Week 2, Friday 26 October 2018

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Our School

School Uniform
This term marks the full transition to our new school uniform. All students now wear the full Annesley uniform with pride. We ask families to support their child by providing the correct Annesley clothing items, all uniform items display the Annesley logo. You can find the full list of clothing on our website. Please note, our uniform is not to be worn with other items of clothing.

Early Years' Learning

Grevillea Room
This term the Grevillea Room will be finishing off our inquiry into ‘Who We Are’ and ‘How Family and Culture Contribute to our Identity’. We will be focusing on cultural experiences and how they may be similar and different for each child in the Grevillea Room. We have begun the term by establishing the student’s prior knowledge of celebrations by brainstorming which ones they know and what they think they mean. This will be a concept we will explore further so children know the true meaning and beliefs behind many celebrations. The Grevillea Room students have also revisited our essential agreement and what it means to be a principled, caring member of the classroom. Each Grevillea Room educator ensures they are promoting these values daily through positive reinforcement and restorative conversations with the students. We look forward to another happy and fun term in the Grevillea Room!

Primary Years' Learning

Mid-Year Reception
In our Unit of Inquiry this Term we are exploring the central idea ‘Understanding the weather helps us to make decisions about what we do.’ We have been busy learning all about the months of the year and what season they are in. We have learnt about the different types of instruments that are used to measure different aspects of the weather and we are making connections with our world exploring how people make decisions based around the weather. On Wednesday, we planted our very own sunflower seeds and can’t wait to see what happens with them over the term!

We are currently having discussions in our room around ways that we can help the farmers who are currently in a drought. The Reception students would like to take action and make a difference. Watch for some exciting news happening here very soon!

In our recent class assembly, we shared with the Annesley community our strengths and our achievements in the 58 days we have been at school. We were brave speaking on the microphone for the first time and reflective in our thoughts and reflections about our learning at school. Some of our highlights have been learning to skip with a skipping rope, counting by 2’s, using our imagination to make up new games, and counting backwards from 10.

Assembly & Chapel

Term 4

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 1 November Chapel
Thursday 8 November Assembly Year 3
Thursday 15 November Chapel
Thursday 22 November Volunteers Assembly Year 5/6
Thursday 29 November Chapel
Thursday 6 December Assembly Grevillea & Wattle Rooms

A Note from our Chaplian

Seeing The Value Of Compassion
Our school value of compassion is vital to building a strong community which cares for and respects one another. Compassion is showing kindness, and a willingness to help others. When you have compassion, you’re putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You see when they are hurt, or disappointed, and you want to do something positive to help them. God has made us to live in community. To care for each other. To love each other. To look out for each other. But as I shared with the school in Chapel, sometimes we can find the “looking out for each other” a bit hard.

Perhaps our looking can be a little like wearing dark glasses. We don’t want others to know we have seen their hurt or misfortune, so we keep doing other things instead of helping. Perhaps our looking can be like wearing the goggles in the photo. We get so focussed on what we’re doing that we don’t even notices anyone around us. We get distracted, and try to look everywhere else, rather than at the person. Perhaps our looking can be like the thick-lens glasses, and we only see a small portion of what’s going on. It could be that there is something more serious or important that we need to help someone with.

I see a need and help with passion, that is selfless true compassion.

So how can we show compassion? Well first of all, if someone is hurt or upset…We’re not to laugh. We’re not to tease. We’re not to attack. We’re not to withdraw. We’re not to avoid… But we are to notice. We are to see the value of compassion to those around us. And therefore, we are to be intentional about helping the other person.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

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