Week 8, Friday 19 June 2020

Principal's News

Semester 1, 2020. A 6 month period like no other I’ve experienced. Everyone has had to adapt, reflect on what is important and hold on to what is precious. For me my greatest action coming out of this challenging period is my strong desire to be a present and involved husband and father, who carves out time to invest in those I love and admire. I encourage you to reflect upon what your greatest action is, coming out of the pandemic.

We are pleased to see significant shifts back to school life returning to ‘more normal’ in Term 3. We will provide more detailed information prior to the new Semester beginning. We are also pleased to share we have delightful new families joining Annesley in Term 3 and 4.

Thank you for your input into our strategic planning process. Your thoughtful responses are a key part of our development as a School. Students have this week had the opportunity to share their thoughts on what’s important for us as a school in the coming 3-5 years.

We look forward to Student Led Conferences next week, a positive opportunity for you to be with your child, celebrating their growth and investing in their progress as you see first hand their creativity and skill development at School. I encourage you to ask your child lots of questions, be an active listener and give meaningful praise and encouragement where due.

Finally, I encourage you to show your gratitude to the Annesley staff team for their tireless efforts during what has been an exceptionally challenging period in their working lives. I am grateful for the team’s constant commitment to serving our children in the provision of a safe, engaging and loving environment.

We have much to be grateful for at Annesley. A school built upon our strong Christian values with a clear vision for a progressive future. We look forward to sharing more exciting plans soon.

PS: How cool have the T2 virtual Assemblies and Chapels been? Congrats to all involved for making them so engaging! We love seeing our students lead in meaningful ways.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

Staffing Announcements

We are delighted with the news that several of our amazing staff members are expecting the birth of their babies in the coming months. There is nothing more joyful than welcoming a new life to our world.

We have planned a transition period to ensure that the transition from one teacher to another will be as seamless as possible for our students. Towards the end of Term 3 the following staff will go on leave and we are thrilled to announce the following teachers will be joining us.

Katie Cummins (ELC – Grevillea) will be replaced by Alana Iannazzo. Alana is a returning to us from maternity leave and is thrilled to be joining the ELC team.  She is a caring, passionate educator and experienced teacher having taught here at Annesley for the past four years in the junior years of the Primary School.

Jess Fosdike (ELC – Wattle) will be replaced by Tali Ingram. Tali is an experienced Early Childhood Teacher having taught across Australia in a variety of centres. She is also a talented visual artist and skilled musician and incorporates these skills into her learning program.

Jodie Johnson (PS – Reception) will be replaced by Penny Marshall. Penny is an experienced teacher having taught all year levels from Reception to Year 8. She has been a regular relief teacher here at Annesley and we have greatly appreciated her professional skills, calm manner, compassion for the students and her creative thinking.

As part of the handover process throughout Term 3 the new staff will have time to plan with the teachers, observe the current classroom practice and meet and get to know the students.

More happy announcements with Michelle Williams (PS – Year 2) and Victoria Stefano (ELC – Wattle Co-educator) both expecting their first babies late in Term 4 during December. We will advise our community in due time should relief staffing be required.

Development Play Spaces

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of the two Nature Play Developments. Once again we will be partnering with Dirtwork Landscapes to continue to develop the beautiful play spaces on our school site. The preliminary works for both the Early Learning Centre and the Primary play space projects will commence next week and will continue throughout the holiday period and into the first half of Term 3.

The youngest ELC children will be delighted to have the additions of climbing frames, a tunnel and rock mounds to develop their gross motor skills as well as a creek trickling into the sandpit and soft play surfaces to enjoy.

The Primary students on the Design Team will soon see their designs come to fruition. Beneath the elm trees passive play spaces will be created that then lead onto the challenge course with a rope bridge, tunnels, slide, platforms and climbing walls. The Design Team students will also work alongside the construction crew, where safety allows, to contribute to the final stage of the development.

We are extremely appreciative of the generous funds donated by the Annesley Parents Association and The Annesley Foundation which have made these projects possible. We cant wait for our students to be enjoying these additions to our nature play environments.

Primary Adventure Playground Project

ELC Nature Play Project

Our Growing Community

Our school continues to attract many families keen for their children to engage in the Annesley educational experience. This week we welcomed twenty seven new students and parents at the ELC Orientation Morning. The children happily explored the learning spaces whilst the parents chatted with teachers and met other new families. These children will be commencing in the ELC in Term 3.

We also enjoyed the final transition visit for the new class of Mid-Year Reception students. Parents met with me for an informative morning whilst the students enjoyed time with their new teacher, Leanne Williams, in their new learning space. This class is at capacity with eighteen students all eager to commence in Reception next term.

Primary Years' Learning

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Early Years' Learning

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A Note from our Chaplain

Assembly & Chapel

Assembly & Chapel for Term 2 will be delivered virtually.

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care program for the July School Holidays is now available. Please complete the booking form in full and return it to OSHC or via email by Wednesday 24 June to confirm your booking.

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