Friday 5 March 2021

Principal's News

Our School Values: Compassion, Courage, Civility, Responsibility, Humility, Respect, Gratitude, Resilience, Integrity, Justice

Last week Luke shared with our community Our Future Map 2021-2025.  This clearly defines our School’s vision, ‘Developing skills, strengths, and passions to create belonging and impact.’

That sense of belonging is so important to us all. When we feel welcomed, heard, and valued as an individual our sense of self-worth is promoted which, in turn, gives us a greater sense of wellbeing. From this sense of strength we can take action and make an impact in our learning, our social interactions and in the quality of relationships which build over time.

At Annesley, we are united in our sense of belonging by a common language, the language of our ‘School Values’. It is through using these common terms throughout each day with our learners that we support them to understand their actions to develop Integrity, to demonstrate Compassion and to display Honesty as they learn and interact with all members of our community.

When a student demonstrates these values by embedding them into their everyday practice we celebrate their growth by awarding a Principal’s Award at Assembly or Chapel. Over time our students grow and develop their strengths and form these values into their everyday actions and contribute to making a positive impact in our community. Please continue to support your child’s development by sharing the language of our ‘School Values’ in your home.

Donna Nicolle
Acting Principal and Head of Early Years

Co-ordinator of Sport & Experiential Learning

Our School

Increasing Belonging for Parents
As a school, we are focused on building belonging for our students and staff because we strongly believe that when we contribute, we connect. We are now putting ‘fresh eyes’ on how we build connection in our parent community. In this exciting next chapter of the School, we focus on increasing belonging for our parents and caregivers. At Annesley, we value Essential Agreements as they form the cornerstones of our relationships. In Term 2, we will commence a conversation about creating our first ever Parent Essential Agreement. Its purpose will be to honor Annesley’s values and create a community and culture that is both shared and modelled by parents and children alike.

Socorro (Year 1 and Year 4 parent),
Karl (Year 3 parent) and
Luke (Year 1 and Year 3 Parent, Principal)

Growing with Gratitude
Base 5 students have the opportunity this term to participate in the Growing with Gratitude program, a series of four workshops run by facilitator Ash Manuel. This has been made possible through our ongoing partnership with Unley Council. For more info see 

Blinky Bill is on the Loose
Did you hear Blinky Bill is on the loose? As a sponsor of the show ‘Blinky Bill is on the Loose’, Annesley has a limited amount of tickets available for Annesley students (from Year 1 to Year 7) for the performance on Thursday 11 March at 5.30pm at Cleland Wildlife Park. For further information and to RSVP please refer to School Stream.

Bouncing Bean Café
Over the last two weeks, Base 6/7 students have submitted their applications, been interviewed by a staff panel and appointed to the available Café positions. The successful applicants are currently undergoing training sessions and once ready regular opening times will be announced commencing in Week 8. It was a rich experience for the students to reflect on their strengths, skills, experiences and ambitions during the application process! 

New Staff
We welcome two new staff members to our community:

Perri Scholz

Is our new OSHC Lead Educator and Personalised Learning support person in Years 1 and 4. Perri comes with a wide range of professional experience having worked in OSHC as well as in both Junior and Middle School settings supporting students to access the learning. For the past 14 years she was a Student Support Office at Immanuel College. Her warm and considered manner along with her breath of experience made her the ideal candidate to fill both positions. During the school day she is working alongside our students in the learning settings and then continues to support and develop relationships with our students in the OSHC programs.

Kirsty Becker

Is a new ELC Co-educator working predominately in the Wattle room. During her time in the ELC Kirsty will be getting to know our students, especially those who will be transitioning into Mid-Year Reception in Term 3 2021. She will then continue to work in the ELC, as well as provide support as the Personalised Learning support person in Mid-Year Reception. Kirsty has experience working in Aged Care as a Personal Carer whilst studying to complete her qualification in Educational Support. We are so looking forward to her supporting our students as they soon transition into the Primary School.

Primary Years' Learning

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Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 11 March Swimming Lessons
Thursday 18 March Chapel
Thursday 25 March Assembly Year 6/7
Thursday 1 April ELC to Year 7 Sports Day
Thursday 8 April Chapel
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