Week 8, Friday 6 December 2019

A Message of Gratitude from our Chair of Council Bruce Spangler AM

It is a privilege to have my granddaughter as a student at Annesley. It is also a privilege to be the Chair of the Annesley College Council, a position I have now held for the last 8 years. Previously I have served on the Prince Alfred College Council for a long period, including holding the position of Chair for ten years.

The Annesley College Council is an experienced, dynamic group of successful professionals with diverse skills and experiences. We govern with a genuine openness to what is best for the students and staff at Annesley. The working relationship between the Chair of School Council and Principal of the School is critically important. Luke and I communicate most days and have a formal fortnightly meeting. Under Luke’s impressive leadership, the School’s Leadership Team report to Council on a monthly basis on the operations of the School. As a Council, we are grateful for the ongoing success Annesley is achieving, with a clear focus on personalising the school experience for every student, developing their core and future skills. Annesley is now widely regarded as a leading independent school and it was wonderful to have our positive growth and development recognised in The Advertiser in September this year.

It is at this time we reflect upon the year that has been. I am grateful for Annesley’s;

  • Dynamic students who consistently impress me with their passionate approach to making the School and world a better place
  • Creative, caring staff who exude passion and dedication, using their strengths to educate and equip our students
  • Partnership with Parents who trust us to care for and educate their children
  • Expanding staff team, now including Specialist Teachers in Science, Music and Performing Arts, a new leadership position of Learning and Teaching Coach and various new administration positions
  • Parents’ Association (APA) who have devoted countless volunteer hours to support community and connection, especially at our inaugural Long Lunch at Howards Vineyard and the end of year ‘stay and play’
  • Leadership Team who work tirelessly, seen and unseen, to ensure outstanding outcomes are implemented for the School
  • An outstanding, visionary, enthusiastic and committed Principal in Luke
  • Council who volunteer their time to ensure the School is governed with integrity, ensuring a strong financial position and vibrant culture of strategic decision making
  • Recent Christmas Concerts where our students’ joy and passion was celebrated by over 1000 audience members over 4 shows
  • Ongoing capital improvements to support students’ learning and enjoyment at School
  • Stakeholder Survey which clearly confirmed that our core focus and actions are significantly supported by our community
  • Commitment to remaining agile so we can implement the best research and ideas for our students and staff
  • Partnerships with global experts who invest in the continued development of our community

May the Christmas season be a positive time of reflection, where we acknowledge the areas of life we are grateful for and make positive plans for the year that lies ahead. I’m looking forward to walks along the beach with my granddaughters and celebrating this important time of the year with loved ones.

Season’s greetings,

Bruce Spangler AM
Chair, Annesley College Council

Our Christmas Concerts Were A Great Success

Primary Years Learning

Year 3

As part of our ‘How We Organise Ourselves’ Unit of Inquiry, we have been learning about supply and demand as well as the strategies advertisers use to encourage us to buy a certain product. As part of Enterprise, Katie and Sophia created a business called ‘Fun, Fancy Friendship’ to make unique and special friendship bracelets.

The class was given the below task:

The school is hiring an Advertising company to promote the friendship bracelet business, created by Katie and Sophia, ‘Fun, Fancy Friendship’. The brief is to create an advertisement/commercial/song/jingle to promote the friendship bracelet products.

Students used the Green Screen and iMovie to produce their advertisement. The advertisement chosen by the CEO’s (Sophia and Katie) which won the advertising campaign was Angelina and Kayden. Check out the winning video below.

A Note from our Chaplain

There’s Always Room For Gratitude

“Oh Joseph! Really?! she exclaimed. “We have to stay here? I mean, there’s animal poop everywhere!”

“It’s the best I could do under the circumstances,” he responded.

“Under the circumstances?!” she reacted. “I’m pregnant, and we’ve just travelled more than 150km over rocky hills and dusty roads, and we still haven’t registered as part of the Roman census!”

“Don’t blame me,” said Joseph snapping back. “I didn’t count on this happening!”

Mary glared at Joseph. “I don’t want to be just another statistic,” sighed Mary.

Fortunately, that’s not how the story of Jesus’ birth is recorded. Yes, Joseph and Mary were turned away because there was no guest room available. And yes, they needed to travel over 100kms from Nazareth to Bethlehem while Mary was heavily pregnant. But even through the difficult circumstances, we get no sense of them being ungrateful or unthankful for what was taking place. They knew their baby was soon to arrive. They knew the Saviour of the world was about to be born. And most of all, they knew that God was providing exactly what they needed to fulfil His promise to them.

As you look back on this year, I hope that you can be thankful for many things. We may have had challenges. We may have had unexpected changes. But the Bible says, “Whatever happens, always be thankful. This is how God wants you to live in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:18) God desires us to live with an attitude of gratitude – to be thankful regardless of the circumstances. When we look back – we’re thankful. When we look forward – we’re hopeful. We can be confident that God really does have good things planned for us, our friendships, and our families. And thank you to those who have generously donated food under the Gratitude Tree. These will be delivered to Uniting Care Glenelg who will distribute hampers to Adelaide families in need this Festive Season.

May you experience a safe and blessed Christmas, and may your New Year be filled with promise and hope.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

Vacation Care

Our December/January Vacation Care program is now available.

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