Friday 10 September, 2021

Principal's News

We Love Hearing from Annesley Junior School Old Scholars

Monday morning started like usual for me. As the sun rose, I enjoyed some exercise and a swim before arriving at school early to start my work day. When I opened my emails, it was delightful to read the following from an Annesley Junior School Old Scholar, Fynn, now in Year 8 at a local secondary school.

‘Dear Mr Ritchie,

I am emailing to touch base with you again and say that I am doing very well at Adelaide Botanic High School. I have made great new friends and am working hard to achieve good grades. Please see the certificate and photos.

I want to thank you, Dylan, Gail and Jo for preparing me so well for high school. I hope that you are doing well at Annesley and hope to catch up with you soon.’

We love hearing from Annesley Junior School Old Scholars. Fynn, a former long term Annesley student who joined Annesley Junior School in 2013, proudly shared that he had been presented with an Academic Excellence Award from the Adelaide Botanic High School Principal. The Academic Excellence Award recognised that he had an exceptionally high-level Grade Point Average (GPA) in line with Adelaide Botanic High School’s guiding value of Excellence. Equally as important for me was that he noted that he had ‘made new friends’ and was ‘working hard to achieve…’

In a systemic and structured way, Annesley’s dynamic team of professionals are committed to every member of the Annesley community developing skills, strengths and passions to create belonging and impact.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

The Quest

The Year 3 students have continued their inquiry at the Zoo this week. During the last fortnight they have worked with the Coordinator of Innovation & Technologies, Ashleigh Flavel, to capture animal habitats with a 360′ camera and have worked alongside Madame Claire to extend their use of French vocabulary in this rich and engaging environment.  

This week the Year 5 students embarked on their 3-night camp at Deep Creek. They have enjoyed hiking, mountain bike riding and cooking their dinner on a Trangia camp stove. To conclude their experience, this evening a significant adult in their lives has been invited to join them for their last night of camping. They will enjoy a meal cooked by the students and spending time together in the wilderness to connect.  

Mobile Phone Recycling 

Some students in Year 3 are leading community action to support the Adelaide Zoo’s Mobile Phone recycling project. Recycling old phones reduces the need for mining and in turn protects the habitats of Chimpanzees. If you have any old mobile phones at home you have no use for please feel free to donate them by placing them in recycling box in the school’s Front Office and in turn supporting our Year 3 students in their community action. Check out the video below for more information. 

Treasure Boxes

Recently the Year 5 students spent some time at Treasure Boxes as a part of their Social Justice experience on The Quest. Inspired by their mission to support children in need the Year 5 students are seeking donations from the Annesley Community to support the work of volunteers at Treasure Boxes. For further information, please see the video below. 

COVID19/Health Update 

For the ongoing health of our community, please be mindful of the importance of keeping your child/ren at home if they are unwell.

Visit to Craigburn Primary School 

Last week, three key members of our staff team visited Craigburn Primary School to learn from their experiences in supporting their students with an Introception and Early Years Numeracy Intervention Program.

Chess at Annesley 

We are excited to share the news that Annesley’s Chess Club Coach is representing Australia in the World Chess Olympiad. Giang has qualified for the second round and will this week be playing China and Georgia online. Good luck Giang! 

Student Leaders – Restorative Friends 

Our Year 6/7 students last week launched a new program at Annesley called ‘Restorative Friends’. They have been trained in supporting younger peers with their play and are now present in afternoon playtimes for Reception to Year 4 students engaging with them, friendship building and resolving conflict.

Growth and Development Workshops – Kidz Biz 

This week, many families enjoyed important time in two successful evening family workshops in Gillingham Hall. Next week, Kidz Biz will be engaging our Year 4-7 students in age-appropriate workshops that are aligned with the Australian Curriculum and Child Safe Framework.  

IPSHA Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Ella (Year 6/7), Olivia (Year 5) and Pascha (Year 4) who represented Annesley at the recent IPSHA Poetry Competition. They prepared exceptionally well, presented confidently and kindly encouraged other participants.

Drink Fountain

Just in time for the taste of summer that we have enjoyed this week, our new refrigerated and filtered drinking fountain trough with two bubblers and a bottle fill tap was delivered and installed! It is located in the café precinct in a central location for easy access at play time and along a well worn path used by students moving through the campus. 

Jump Rope For Heart 

Skipping fever has taken over Annesley. Jump Rope for Heart is a fabulous, long running program that encouraged students to be active whilst also raising money for the heart foundation. The Jump off is scheduled for Friday 24 September. Don’t forget to create your fundraising page and share it with your family and friends.  More information is available via School Stream and check out the video below. 

Jump Rope for Heart

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SAPSASA District Athletics 

On Tuesday the Annesley Athletics team competed in the Adelaide South East District carnival at the SA Athletics stadium. We were really excited to have the biggest squad of Athletes that Annesley Junior School has even taken. There were many personal best performances with the students digging deep to finish strong.  It was lovely to witness the great sportsmanship within our team and towards the other teams. The Bus driver even noted that he loves seeing Annesley on his roster as he knows the kids are so wonderful!

Primary Years Learning

Year 2 Video News

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Physical Education Video News

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A Note from our Chaplain

Keeping It Fair & Reasonable 

This month at Annesley we are exploring the value of justice. The word itself can be a challenging one for our children to grasp and understand. However, perhaps without even realising it, justice is something everyone fights for everyday in small and large ways. For children, and let’s be honest adults too, it is most often seen and heard when someone believes they have been wronged, and are not getting what they consider to be a fair and reasonable task, responsibility or opportunity. 

“That’s not fair! I NEVER get a turn!”
Or perhaps, “I NEVER get to sit next to them.”
Or even, “What?! Again?! Why do I ALWAYS have to clear the table?!”
And you may have heard (or said), “Why can’t SOMEONE ELSE do the dishes for ONCE? (parents you might substitute in bins; vacuuming; washing; walk the dog; grocery shopping; cooking etc.). 

 Justice stands for right and fair, not just for myself, but for those I care. 

When we ALL live with a sense of justice, we notice what is happening FOR the people around us. We display justice as we live in a right way, and ensure that others get to experience fairness too. Justice isn’t primarily focused on making sure I get what is fair for ONLY me. Justice is living with a right perspective, to ensure OTHERS are given equal opportunities to succeed in life too. 

God wants us to be considerate and inclusive of others. There might be times when we see someone missing out or not getting a fair go. God wants us to care about those people, and to do what we can to help them. Sometimes it means putting others before ourselves in order for others to have a go. 

How can you demonstrate justice this week in your homes, in your workplace, and in your leisure? Remember that justice begins with a respect for those around you, together with a desire to build a strong, and relationally healthy, community and family. 

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain 

Vacation Care

The September school holidays vacation care program is now available. Secure your booking today either online here, via the MyFamily Lounge App or via the hard copy booking form. Please submit bookings or return forms to Sally via the Front Office by Wednesday 22 September (Week 10).

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