardo Di Lion also came along to help. The book bags have been donated to Kickstart for Kids and they will give them to disadvantaged children during the school holidays. Thank you to the families who came along to help. It was a fun afternoon.

Indiana & Addison
Year 3 & Year 1 Student

Bicycle Request

The Year 5 and 6 students are going to set up a ‘bike workshop’ in Term 4 as part of their Unit of Inquiry into the humble bicycle! We would love donations of old bikes that you might like to be fixed, or are happy to donate to be tinkered with! Please contact Jo Rossiter via email rossiterj@annesley.sa.edu.au if you have a bike that you could bring to school to support our learning.

Early Years' Learning

Eucalypt Room

This term we are exploring the idea that the arts develop children’s imagination and creativity. To foster creativity within our community the children have been encouraged to take risks in their play, and to view mistakes as an opportunity to reflect, innovate and extend their ideas.

Each week we have been visiting the Oval and Nature Play Space to engage with the large loose parts, an experience that allows us to collaborate and extend our imaginative ideas together.

The pictures below capture the children working busily to make a “Campfire”, moving logs, sticks and crates to symbolise a fire, marshmallows and a house.

Primary Years' Learning

Reception Class (Ms Walsh)

Our second ‘Unit of Inquiry’ this Term has been ‘many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used.’ We have loved connecting our learning to the wider world, visiting Haigh’s Chocolates and seeing how the cacao bean is the start of the creation of chocolate! We also caught the tram down to Glenelg to visit Woolworths to further increase our understanding of the lines of inquiry. We have researched the origins of products, the changes products go through, their distribution and how and why people select products.

Back at Annesley, we have delighted in using products we have researched to create traditional French food from Bretagne. Our wonderful bi-lingual teacher Madame Charenton hails from this special part of France (many Bretons argue the best part) and the students have adored seeing our key concepts Change and Causation in action. We have made crepes and tarte aux pommes!

Assembly & Chapel

Term 4

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 18 October Chapel
Thursday 25 October Assembly Mid-Year Reception
Thursday 1 November Chapel
Thursday 8 November Assembly Year 3
Thursday 15 November Chapel
Thursday 22 November Volunteers Assembly Year 5/6
Thursday 29 November Chapel
Thursday 6 December Assembly Grevillea & Wattle Rooms

A Note from our Chaplian

Unfairness Can Be Taxing

For the final Chapel of term, we reflected once more on our Annesley value of justice. The biblical story of Zacchaeus was presented, and it created a wonderful opportunity to consider what fairness and justice looks like in our relationships with each other.

Zac the Taxman, written and illustrated by local author Andrew McDonough, tells the story of a short-statured tax collector called Zacchaeus who lived many years ago in the town of Jericho. Zac was treated unfairly by others when he was a boy, and as he grew up he also treated others unfairly. Even though Zac received lots of money, he was sad and lonely because he didn’t have any friends.

When Jesus came to Jericho, he found Zac stuck up in a tree trying to see through the tangle of branches and leaves. Jesus called Zac down, and helped him change the way he saw and related to other people.

Jesus knows the places and attitudes we can get stuck in also. He calls us to be free of the things which entangle us, and to see ourselves on the same level with everyone else around us.

We encourage our students to treat others in the same way they would like to be treated. This means that when something doesn’t seem fair or right for another person, we can be part of the process to show justice and fairness.

If others are unfairly treated, I help them not to be defeated.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

Vacation Care

The October Vacation Care program is now available.


Term 3 co-curricular at Annesley consisted of two programs being Technology and Dance and Music. Students were very engaged completing a range of activities and using a large variety of different equipment. It was fantastic to see many students challenge themselves and enjoy every session. Thank you to all the students that participated in the program in Term 3 and to Phil Richardson, Alana Iannazzo and Alice Dunstone for their professional teaching and guidance for the programs.

Term 4 co-curricular will introduce two new options with Athletics and Art. These sessions will be held every Thursday from Weeks 1-7.

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