Week 4, Friday 21 February 2020

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Term 1, Week 4

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Our School

Annesley Parents’ Association

Hello and a warm welcome to the 2020 school year from the Annesley Parents’ Association (APA)!

The APA AGM took place on Monday, which was a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of all the volunteers over 2019. We are very fortunate that Anna and Socorro have been re-elected to their positions as vice president and treasurer respectively, and they are a great asset to the APA.  Karl holds the secretary position and we are so excited to have him on board as a new member of the team.  With Bek stepping down as president after a successful year of dedication and hard work which saw new events introduced to the APA repertoire, I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to fill this role.

I am now going into my sixth year of being involved in the APA.  I realise how lucky I have been to grow as a school parent with a kind, fun and diversely talented group of people, whose wisdom and guidance has crossed so many facets of parenting, including how to sneak veggies into a spaghetti sauce, how to make an awesome lasagne, to tips on sleeping and the world of Costco. I can think of many a meeting for which I have arrived late after having had one of ‘those’ mornings with the kids, being met with a smile and reassurance.  It is easy to forget that school is also a learning curve for us parents and caregivers and an understanding and supportive community can make that curve feel much more manageable and help us to grow together. We hope this year we can help support and continue to build our school community.   If you are keen to be involved in the APA in any capacity, please feel free to join us. Our next meeting will be held in the Imaginarium at 800am March 17th. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at apa@annesley.sa.edu.au.

Monique Everett
APA President 

Primary Years' Learning

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Early Years' Learning

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Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 27 February Chapel
Thursday 5 March Assembly Reception (Jodie Johnson)
Thursday 12 March Swimming Lessons – No Assembly/Chapel
Thursday 19 March Chapel
Thursday 26 March Assembly Year 4
Thursday 2 April Sports Day Week (Friday) No Assembly/Chapel
Thursday 9 April Easter Chapel

A Note from our Chaplain

Have you ever faced a challenge, but then talked yourself out of it? Maybe it seemed too daunting. Perhaps your nerves got the better of you. Or possibly somebody told you it couldn’t be done. We often face moments in life when we come up against something we have never tried before, or which we just find really difficult to carry out. It’s in those times we need courage. Not courage for the sake of perfection. But courage to simply be willing to try. A quote I read says, “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I’ll try again tomorrow.””

A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking about our Annesley community – the children, staff and families. I sat down at our family piano and allowed my thoughts to be shaped into a song. I wasn’t planning for it to be something I would share with the school. It was simply an opportunity for me to process my thoughts in a creative way. As it turns out, with a little help and encouragement from a couple of staff, I performed the song last week at Chapel. I didn’t know whether I could play and sing it in front of everyone, nor how it would be received. But as nervous and uncertain as I was, it become a real-life illustration of how I required courage to try something I hadn’t done before, and not to talk myself out of it.

All of us, and especially our children, need to be reminded of the potential within – and what we are in fact capable of now. It may not be visible. It may not be developed. It may not be apparent. But it is present. Take courage and believe you can overcome those fears which may have held you back in the past.

There’s more in you than what you see
More than you have dreamed
Let every breath you take be graced with hope each day
There’s more to you than what you know
More in all you hold
Let every step you take be placed to grow your faith
Take courage and believe

Pete Morton
Annesley Chaplain

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