Week 4, Friday 22 May 2020

Principal's News

We are nurturing creativity and curiosity in young learners to build resilient and empathetic global citizens ready for now and beyond. Annesley’s current strategic document (2017-2020; Our Blueprint for Success) has been our driving force in growing our school on our three pillars of being Student Centred, recruiting and developing Leading Professionals and expanding our offering of Diverse Learning. It was an honour to have Annesley’s progress in implementing our strategic direction in recent years featured in Distinguished Professor Yong Zhao’s 2019 publication ‘An Education Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste.’

We believe school should be fun; developing strengths, passions and skills in a personalised manner. It is a given that all students must develop their core skills in key learning areas such as Mathematics and English. We also believe all students must develop their future skills such as creativity, design and critical thinking, communication, entrepreneurship, perseverance and collaboration. We are committed to ensuring our students are creative problem solvers who are globally minded, passionate and knowledgeable about their local context, as well as our great nation.

As a School, we can step forward with confidence into our next chapter. We are currently engaging stakeholders and industry experts as we make plans for the coming 3-5 years. As parents and caregivers, you are key stakeholders. We value your insights and experiences. Your well-considered responses to the following five questions will help us shape our future. Questions can be answered at the link here. The survey will close 9am Wednesday 3 June.

  • When your child is an adult, what do you want them to thank you for?
  • Our world faces immense challenges. What school experiences do you want for your child in order for them to be equipped now and into the future?
  • ‘Learning by doing’ is important, hence we have invested significantly in experiential learning in order to broaden the perspectives and skill sets of our students. Are there particular school experiences that you want your child to have in their childhood years?
  • If Annesley was to commence a Middle School (Years 7-9), what are three non-negotiable elements for you?
  • If Annesley was to commence a Senior Secondary School (Years 10-12), what are three non-negotiable elements for you?

Thank you for your time and consideration in responding.

Kind regards,

Bruce Spangler AM                     Luke Ritchie
Chairperson                                  Principal

Primary Years' Learning

Reception (Jodie) Video News - Term 2, Week 4

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French Video News - Term 2, Week 4

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A Note from our Chaplain

Term 2, Week 4

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An excerpt from this weeks virtual chapel

Assembly & Chapel

Assembly & Chapel for Term 2 will be delivered virtually.

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