Friday 19 November, 2021

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Staffing Update

Administration Assistant 
Sandy Daher is joining our administration team at the Front Office. Sandy is an experienced professional having worked in a similar position at Pulteney School for the past 5 years and prior to that many years in Human Resources. Her administration skills, combined with her experience, warmth and understanding of supporting students and families make her a valuable asset to expand our professional team.  

EA to Principal 
We had a strong field of strong applicants for the Principal’s Executive Assistant (EA) position. We are pleased to announce that we have appointed an experienced EA who is currently working as a high level Personal Assistant in one of SA’s leading independent schools. Luke’s new EA will join our team at the beginning of 2022. 

Unify – Annesley’s Brand New Second Hand Uniform Store! 

Created by Ella and Nancy (Year 6) as an Enterprise project to reduce uniform clothing waste in our community, Unify will soon be available for families to access in the Crafty Creative! We are currently looking for good-quality donations to build up our first stock base from Annesley families. If you have any good-quality uniforms you no longer need, please consider placing them in the Unify Donation Basket in the Front Office!

Annesley Disco & Crazy Sock Day

Annesley Disco - Tuesday 23 November

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Crazy Sock Day - Tuesday 23 November

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The Quest

Year 4 Camp Out 

On Friday of Week 4, Year 4 students invited a significant adult in their life to join them to camp overnight at school. Children and adults alike enjoyed quality time together, free from distraction. There was dinner and breakfast at the Bouncing Bean Café, connection amongst families and team games and challenges led by Beyond Limits Outdoor Education staff, Stomp Ball and Capture the Flag in the dark created memories that will last the test of time! 

St John’s Grammar Multi-Maths Challenge 

On Friday 12th November, three students represented Annesley at St John’s Grammar, in the inaugural Multi-Maths Challenge. Annika, Ella and Eryn from Base 6/7, enthusiastically competed against the clock (and other schools) to solve complicated maths problems and puzzles. There were several rounds in which the students could earn points through cracking codes, problem solving and constructing a marshmallow tower with spaghetti sticks for maximum height. They came 4th out of the 11 teams represented and displayed excellent teamwork, strategy and mathematical skills, while having a whole lot of fun. 


Primary Years Learning

Year 3 (Sophie) Video News

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A Note from our Chaplain

Choosing A Civil Response 

In the animated movie Angry Birds, the character Red, finds it difficult to control his temper and he is made to undertake Anger Management classes. The way he responds to certain challenges seems extreme and uncivilised. However, the others with him on Bird Island do not help his cause as they disrespect, niggle and laugh at him. So, who is to blame? Who is responsible? Who started it? Who reacted? Who won? These are some questions you may have encountered from time to time as you, or your children, engage with others. Perhaps we don’t require Anger Management classes like Red, but maybe there have been times we have chosen a response to a situation that may have been out of character, only to regret it later. In the end, if we find ourselves at odds with each other, then no one is the better for it. 

Civility is a really important value of Annesley, and describes how we treat each other. It goes further than just an attitude or thought, and can be seen in the way we include and get along with others. Quite often we might have different opinions, different feelings, different ways we approach life. But when we realise that by respectfully including others in our learning and growing, we actually become better people as a whole, and this is God’s desire for our lives. When we value the contribution of others around us – when we honour them – this shows that they are of great worth to us, and it strengthens who we are becoming together. 

“God has chosen you and made you his holy people. He loves you. So always do these things: Show mercy to others; be kind, humble, gentle, and patient.” Colossians 3:12 

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain 

Assembly & Chapel

Due to COVID-19 restrictions Assembly & Chapel will continue to be for Students only until further notice.

Vacation Care

Annesley’s December & January Vacation Care Program is now available on School Stream along with information on how to book. Please ensure you have made your bookings before Wednesday 1 December (Week 8).

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