Friday 5 November, 2021

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Podcast - Earth at Risk by Mila

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Podcast - Earth at Risk by Eryn & Annika

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Staffing Update

It’s with sadness but also joy for her next chapter that we share that Bronte will be finishing up as the Principal’s Executive Assistant in mid-November to return to studies in psychology and commence a new Executive Assistant position in the finance sector. We are grateful for Bronte’s contribution to Annesley during her four years in this role. We wish Bronte every success. We are pleased to announce that we are in the midst of the recruitment process for a new Principal’s Executive Assistant, and we have had a very strong, experienced field of candidates want to join our team. We will provide you with an update at the completion of the recruitment process.

Unify – Annesley’s Brand New Second Hand Uniform Store! 

Created by Ella and Nancy (Year 6) as an Enterprise project to reduce uniform clothing waste in our community, Unify will soon be available for families to access in the Crafty Creative! We are currently looking for good-quality donations to build up our first stock base from Annesley families. If you have any good-quality uniforms you no longer need, please consider placing them in the Unify Donation Basket in the Front Office!

The Quest

It was a busy week on The Quest in Week 3!

Base 5 students made their way to Kingston Park to experience a morning exploring the connection to country of Kaurna people with Uncle Tamaru.

Base 6/7 students embarked on an epic adventure on their Road Trip to the Eyre Peninsula. We hiked and camped in Port Lincoln National Park, caught a ferry across Spencer Gulf and explored the important South Australian industries in various local towns along the way! Some of our favourite student reflections are:

‘Watching the thunderstorm through the window at dawn’ Nancy

‘Cooking pasta on the Trangia in the National Park’ Eryn

‘Seeing an Eastern Osprey for the first time and finding Whale Baleen on the beach’ Mila

‘Seeing the lighthouses at night from the National Park and also the stars and planets in the sky’ Ella

‘Spending time on the bus with friends’ Oscar

‘The view from the summit of Stamford Hill’ Philemon

‘The support from the teachers to help us through each new adventure’ Xavier

The Great SA Road Trip - Eyre Peninsula

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Primary Years' Learning

Year 4 Video News

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Visual Art Video News

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A Note from our Chaplain


This month at Annesley, our focus is on the value of compassion. Compassion is showing kindness or care, and a willingness to help others. It is about being thoughtful, decent, and putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. Compassion sees when others are hurt, disappointed, or in need, and doing something positive to help them.

Compassion is something we express, but it is also something we experience. Do any of these scenarios find their place in your own story?

  • You were told some bad news, and a friend came around to keep you company and care for you.
    You were sick, and someone cooked you a beautiful meal
    Your car broke down and a “good Samaritan” (the RAA or another motorist who knows about car engines) stopped to help get you going again
    You recently had a baby and needed a bit of support to do things or go places
    You couldn’t get the gardening done because of physical limitations, and so an understanding neighbour offered to give you a hand, without expecting anything in return

In Luke 10:25-27, Jesus told the story of a Good Samaritan who showed compassion to a stranger. Even though this Samaritan didn’t know the injured man, Jesus was explaining to those who were listening, that it was the neighbourly and compassionate thing to do. And this attitude towards others was a value we should consistently model in our lives. Jesus wasn’t just meaning being polite to the neighbours who live next door at home. He was teaching us the significance of compassion towards the people who are around us – wherever we might be.

Again, compassion is experienced. But it is only because someone has chosen to express it. Each day provides plenty of opportunities to reach out and express compassion to a “neighbour”. Am I willing to lift myself above or across any boundary I may have put in place?

And I wonder, who is the neighbour you will notice today?

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain

Assembly & Chapel

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Assembly & Chapel will continue to be for Students only until further notice.

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