Week 10, Friday 25 September 2020

Exciting Updates from Annesley Council Chair, Bruce Spangler AM

Dear Annesley Community,

It’s my pleasure to provide the following update on the Annesley Council’s planning day with members of the School’s Leadership Team last Saturday. It was a day of great collaboration, rigorous analysis and creative thinking as we boldly step forward into the future.

Strategic Planning

Our commitment to the original vision of Annesley’s founders, to create child centred education that breaks the mould of traditional grammar school education is strong and unwavering. Council is committed the ongoing development of personalised learning and the development of strengths, passions and skills. We continue to expand our investment into staffing, programs and spaces to develop our students and staff. We are also grateful for the input of outside experts in this process and look forward to sharing our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan during Term 4.

Staffing Update

We are in the final stages of what has been Annesley Junior School’s largest recruitment drive. We were overwhelmed with a very large field of diverse, quality and experienced candidates. Various panels of students and staff have interviewed 36 candidates for various teaching and leadership roles. We are pleased to announce that we have a range of outstanding professionals joining our team in 2021 from leading schools in South Australia and interstate. We look forward to sharing news of our new team members early in Term 4.

Middle School

In order to effectively explore the myriad of Middle School options before us, including the possibility of commencing our own middle years program, it is important to note we are committed to not compromising our current ELC and Junior School in this process. The Council is investigating the creation of a bespoke position for 2021, reporting to the Principal, to investigate our options at depth in order to inform our decision making.

Patchell Building Development

The Council assessed a range of high quality proposals from leading experts on the design phase of the remodelling of the Patchell Building to make fantastic, upgraded learning spaces. The Patchell Building is Annesley’s stately and historic building located on Greenhill Rd. We are pleased to announce that leading firms Sarah Constructions PTY LTD and Swanbury Penglase have been selected for the initial concept design and planning phase of the project. We are not wasting any time, with this major project commencing next week.

Thank You

I want to acknowledge the hard work of our Principal and every member of the Annesley team this year. I thank them for their dedication to the School’s students, families and also to each other.

Bruce Spangler AM
Chair of Annesley Council

Our School


At the conclusion of the October school holidays we will be saying farewell to the following staff. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their service and contributions to our Annesley community.

Cluny Fenner, OSHC Co-ordinator, has won a fulltime position as OSHC Director at another school. We are thankful for all that Cluny has brought to our OSHC program as she has been a passionate advocate for our programs and the service. Darcy Maney, current OSHC team member, will temporarily step into the Co-ordinators role whilst we advertise and recruit for a new staff member to this position.

Sharon Prior, ELC Co-educator in the Eucalypt team, has accepted a position in a centre which is close to her home. This change will support her to achieve a more effective work and family life balance.

Victoria Stefano, ELC Co-educator in the Wattle team, is taking leave to prepare for the arrival of her first baby.

During Term 4 we will introduce the new appointments to joining our school community.

Poetry Recital Competition

For the first time, Annesley entered competitors in the IPSHA (Independent Heads of Primary Schools Association) Poetry Recital Competition which was held on 16 September at Loreto College.

The interschool poetry recital competition is open to students in Years 4, 5 and 6 in schools belonging to IPSHA. One representative per school for each grade level is permitted. After an internal poetry competition, Oliva (Year 4) and Ella (Year 5) were chosen to represent Annesley.

Olivia and Ella performed a set poem and another poem of their choice at the Loreto Auditorium. Both girls completed their poems with confidence and without hesitation; representing themselves and their school admirably.

Thank you to Sophie Waller for her preparation, guidance and support of Olivia and Ella.

Gail Millar-Luke
Personal Learning Coordinator

Tournament of the Minds

For the first time Annesley entered a team in the SA section of Tournament of Minds. Our school was represented by Aakash & Eamon (Year 4), Ella and Indiana (Year 5), Kara & Amy (Year 6) and Sergej (Year 7). A team of seven strong creative thinkers. Tournament of Minds is student led, and has strict criteria as to how much input the school is allowed to support the team. The team worked incredibly well and their presentation was completely their own ideas and work. Due to Covid, teams were asked to enter a video of their idea and not present to the judges in person.

The challenge this year was:
Explain how and where your team found the amazing discovery. Outline the journey your team then takes to seek answers to the questions people are asking.

  • What is the amazing discovery?
  • Where is it from? 
  • Who created it and why?
  • What was its purpose?
  • What is the significance and possible consequences of the find?
  • Your team must explain how this discovery sheds light on the past AND holds the key to the future.

Annesley’s Idea

Three scouts were going up Sugar Mountain and found an unexpected item. This transported them to Candy Land where they met the Queen and her three minions.

Whilst there, they found three crystals which had the ability to open portals between Candy Land and Earth. The crystals were created by the first Queen of Candy Land to maintain peace between the two worlds.

However, when the crystals opened the portal to Earth, it allowed the evil queen and her minions to be transported back with the scouts. Unfortunately, the Queen chose to destroy the Earth.

Although we did not place, the team had an incredible six weeks planning, collaborating and creating the finished product.

Gail Millar-Luke
Personal Learning Coordinator

The Quest

The last fortnight on The Quest has seen the Year 5 and Year 6/7 Students embark on their culminating events for The Quest this term. The Year 5 Students had a family member join them for their last night of their camp at Adare, Victor Harbor. Students cooked their family members dinner on camp stoves and together they collaborated in tribal challenges and reflected on their growth. The Year 6/7 Students had a family member join them at Cleland Wildlife Park and they discussed their research projects and engaged with the staff and animals from the park.

World Peace Game

24 of Annesley’s Year 5-7 students have spent 4 days this week in Gillingham Hall playing the World Peace Game. Assigned cabinet roles of a fictitious country or as a member of the UN, World Bank, Legal Council or Arms Dealership they have been working towards solving 23 world crises this week. In a high challenge environment, the students have been supported to communicate, collaborate, problem solve, think creatively and critically, show empathy, leadership and responsibility. A massive week and significant experience for these students and their expert facilitators Claire Charenton and Dylan Colsey!

Primary Years' Learning

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Assembly & Chapel

Term 4

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 15 October Chapel
Thursday 22 October Assembly & Book Week Parade
Thursday 29 October Chapel
Thursday 5 November Assembly Reception (Leanne)
Thursday 12 November Chapel
Thursday 19 November Volunteers Assembly Year 6/7
Thursday 26 November Chapel
Thursday 3 December Graduation Assembly Year 2 (Ashleigh)
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