Term 4, Week 2 - Friday 23 October 2020

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Policy Review Update

Behaviour Management We would like to thank those of you who completed the survey for our Behaviour Management Policy review. The leadership team have now read and discussed all of your anecdotal feedback. From the survey it was evident that the vast majority of parents agree that we very effectively keep students safe and happy at school. We note that some respondents felt that they did not have a clear enough understanding of how the School approached behaviour management. We value this stakeholder feedback and this is something we are keen to improve on. We will launch our updated Behaviour Management Policy at the start of 2021. We have also scheduled a training day with an outside expert for all our teachers on Restorative Practices in January, to embed consistency of this approach across the school.

ICT Policy Framework A special thank you also to the group of parents who volunteered to read through our draft ICT policy framework and met with us recently to discuss their insightful feedback . We are currently finalising changes and will share this document with the community in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to all Annesley students who competed at the Adelaide South East SAPSASA Athletics Carnival on Monday. A very special mention to Kayden who came away with first place in Under 10 High Jump with 1.25m. Well done to all!

The Design Team
The Design Team is a group of students from across the Primary School who are passionate about thinking creatively to further develop the environmental and structural design of our school. Their most recent work is now nearing completion – the Primary Adventure Playground which is currently under construction and will be completed next week! The students will assist the construction crew from Dirtwork Landscapes to complete the finishing touches later next week and will then open the amazing space to their peers for play.

The next project the team is working on is the redevelopment of the Patchell Building. The Architects from Swanbury Penglase are consulting with our student designers about the aesthetics of the redeveloped spaces. Our school has a unique feel, a culture that is ours and our spaces speak to and enhance what is so special about Annesley. From our meeting today it is clear that the students desire to keep the “funky vibe” of our school, “blending the history of our school with new innovative technology”, “cool resources” and spaces that enhance the “feeling of connectedness” with each other and the natural environment; “to learn you have to feel comfortable”.

Our design team will continue to voice what they love about their learning environment for the benefit of themselves, their peers, our staff and the students yet to join us.

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The Quest

The Quest for Term 4 kicked off on the first day of term with Year 6/7 Students kayaking in the mangroves on Port River. The Year 3 Students commenced their expeditions to the Zoo each Monday learning the observation and reporting  skills of scientists and next week they have their overnight camp at Nunyara, Belair.

Our Year 4 Students also have a Quest experience this term and are tonight camping with a significant adult in our gardens at Annesley.

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Assembly & Chapel

Term 4

At this stage we continue to ask parents and caregivers to refrain from attending for Term 4. We will notify our community via School Stream once we are able to invite parents and caregivers back to Chapel and Assembly in Gillingham Hall.

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 29 October Chapel
Thursday 5 November Assembly Reception (Leanne)
Thursday 12 November Chapel
Thursday 19 November Volunteers Assembly Year 6/7
Thursday 26 November Chapel
Thursday 3 December Graduation Assembly Year 2 (Ashleigh)

Annesley Community

Mindful Pathways
We are grateful for the support and services provided by Mindful Pathways at Annesley. Members of their team have worked with students in various ways to develop positive cultures of wellbeing and effective self management skills. A number of our families have also successfully accessed various services with Mindful Pathways. Mindful Pathways are having an upcoming open day, showcasing a range of services to support children’s positive development. More information can be found on their website:  https://www.mindfulpathways.com.au/events

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