Week 10, Friday 3 April 2020

A Note from our Chaplain

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Principal's News

Abraham Lincoln put it beautifully when he said; ‘the philosophy of the school room in one generation is the philosophy of the government in the next.’

There is no doubting the fact that globally we are in a time of immense challenge, heartache and unprecedented change. It would be very easy to argue that education is being challenged like never before. Hundreds of millions of children are learning remotely, from their homes. Yes, this is presenting a myriad of challenges for all. Yes, this is creating fascinating opportunities for us to innovate like never before. Yes, this is creating positive opportunities for those students who have skills in being independent learners who can set goals, manage their wellbeing through mindfulness and use technology as a tool for purpose. These skills are now more important than ever and being used in ways, that if we are honest, we never saw coming. Annesley’s unwavering focus on nurturing creativity and curiosity in young learners to build resilient and empathetic global citizens ready for now and beyond is more important than ever!

Term 1 2020 is one for the record books. I will never forget it! My gratitude for my team is overflowing. Every Annesley staff member deserves a medal for what they have undertaken and the positive manner in which they have delivered on so many levels this term. My heart goes to those Annesley families who are hurting. Hurting as livelihoods have been destroyed. Hurting as loved ones have been impacted. Hurting because plans have been shattered.

Know this, we are committed to supporting Annesley families in practical ways to remain at Annesley. Children need stability and a ‘constant’ in times of great change. With that in mind please contact me if you have personally been impacted by the current economic disaster and we will work with you so Annesley can remain the constant for your child during this time.

Thinking on Lincoln’s wise words, it is going to be fascinating to see how students living and learning in these times of phenomenal challenge develop, grow and harness their creativity when they are governing us ‘oldies’ in future years. My heart is genuinely full of hope and bright expectation as I think of Annesley’s students stepping boldly into what will be a vastly different world than the one we inherited when we became adults.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

Premier’s Reading Challenge 2020

The Premier’s Reading Challenge is an important part of encouraging the love of reading, this year more than ever we hope that students will find joy, continuity and comfort in books! With your continued support the students will continue to keep reading and working towards their Premier’s Reading Challenge for 2020.

The Premier’s Reading Challenge have decided to make it more accessible this year by introducing “free choice books”, so your children are able to read what ever they like no longer having to read any of the suggested text, hopefully this will make it easier for all students to achieve their Premier’s Reading Challenge goal for 2020.

Please see below for an updated version of the Premier’s Reading Challenge Reading Records. If your child has already commenced a reading record you can continue with that version.

Annesley Parents’ Association

This is a quick note from the APA to say we are putting a pause on activities for the moment. Our final activity for the term was to commit $300 to support the Environmental Council’s project on increasing school recycling and it is exciting to follow the progress of these inspirationally dedicated environmentalists. Our thinking caps are on as although we have stopped activities we are still coming up with ideas for how we can support the community, through funding options and also in person at the other end of this. We are thinking of you all at this strange and stressful time. Keep safe and healthy! And just one final thing, as I currently have my kids at home and have had to get the grey matter going on topics and tasks long forgotten, here is my take on something I have found myself missing…

Bag laden scramble at the gate
As per usual, we are late
rushed wave, cheeky grin
As we send them in
aren’t school drop offs great!

Monique Everett
APA President

Primary Years' Learning

Year 3 Video News - Term 1, Week 10

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Science Video News

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Assembly & Chapel

Assembly and Chapel for the remainder of Term 1 have been cancelled.

Vacation Care

The April Vacation Care program is now available. Please note that the program has changed in line with the extended School Holiday period Commencing Monday 6 April to Friday 24 April.

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