Week 2, Friday 31 July 2020

Principal's News

Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation

It would be very easy for me to have written about or created a video on the remarkable learning and experiences Annesley’s students have had in the first two weeks of this term including the commencement of The Quest for Years 5, 6 and 7, our new partnership with Cleland Wildlife Park ‘kicking off’ or the brilliant new Nature Play spaces that are nearing completion in our Early Learning Centre. Instead I felt it important as we move into our ‘new normal’ in the world of COVID-19, to share some insights with you with regards to our thorough approach to risk assessment, management and mitigation.

Risk is part of everyday life. The moment we get out of bed, we are constantly, mostly subconsciously, assessing and managing risk. Is the water in the shower the right temperate? Is the milk in the fridge out of date? Is the stair gate closed so my toddler doesn’t embark on an elevated adventure? Is my car registration and insurance paid and up to date? Did I destroy that bit of paper with my credit card pin number on it? The list goes on and on.

In a school setting, risk is diverse and ever present. A vital part of our role is to ensure we constantly and thoroughly assess, manage and mitigate risk across the whole of our organisation, in line with legislative requirements. At Annesley, we invest significant resources and time to ensure we are assessing and managing risk and it is our collective responsibility to ensure the implementation of this core responsibility. Much of this important work is ‘unseen’, but happening formally and informally every day across our campus.

At the start of 2020, we created the new, key position of Risk and Compliance Officer at Annesley. Our Risk and Compliance Officer Danielle holds a Bachelor of Laws and Legal Practice and Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science. Her diverse professional experience includes, but is not limited to, working as a Solicitor at the Crown Solicitor’s Office, Compliance Analyst at a major private company, Auditor for Work Health Safety (WHS) and Injury Management for a major state government department. She is an expert in the provision of legal advice in relation to WHS, risk management and general liability issues. She has been responsible for creating and managing risk and compliance frameworks, registers, reporting, audits and staff professional learning. She has a proven track record of successfully advising various high profile clients on risk and compliance functions in accordance with relevant legislation, regulatory requirements and standards, embedding cultures of best practice risk mitigation. We are blessed to have a high calibre Risk and Compliance Officer on our team as an expert advisor. The important advisory work of this role supports our action in risk assessment, management and mitigation. The most recent examples of our Risk and Compliance Officer’s important work at Annesley includes facilitating detailed Professional Learning for our Teachers this week on identifying and planning to assess and mitigate risk on excursions and on-campus learning experiences, as well as creating an updated WHS Policy that was analysed and approved by the Annesley College Council.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. It is a true privilege. It brings with it the greatest of responsibility and we don’t take it lightly. Rather we treat it with the ultimate, utmost respect.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

Jump Rope for Heart

Annesley is taking part in a school wide Jump Rope for Heart program in Term 3. Students will be participating in skipping during lessons and play time with a final ‘jump off’ day at the end of the term. Please visit the Jump Rope for Heart website here to register your child to raise money for the heart foundation.


Term 3 Sport 

What a great start to the term with the U9’s and U11’s soccer teams both getting a win in their first games for the term and thank you to our long serving coach Matt Rossiter who is continuing to develop our students soccer skills at Annesley. Our Year 6/7 Hockey team is also in action this week so good luck to all hockey and soccer players this weekend.

Annesley will be running a School Cross Country Event for Year’s 2-7 later in Term 3. Further details about this event will be shared in the coming weeks.

The Quest

The Quest is a unique experiential learning program at Annesley, designed to empower students by developing their core and future skills when they learn by ‘doing’. Integrated into their current Units of Inquiry, the students also engage in English and Maths in rich, varied and engaging environments.

This week, Base 5 spent Monday in Belair National park with a memorable Maths lesson led by our expert partners Beyond Limits on orienteering whilst also building billycarts and using their mapping skills to explore.

Base 6/7 students have become members of Cleland Wildlife park, exploring the initiatives of the South Australian Government to protect local flora and fauna last week. This week they learnt about local industry from a winemaker and rode their bikes along the Coast to Vines trail between Willunga and McLaren Vale.

Each Quest day brings adventure, high engagement and unforgettable learning experiences for each of our  students!

Annesley Farm

Have you seen the new addition to the Annesley Farm? A new bunny hutch has arrived along with information to teach our students about how bunnies are cared for. Watch this space, some new Annesley Farm friends might arrive soon!

Nature Play Update

Our ELC Nature Play project is near completion and children will be introduced to the space in the coming week. Works on the Primary Years nature play are scheduled to commence mid-Term 3.

We are grateful for the team at Dirtwork Landscape who are bringing Annesley’s students’ ideas to life in these amazing new spaces.

Early Years' Learning

Wattle Room Video News

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Primary Years' Learning

Reception (Alex) Video News

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Assembly & Chapel

Chapel and Assembly has reverted back to face-to-face for Term 3. At this stage we continue to ask parents and caregivers to refrain from attending for the first half of Term 3. We will notify our community via School Stream once we are able to invite parents and caregivers back to Chapel and Assembly in Gillingham Hall.

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 6 August Chapel
Thursday 13 August Assembly Year 5
Thursday 20 August Chapel
Thursday 27 August Assembly Reception (Alex)
Thursday 3 September Chapel
Thursday 10 Spetember Assembly Year 1 (Bella)
Thursday 17 September Chapel
Thursday 24 September Assembly Year 6/7
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