Thursday 21 October, 2022

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Quality Teaching

One of the great joys of my job as Principal is spending time in our learning spaces, engaging with students on their learning journey in the Primary School and ELC. A highlight of this week was being in Base 4 for an enthusiastic Geometry lesson. Base 4 Teacher, Steph, was passionately and explicitly teaching concepts and her students were excitedly sharing their understanding and applying their new found mathematical skills. I take this moment to publicly thank our dedicated teaching teams who provide engaging, clear and meaningful instruction in all learning areas. As a community we are blessed to have such devoted, expert educators.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

Unify – Annesley’s Brand New Second Hand Uniform Store! 

Created by Ella and Nancy (Year 6) as an Enterprise project to reduce uniform clothing waste in our community, Unify will soon be available for families to access in the Crafty Creative! We are currently looking for good-quality donations to build up our first stock base from Annesley families. If you have any good-quality uniforms you no longer need, please consider placing them in the Unify Donation Basket in the Front Office from Monday next week.

Board of Directors

Our student leaders are making a lasting impact!

One of the ways in which students have a voice in the decisions that drive our school is through the Board of Directors. Each term, one child from each Year 1 to Year 6/7 class is selected at random to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors provides students with an authentic experience of leadership, as they meet weekly with David, our Head of Learning and Teaching to discuss, plan and implement ideas to improve the school.

At our first Chapel of the new term last week, our Term 3 Board of Directors shared the meaningful action they have taken to restore and implement the use of our playground ‘Buddy Benches’. This video shows the process the Board of Directors went through and includes a role play the students chose to create to inform their peers about how the Buddy Benches can be used to help ensure nobody at Annesley is left out at playtimes. Another initiative from our Term 3 Board of Directors which is coming to fruition is the establishment of a student Art Gallery at the entrance to Gillingham Hall. The students wrote to Luke to secure funding for the project. New picture frames have been purchased to and our first exhibits of outstanding student artworks should be on display by the end of next week.

Term 4 sees a new team of Directors take up the mantle, we look forward to seeing what their impact will be!

Buddy Bench

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The Quest

Base 3 Action Project 

Year 3 have been going to the Adelaide Zoo every Tuesday for our Term 3 Unit of Inquiry ‘Living things depend on each other to survive’. The Zoo collects old mobile phones to reduce mining in the chimpanzee’s habitat. Hannah, Harper and I made a mobile phone collection box for Annesley and put it in the front office for our community to put their old phones in for us to recycle. In week 10 we took the phones to the Zoo for recycling. The box will remain in the front office for any old mobile phones to be donated this term also! 

Base 5 Action Project 

Year 5 visited Treasure Boxes and learnt about what they did to help families in South Australia. They were inspired by their mission and when they came back made a donation box for each class for students to put their donation in. At the end of the term they gave in all the donations from our community to Treasure Boxes, all of which were grateful received!  

By Mila Gallus
Year 3 Student

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Assembly & Chapel

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Assembly & Chapel will continue to be for Students only until further notice.

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