Thursday 1 April 2021

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Term 1, Week 10

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Learning Intention:

To plan, design, test, establish and run a product or service that:

  • Solves a problem and/or fills a need in the community
  • Is unique
  • Is sustainable and ethical

Success Criteria:

A successful Enterprise student at Annesley in Years 3-7:

  • Uses their strengths and passions to make a difference in the community
  • Uses creativity and innovation to create something novel and unique
  • Ensures their idea is not negatively impacting people, the environment or making a ‘loss’
  • Follows the four Key Stages (see below)
  • Collaborates with teachers/mentors, experts, families and peers
  • Keeps a written record of their plan and process
  • Uses and develops a range of skills (eg. critical thinking, collecting data)
  • Is always looking to improve the product or service

Enterprise at Annesley

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Our School

Collaborating with other professionals in the Independent Sector

Last week, our Head of Primary Years, Jo Rossiter, hosted Will Wallace, Principal of Golden Grove Lutheran School, at Annesley. Will was interested to learn about how our teaching team personalise learning for our students, give students agency in their learning (voice, choice and ownership) and our Enterprise program. A month ago, Jo also hosted the Year 6 teaching team from St Peter’s Boys and in Term 2 we look forward to some visiting teams from St Andrews School and St John’s Grammar School.

The Bouncing Bean Café 

The Bouncing Bean Café is now open! Come and grab a coffee during the following times:

Monday 8.00am to 9.00am
Tuesday 11.00am to 12.00pm
Wednesday 3.00pm to 4.00pm
Thursday 8.00am to 9.00am & 11.00am to 12.00pm
Friday 8.00am to 9.00am

Growing with Gratitude – Base 5

Base 5 have continued their Growing with Gratitude program with Ash Manuel by writing letters of gratitude to their families and experiencing the benefits of cooperation and teamwork.

Growing with Gratitude – Holiday Program ‘ The Lads’. Ash is running a Holiday Program for interested families for boys aged 8-11 years of age on April 13 and April 20.

The Lads will participate in boxing and a fitness circuit, plus learn:

  • 5 Habits of Happiness, that can lead to resilience & happiness
  • The skill of reframing. Using gratitude & empathy to see a situation or event in a more positive way
  • Mindfulness practice and problem solving through movement
  • How to be of service and value to others
  • How to deal with bullying
  • Ways to increase their mood to a more positive
  • Through games & fun and engaging practical education sessions

Here’s the link with further info, book quick as spaces are limited!

Reporting Update

Parent and Teacher Conferences

Families may have noticed that this is a popular time for other schools to hold traditional Parent and Teacher Meeting evenings. Two years ago we changed our traditional parent and teacher conference night and instead adopted an approach which encourages parents to make a time to meet with their child’s teacher at anytime throughout the year. This empowers parents to arrange a time to meet with a teacher at a time that best suits each family and the needs of each child. Teachers will also approach families if they would like to meet. Our teachers are available for personalised meeting times at anytime you need throughout the year, please don’t hesitate to be in contact with members of our dynamic team.

Learning Progressions – Reception to Year 7

Keep an eye out on Seesaw for a conference between your child and their teacher/mentor. This term, they will be discussing their learning about Writing and discussing particularly:

  • Something the student has achieved
  • Something else the teacher has noticed
  • A next step in the learning journey

The Learning Progression Honeycombs in Literacy and Numeracy are a tool our teaching team have created to personalise the learning for each of our students using the National Literacy and Numeracy Progressions from the Australian Curriculum.

Chess Club and Simultaneous Game

We are pleased to be able to offer a Term 2 Chess Club for students in Years 2-7. We are also holding a Chess Simultaneous Game where our Chess Coach, Giang Nguyen, will play 20 players at once. We are looking for teachers, parents and students to play Giang. Registration details are available on School Stream.

Sports Day

Congratulations to Corinth, winners of the Sports Day House Points Shield for Sports Day 2021!!

Co-ordinator of Early Years

I am the newly appointed Early Years Co-ordinator for 2021. In this role, I work in partnership with Donna Nicolle who is our Head of Early Years, as well as working closely and alongside other teachers in the Early Years in the development of effective programming in our foundational learning of Literacy and Numeracy. I meet with the Early Years team weekly, along with David Taylor, Head of Learning and Teaching, to ensure and promote consistency across the Early Years programs. I also support and mentor staff with effective teaching strategies.

One of my roles is to oversee and track student data in Literacy and Numeracy. I also support student growth and how we can best support our students in their preferred method of learning.

An exciting part of this role is to oversee the transition of new students from ELC to Reception. This is involves organising and co-ordinating time for these students to come and visit their new learning spaces, getting to know each child and to start to develop the open and positive communication we value here at Annesley Junior School.

I will also be working with our ELC team to identify areas of skill development for our students transitioning from ELC to Reception. I will support children to ensure they have a successful transition.

Working with our parent community is also an important aspect of this role. Organising and facilitating parent education sessions and information on programs we use within our school is how I best work in partnership with our community.

This year I helped to implement a new initiative for our beginning students. Each child in Reception had the opportunity to have their hearing and sight checked as part of a “Beginning school screening” measure. This has helped to identify children who may need a further follow up with vision or hearing specialists in the early stages of school.

I am available to talk to families at any time about the Early Years here at Annesley Junior School.

Alicia Clare
Co-ordinator of Early Years and Reception Teacher

Primary Years' Learning

Year 5 Video News

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Technologies Video News

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Assembly & Chapel (Term 2)

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 29 April Chapel
Thursday 6 May Assembly Year 4
Thursday 13 May Chapel
Thursday 20 May Assembly Reception (Alicia)
Thursday 27 May Chapel
Thursday 3 June Assembly Year 5
Thursday 10 June Chapel
Thursday 17 June Assembly Year 3 (Rosie)
Thursday 24 June Chapel

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care Program for the April School Holidays is now available. Please return your booking forms by Wednesday 7 April to secure your spot.

A Note from our Chaplain

An Easter Message

Recently our primary students went to Unley Swimming Centre for swimming lessons. There was a lot of fun and excitement as they listened closely to their instructors, and had the opportunity to develop confidence and skill in the water. They learned to respect the water, and to be aware of others around them also. They were encouraged to remember what to do if they were out of their depth: to raise their hand and call out for someone to rescue them; to watch for that lifeline when it was thrown to them; to hold on to it tightly so they could be drawn in to a safe place of rest.

As Easter approaches, I am reminded of what Jesus did for us. People around the world remember God’s love and compassion in sending Jesus to be our Saviour. God recognised that we had found ourselves in trouble, and out of our depth. Our life was created to be in a close relationship with God – that’s where we know and experience purpose and peace.

But we get drawn out and away due to our own carelessness and selfish curiosity. Decisions and choices we make are opposed to God’s plan for our life. And then we find ourselves struggling, in turmoil, and without peace. The only way we can find our way to a safe place, close to God again, is through Jesus. He reaches out to us – he reached out on a cross. His suffering actually brings us hope. His coming back to life demonstrates his victorious power.

God sent Jesus to be the lifeline we desperately needed. When we call out to God, and put our trust in Jesus, we will not be left to go under. We will be carried back to his side, and restored to the place we were meant to be all along. Whatever your situation is right now, find comfort in knowing that it is never too far from God’s reach.

May you have a safe and blessed Easter, as you celebrate with your family and friends.

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

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