Friday 21 May, 2021

Principal's News

A Note from our Chaplain

The morning and afternoon school run can often be frantic – I know from personal experience as a father of five! So many things before and after school to fit in. Things to find…organise…carry…remember. And that’s just for the kids – then you have your own responsibilities too! This month we are encouraging our students to consider the things they are responsible for. It is a work in progress, but it is a deliberate action we value as it helps them grow in their abilities and discover their capabilities.

But there may be some significant things YOU are carrying at the moment which requires more than just physical and mental effort. You may be weighed down with worry…drained from disappointment…or held by a sense of hopelessness. Perhaps you hide it well from others, but it’s tearing you up on the inside. And maybe in this moment, you feel the responsibility is all YOURS to carry.

As a Christian I have discovered the comfort and strength that comes through prayer. There is something beyond ourselves – but within our reach – that occurs when we acknowledge our circumstance. God assures us that as we lift our thoughts, feelings, and situations through prayer, then His peace and purpose is invited into our moments and movements. That is God’s promise and ‘responsibility’.

There is also a comfort and strength that can come knowing others are supportive and prayerful in the challenges you face. Without any judgment, this is an invitation for you to take one simple yet significant step in the process of lightening the load you carry. Tell God about your situation. God knows the details already. But God patiently awaits you to include Him in on your thoughts and feelings. If this step seems too daunting, I am always available to pray for you and your situation. Let me reassure you that all prayer requests will be held in confidence. While there are other staff who pray, your requests will remain confidential unless you indicate otherwise.

Feel free to email me with as much, or as little, detail as you are comfortable with. Alternatively, you may prefer to make a time to meet. I look forward to supporting you in prayer, helping to carry some of the load you are bearing.

With my prayers,
Pastor Pete.

Induction of Reverend Peter Morton as Annesley Chaplain

You are invited to join us for a special Annesley chapel service for the induction of the Reverend Peter Morton as Annesley Chaplain. Along with the Moderator of the Uniting Church, this chapel service will honour Pastor Pete’s transition to becoming a full time member of the team at Annesley this year.

Thursday 10 June
8.50am (for a 9.00am start) to 9.40am

The Bouncing Bean Café will be open following chapel.

Street parking off of Rose Terrace and surrounding streets. Enter via Rose Terrace gates and please ensure you use QR code to check-in.

Registrations are essential. Click here to Register.

Our School

Staffing Update
This week we welcomed Aly Roberts who has joined the Visual Arts Team at Annesley. Aly is an experienced Specialist Visual Arts teacher and has also previously taught as a classroom teacher in junior and middle primary classes. Aly is a highly skilled and talented professional who currently also teaches at Walford School, Little Picasso’s Art studio and runs a florist business. For the remainder of Term 2 Liezel Sellars will be reducing her current teaching commitments and as a result Aly will be teaching Visual Arts at Annesley on Mondays and Thursdays with the Year 1, 3 and 4 classes. Tali Ingram will continue to teach Visual Arts on Fridays as normal. Leizel will be taking full leave for the remainder of 2021 in Terms 3 & 4. We are currently recruiting for a Visual Arts teacher to join our community.

Reporting Update
Our dedicated teaching team are engaging in moderation workshops across our School as they begin to prepare Written Semester Reports. Reports will be uploaded for each child on Seesaw in Week 9. Student-led conferences are also planned for Week 9 to allow students to showcase their learning in action. Also this term you will receive a video of your child and their teacher/mentor discussing their achievements, growth and next steps of learning as measured on a Number and Algebra Learning Progression. A reminder that you are able to make a mutually convenient time to meet with your child’s teacher at any time throughout the year to discuss your child’s learning.

ELC Developments
We are constantly developing our learning programs and learning environments in which our community come together to learn and play. Play opportunities in the Early Years provide important pathways and opportunities in all aspects of the children’s development. In the ELC we are continuing to improve the play spaces in the ELC gardens.  In the Banksia and Eucalypt garden, synthetic turf will soon be laid alongside the sandpit areas. This will provide an all-weather surface for climbing activities as well as space for group games and gatherings. In the Grevillea and Wattle garden, new sheds have been installed providing easy access to resources and synthetic turf will also be laid to create a space for sporting skills and group games. Each of these areas will also receive fresh mulch and new plants to continue to maintain our inviting play spaces.

Draft Personal Device Policy
As a School, we are keenly aware of our responsibility for student safety and wellbeing throughout the school day. Committed to Child Safe Practices, we recognise the need to be aware of any communications in and out of the school and the content students are accessing online. We believe in the partnership between home and school and therefore we are seeking your input as we make decisions about student’s personal devices at Annesley. We value the input and the trust you put in us to best support student in their usage of personal devices.

Please forward any constructive thoughts, comments or suggestions on our draft Personal Device Policy, as out lined below, via email to Jo Rossiter, Head of Primary Years –

Personal Devices at School
Annesley provides students with access to the devices that they require to participate in learning engagements and therefore students are encouraged to not bring personal devices (eg. iPad) to school. Students are able to share home learning between home and school through the Class Seesaw App which they can access on home devices.

If students need to bring a personal device such as a mobile phone, then the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • The device remains to responsibility of the students and their family
  • The student and/or parent are to inform their teacher that they have a phone at School
  • All mobile phones are to be kept in bags in student lockers
  • The device is not to be connected at anytime to the School Wi-Fi
  • All access to internet on School iPads is to be connected through the School Wi-Fi, under no circumstances is the Mobile Hotspot to be used from a personal device

Communication Between Parents and Students During the School Day

  • If a student in Reception to Year 7 needs to contact a parent during the day, they are to discuss this with their teacher and ring their parent from the front office.
  • Parents are to make contact by phone to the Front Office if they need to share a message with their child between the hours of 8.45am and 3.30pm

Smart Watches

  • Smart watches can be worn by students at school but are not to be used to message or call contacts between the hours of 8.45am and 3.30pm.
  • Notifications are to be turned off during school hours.

The Quest
During the last fortnight our Base 6/7 students have continued their program at Cleland Wildlife Park, enjoyed the thrill of muddy mountain biking in Cleland Conservation Park and have been kayaking amongst dolphins and shipwrecks off Garden Island on the Port River!

Future Food Workshop
Last week students from Year 3 to 7 took part in a ‘Future Food Workshop’ facilitated by Post Dining in partnership with Adelaide Food Fringe. It was a thought provoking and tasty experience focusing on food production challenges and what this may look like by the year 2050.

Parent Mentors
We are currently seeking registrations from parents in our community that have a variety of professional experience and industry connections to mentor our oldest students in Base 6/7 or work alongside our students in Enterprise workshops. If you are interested in working alongside our students please register your experience via the recent Parent Mentor post on School Stream.

Primary Years' Learning

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Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Class Presenting
Thursday 27 May Chapel
Thursday 3 June Assembly Year 5
Thursday 10 June Chapel
Thursday 17 June Assembly Year 3 (Rosie)
Thursday 24 June Chapel
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