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The International Baccalaureate (IB) develops lifelong learners who thrive and make a difference and Annesley is proud to be a well-established and highly regarded IB School. As you’ll note in this newsletter, Annesley has recently completed our intensive external review, the IB Evaluation Visit. The evaluation process occurs every 5 years and is a ‘deep dive’ into all elements of our School, facilitated by two experienced educational leaders from the Asia Pacific region. In the coming weeks we will share in detail Annesley’s conclusive and glowing school-wide success achieved during this IB Evaluation Visit. The reason I reference the IB is that I am such a passionate advocate for learning that is adventurous, empowers children to ‘have a say’, develops meaningful skills in meaningful ways, and creates a space for students to develop a deep understandings of themselves and the communities they live in. I want to see our children using these skills, combined with their deep understanding of values and character, to make a positive contribution to and difference in the world. This, in fact, is at the very heart of the IB’s approach to learning and there are over 5,000 IB schools globally advocating for and delivering such an approach.

One of the great elements of the IB approach to learning is the regular and well-planned inclusions of ‘provocations’ in learning. A provocation is a planned moment in time provided to truly inspire, deeply engage, and provoke rich questioning and explorative learning. Get the provocations right and it leads to deep, reflective and meaningful learning. Provocations happen on a regular basis at Annesley and as the leader of this community, let me say, I love them.

Annesley’s Year 4 students commenced this Term with a brilliant provocation linked to their meaningful Scientific study of forces (push, pull, etc.). Like so many parents and caregivers in SA, Naomi and I have been balancing our work commitments and supporting Distance Learning with our own children. A special Distance Learning moment for us was when our daughter in Year 4 was truly glued to her iPad, mesmerised by a clip her teachers had shared with her via MS Teams. All I could hear from her device was banging, extended pauses, clinks, scratches, clonks, dongs and her occasional ‘wow, ahhhhhh, woooooow.’ I don’t think she blinked during what turned out to be a Year 4 provocation. The provocation was facilitated by the YouTube video called ‘The Lemonade Machine’ created by Sprice Machines…check it out below. I have watched it countless times and am still stunned in amazement!

I am grateful that Naomi and I are able to provide our children with a quality IB education here at Annesley. We have 4 children and our oldest three are Annesley students. Our daughters are in Year 2 and Year 4, we have a son in the ELC and our youngest Joey, well… he thinks he runs the school. The rich learning provocations they are exposed to and engage with enable them to explore the world, have a high level of wonder, be captivated and inspired by the world around them. When a teacher gets a provocation ‘right,’ the academic skill development that follows is contextual and meaningful and student engagement high.

Luke Ritchie

The Lemonade Machine by Sprice Machines (via YouTube)

International Baccalaureate Evaluation Visit

This week we welcomed two visitors from the IB (International Baccalaureate), Helen Morschel and Brenda Millican, into our Learning community for our IB Evaluation Visit.

As an authorised IB World School, we work in partnership with the IB through a continuous Evaluation cycle of reflection, planning, implementation, and feedback to ensure continued development of our program,  The IB Evaluation Visit, conducted every 5 years, is a key part of this process.

We would love to have been able to work with Helen and Brenda onsite, however this evaluation visit had to be conducted remotely. Helen and Brenda were none the less able to take a deep dive into all areas of our school over three days, observing online and onsite learning; meeting with Council, Leadership, teachers and groups of students and parents, and reviewing our key policies and curriculum documentation to gain as full a picture of the school. Mid 2021 we provided the IB Head Office (Asia Pacific), Helen and Brenda with complete access to all areas of our School. The Evaluation process takes at a minimum 6 months. It is rigorous and all-inclusive.

We were delighted with the IB Team’s feedback at the conclusion of the visit, which overwhelmingly affirmed our practice in all areas of our school, acknowledged the exceptional collaborative nature of our team and celebrated many of the successes and unique programs in our growing school.

One of the greatest strengths they identified is our clear sense of purpose and vision, focused on ‘Developing skills, strengths, and passions to develop belonging and impact’, that is understood and supported by our community and drives decision making at all levels. Helen and Brenda were deeply impressed with the children they spoke to and observed learning, most notably for their ability to take ownership of their learning and articulate their processes. They recognised the intentional ways the school has fostered the development of these abilities and it was particularly reaffirming to hear from the IB Team that our model for enterprise is at the forefront of agency and real-world learning, globally.

We look forward to sharing all the findings from the IB Evaluation Visit when we receive the written report from the IB in a few weeks’ time.

David Taylor
Head of Learning & Teaching

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Annesley’s lunch order provider, Rory’s School Lunches, will commence lunch orders from next week, Week 3. Families will be able to order lunches for students in Reception to Year 7 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For further information on Rory’s School Lunches and how to order please see School Stream.


Congratulations to Year 3 Student Zara-Rose who was recently selected to join the 2022 Sub Junior National Calisthenics Team who will be representing South Australia this year at the Calisthenics national competition. Well done Zara-Rose, wishing you and the team mascot, Thumper, the best of luck.

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