Week 2, Friday 8 May 2020

Mother’s Day is a day of mixed emotions and memories, depending on our individual life journey. All emotions flow on and in the lead up to this day. Joy, sorrow, hope, wanting, love, forgiveness, optimism.

Pinterest has a vast array of Mother’s Day quotes that try to capture in a few words the role of mothers (and I like to include the significant women) in our lives. ‘Mothers are like a buttons. They hold everything together.’ ‘The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the love of a mother.’ It’s hard to find the right words to honour those mothers and women in our lives that do so much more for us than can ever be captured on Pinterest. So on this day, may we honour the commitment of those special mums and significant women that challenge us to be the best we can be, love us unconditionally, encourage us to step from our comfort zones, support us when things don’t go to plan and make time in their lives to make a positive impact in ours. May we show our love and gratitude in practical ways to these exceptional humans this Mother’s Day!

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Term 2, Week 2

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Our School

Staffing Update

Heartfelt congratulations to Jodie Turney, Jess Fosdike and Katie Cummins who are all pregnant and expecting the arrival of their babies late in September this year. We are excited to share in their joy with these wonderful announcements. We will shortly commence our recruitment process to select the ideal candidates to cover these teachers.

Property Officer
We welcome Kent Lesiuk to the Annesley Team as Property Officer. Kent comes to us with extensive experience and knowledge in grounds and maintenance work, with carpentry being a particular area of strength and passion. We are grateful to have him on our Annesley Team.

Visual Arts
This term the Visual Arts program will continue to be led by both Liezel Sellars and Nicole Schiller. Liezel will teach classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Nicole will teach classes on Thursdays and Fridays for the remainder of the term.

Mid-Year Reception
We have recently advertised for an exceptional teacher to lead our new Mid-Year Reception class commencing in July. Orientation visits for the new Mid-Year Reception students commences in Week 4, they will begin by visiting our three current Reception classes.

Restrictions to Site
As we continue to follow the guidelines from the SA government to minimise the risk to our school community, we will continue to restrict visitors to our school campus for the time being. We hope that we can soon welcome back sports coaches, music tutors and paraprofessionals that support our students.

Primary Years' Learning

Year 1 Video News

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Performing Arts & Music Video News

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Annesley Parents' Association

APA-rt Competition

We would like to thank all our those who entered the APA art competition! The art work we received depicted gratitude so well and in very different ways.

Congratulations to Jax, Jay and Emmii who have each won a well-deserved book voucher!

Thank you for sharing your art with us!

Monique Everett
APA President

Assembly & Chapel

Assembly & Chapel for Term 2 will be delivered virtually.

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