Week 2, Friday 7 February 2020

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Term 1, Week 2

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Our School

Morning Drop-Off
A friendly reminder that our Learning Spaces open at 8:30am. Please be mindful of teachers’ preparation time by not entering Learning Spaces before 8:30am, unless you have a scheduled appointment. If students are on the School grounds before 8:30am they must be supervised by a parent or carer. If you need to drop-off prior to 8.30am, Before School Care is available from 7:30am to 8:30am.

Kiss n’ Drop
It is our ultimate goal to ensure the safe arrival and departure of our students each day. We are grateful for your partnership in ensuring this happens. The Kiss n’ Drop zone is in operation each morning and afternoon to assist Primary School families to quickly drop off and collect their children. Please honour the street signage and take note that there is no parking in this zone during Kiss n’ Drop times. You can assist in keeping the Kiss n’ Drop zone moving smoothly by moving your car forward if there is space. Staff will assist students to and from the first three cars. In the afternoon if your child is not present and waiting by the fence at the Kiss n’ Drop zone, the teacher will ask you to please drive around the block and re-join the queue. Thank you in anticipation for respectfully supporting this action. Please note that cars cannot be standing for more than 2 minutes in the loading zone. This is not our rule, rather the regulations. Students will not be permitted to access cars that are double-parked as it is not safe. We ask families to please adhere to the road rules and not do ‘u-turns’ over the double white lines on Rose Terrace as this compromises student safety. We appreciate your co-operation in ensuring a smooth and safe arrival and departure for all our students.


Primary Years' Learning

Year 1 Video News

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Health & Physical Education

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Students have enjoyed challenging themselves and moving their bodies in a wide variety of planned activities. Our focus during the first few weeks has included explored activities that require team work and effective communication with peers in a team setting. In the coming weeks the focus will shift to preparing for the array of activities and athletics that will culminate in Sports Day later this term.

Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 13 February Chapel
Thursday 20 February Assembly Year 2 (Michelle Williams)
Thursday 27 February Chapel
Thursday 5 March Assembly Reception (Jodie Johnson)
Thursday 12 March Swimming Lessons – No Assembly/Chapel
Thursday 19 March Chapel
Thursday 26 March Assembly Year 4
Thursday 2 April Sports Day Week (Friday) No Assembly/Chapel
Thursday 9 April Easter Chapel

A Note from our Chaplain

Courage In The Face Of Something New

Annesley Junior School is more than just a place for your child’s education. Annesley provides an invitation into a caring community that promotes an outlook on life which strengthens the individual, together with the whole family. At Annesley, we proudly nurture creativity and curiosity in our young learners. This is incorporated into our Chapels where the children are invited to reflect, explore and inquire around the message they hear. Each Chapel, a “valuable action” phrase is presented which reinforces the value and theme for the month. This short sentence is used as a reminder to help us all put into action the value being presented. Remember, everyone is welcome to attend Chapel – so come along and participate with your children.

In our first Chapel, we talked about COURAGE, and how courage helps us overcome the fear which says it can’t be done. This value is often needed in large portions at the beginning of the year – for our existing, and new students. We have so many new children and families joining us which is exciting. But it can also be daunting, as there are many new faces, and new friends to meet. However, I have seen huge amounts of courage displayed as the children have adapted and settled in quickly. I have seen courage through the determination to learn new concepts, routines and responsibilities. I’m looking forward to seeing how we all learn, support and grow together, as part of this wonderful community.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

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