Friday 3 December 2021

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Children Are Capable Now

We have much to be grateful for at Annesley. We have a well-established tradition where we honour our graduating class, in front of the whole school in Gillingham Hall. It is a special community time where our graduating students are presented with a framed print that captures the personalised strengths, passions and values of each individual. We also celebrate the graduating cohort as a whole.

Staff and students share powerful memories and words that capture the essence of the school experience here at Annesley. This year was our largest graduating class and although we will miss them as they head off to their various secondary schools, we are excited to hear of the positive impact they will have in their communities. Below’s powerful reflections from members of our graduating class summarise their time in the Annesley community.

‘Friends, teachers, Quest, camp. Classroom fun, my very first day. Dylan and Penny’s last days. The beautiful, awe-inspiring Port Lincoln National Park, that awesome sand castle that my friends and I made. Kayaking through lush mangroves and helping out at Cleland Wildlife Park. Annesley has gifted my many memories, memories of a lifetime. Annesley has taught me values, and helped me make connections with both places and people. Annesley has imprinted part of itself into me that I’ll never be able to lose.’

‘A significant moment in time from Annesley is the world peace games, maths competition, poetry and the opportunity of school leader. These experiences have helped me develop so many new skills that I will cherish forever.’

‘I’ve really enjoyed the student agency that we are gifted with at Annesley.’

‘I believe that Annesley has been able to hone in on my interests and independence as a person.’

‘Honestly, I’ve had an amazing experience at Annesley and it’s been a gamechanger compared to the other schools I have been to. I’d like to thank my parents for actually placing me in this school.’

‘Kayaking, mountain biking, maths competitions, Quest, and opportunities that are far from ‘regular schooling’ are memories that I will take with me to high school and beyond. I have made so many amazing memories here at Annesley, like the amazing camps, to Canberra and the outback while hanging out my friends.’

‘Creativity and passion; I’ve learnt what they mean here at Annesley.’

‘I have enjoyed every last bit of my time here. Mainly because of the incredible teachers who taught me learning can be fun and given me opportunities that I wouldn’t of had at my other school thank you.’

2021 – A Year of Agility and Perseverance

2021 has yet again been a year that has required agility and perseverance from everyone, everywhere. And so, from me and my family to you and your family, may you have slow moments during the Christmas season where you are present and engaged with those you love. Where you share your gratitude for life’s simplest blessings, where you rejoice in special, shared memories and make plans to create many more. Wishing you a peaceful and meaningful Christmas and New Year.

Luke Ritchie

Our School

2021 Graduating Students

Three wonderful events have been held in the last week to celebrate our 2021 graduating students. Our Graduation Assembly was a formal occasion last week that spoke to each student’s strengths and reflections of their time at Annesley. A Graduation Excursion to the Pool on Monday allowed fun memories to be made together at the end of their primary school journey. Last night, we hosted a Graduation Celebration dinner in our Courtyard for Year 6/7 students and their families, with celebratory dessert in the Bouncing Bean Café. We will miss these exceptional young people next year dearly, but wish them well as they continue their schooling journey into high school.

South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People

On Wednesday 24th November, the South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People, Helen Connolly, met with our school leaders to listen to their perspectives on active living.  Our leaders spoke with Helen for a full hour, confidently sharing their thoughts, experiences, and ideas. The Commissioner’s role involves advocating for systemic change to policies, programs and practices that impact the rights, development and wellbeing of children and young people in South Australia, and we are delighted that our student leaders’ voices will contribute to her ongoing research.

ICAS (International Competition of Assessment in Schools) 

Congratulations to our first ICAS Medal winner, Eliane in Year 3! We have just been informed late last week of this exceptional achievement for her persuasive writing piece. We can’t wait to present her medal at an Assembly in early Term 1 once the medal arrives at Annesley. We are proud of the many students in Year 2-7 who chose to take part in a variety of assessments with a number of students achieving Merit, Credit and Distinction Awards.  

Early Years' Learning

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A Note from our Chaplain

A Christmas Story For Everyone

This week I had the privilege of reading the Nativity story to the ELC children. As I had anticipated, there were moments when the children took the opportunity to bring their own thoughts and experience to the story. While some children sat there quiet and curious, others enthusiastically offered personal anecdotes as they connected with the story of the first Christmas.

Midway through the story we were reading about some shepherds who were in the hills nearby looking after their sheep. Angels appeared and told them the Good News that the baby Jesus had been born.

Excitedly an ELC friend called out, “We went up to the hills one time! And I got a babyccino!”

After this humorous digression, the story continued… Faraway in the East, there were some wise men. They looked up and saw a brilliant bright star.

Eagerly another ELC friend announced, “We looked up from our place one night and we saw a possum!”

The wonder of Jesus’ birth was never intended to be lost to history. The purpose of Jesus coming was always to continuously intersect with your experience and your story. God sent Jesus to where we are, so that we can know the way through him, to be close to God. Sure, we can get lost in our own story at times. We can even look around to other things for inspiration. But the hope, peace and joy which was promised through Jesus becomes written into our story as we open ourselves to this Gift. May the wonder and mystery of Jesus’ birth come alive in your hearts and homes as you allow it to intersect with your own circumstances. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year.

Pastor Pete
Annesley Chaplain

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