Week 8, Friday 7 December 2018

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Community Christmas Event
Thank you to all those that contributed to make our end of year event last night a huge success! In particular thank you to the hard working members of the APA and Santa who fitted in a quick visit during his busiest time of the year.

Our School

2019 Teaching and Learning Staffing

We are blessed with a high quality staff team who are committed to what is best for your child and their development.

Principal: Luke Ritchie
Deputy Principal and Head of Early Years: Donna Nicolle
Business Manager: Alex McCole
Head of Primary Years: Jo Rossiter
Chaplain: Peter Morton
Co-ordinator of Student Autonomy and Wellbeing: Sarah Walsh
Co-ordinator of Sport and Co-curricular: Hugh Hopton
ELC Co-ordinator: Fiona Hodgson

Executive Assistant to Principal: Bronte Binnion
Finance Officer: Julie Hatherly
Community Engagement Co-ordinator: Lisa Stuart
Reception Administration Officer: to be announced
Accounts Receivable Officer: to be announced

Property Officer: Bruce Flemming
Property Officer and IT Support: Morgan Davies

Early Learning Centre

Sasha Shearer

Banksia Room
Teacher: Jess Fosdike
Co-educators: Tricia Terrell, Eri Jenkins, Erandhi Amarasinghe

Eucalypt Room
Teacher: Emily Ravenscroft
Co-educators: Marisa Iadarola, Amy Wells, Kara Sweetman

Grevillea Room
Teachers: Penny White, Katie Cummins
Co-educators: Emma Southwell, Jo McLoughlin, Victoria McDonnell

Wattle Room
Teachers: Monika Falk and Christiana Schammer
Co-educators: Sheenu Sharma, Devan Chalmers, Caitlin Hoey, Shirley Satiti

Support Staff: Peng Tang, Cindy Nugyen, Jo Puddy, Liz Nowak, Shamima Nasrin

Primary Class Teachers
Reception: Alicia Clare
Reception: Alice Dunstone

Year 1: Alana Iannazzo
Year 1: Sarah Walsh

Year 2: Michelle Williams

Year 3: Gail Millar-Luke

Year 4: Stephanie Bates

Year 5/6: Dylan Colsey

Specialist Teachers
The Arts: Liezel Sellars
Technologies: Phil Richardson
Health & Physical Education: Hugh Hopton
French: Claire Charenton

Sasha Shearer

Learning Support
Belinda Brennan
Sasha Shearer

Out of School Hours Care
OSHC Co-ordinator: Alisha Thompson
OSHC Co-educators: Stephanie Patching, Shannon Traeger, Heidi Grace

At this time of the year we farewell and thank staff for their contributions to our community.

Jeanette Burchmore
Jeanette has been working in our community for many years and during this time she has held various administrative roles. It is now time for us to farewell her as she returns to England to enjoy her retirement. We will miss her cheeky laugh, her attention to detail and the welcoming warmth she has shown our students and families.

Lauren Hussey
Lauren is an industrious colleague who whilst balancing her University studies has enthusiastically held roles in OSHC and Learning Support. We thank her for the professionalism and dedication she has brought to the roles and wish her all the best as she begins her career in teaching.

Katerina Skoumbros
Whilst completing her University studies Katerina began working in the ELC as a Co-educator and we were fortune to retain her for the past year beyond her completing her studies. We thank her for her contribution as wish her all the best as she begins her career as a teacher.

Libby Daniel
Libby is a regular member of our community and we were delight when she was able to support us for a short term contract in the ELC. We value Libby’s warmth and her professionalism as she steps into teams to support and extend our students and their families. Libby will continue with us in the new year in a relief capacity.

Early Years' Learning

Eucalypt Room

This term we unpacked the concept that our families and culture contribute to our developing identities. We collected data with the children about what they celebrate in their home, and based our classroom experiences on these current ideas and understandings. This led our inquiry to focus on Birthdays, Diwali and Christmas. Towards the end of the term we discussed different ways that we could create new celebrations together as a classroom community. The children brainstormed ideas and decided that we would celebrate Christmas, sharing ideas about what we could do in our room to celebrate with others.

Primary Years' Learning

Year 3

On Monday 3 December the Year 3-4 students were invited by the Hills Christian Community School to visit their school campus at Verdun in the Adelaide hills. We spent Recess with our Year 3 friends, and then were shown around their innovative learning space – nine acres of property which they use for Nature Play and their Environmental Education program.

After visiting HCCS, we travelled to Hahndorf to immerse ourselves in the wonderful German architecture and culture on display. This walk complemented what we have been learning about during our ‘where we are in place and time’ unit of inquiry on migration, where we are looking at the impact of other cultures on our own culture since white settlement.

“I saw two old friends” – Imogen
“I saw lots of kangaroo skat” – Avi
“The staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome” – Talisha
“I saw scratch marks made by kangaroos” – Max
“I saw a dead lizard and a giant worm”- Mina
“My group saw an antique washing machine” – Indiana
“We were getting in touch with the wildlife” – Philemon
“I found two holes in the ground – burrows made by rabbits” – Amy
“Hahndorf is very historical and reminded me about how things were in the 1800’s” – Venkatesh
“We saw two beautiful Lutheran Churches” – Katiya and Amelia R
“The German lolly shop was amazing” – Nancy

We would like to wish our community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Vacation Care

The December/January Vacation Care program is now available.

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