Friday 25 March 2022

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Joy in Teaching Leads to Joy in Learning

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of our dynamic teaching team at Annesley. Our teachers exude joy as they teach and engage students in their skill development, in truly magnificent ways. You may not be aware that our teaching teams meet weekly with our experienced Head of Learning and Teaching David Taylor to plan for meaningful learning engagements and rigorous assessment tasks. Sadly, these important meetings do not happen in many schools on such a regular basis. For us at Annesley, our priority is implementing a vision focused on developing skills, strengths, and passions to create belonging and impact, and so these meetings are a core foundation stone, every week.

During the last few days alone I have;

  • walked into a Reception class to see our 5 year old’s playing ‘ping pong’ as a fun and meaningful way for their brain to make connections with the sounds they are learning as they develop their early literacy skills
  • had students run up to me and bombard me with brain teasers they had created in a higher order thinking session with a specialist teacher
  • been bursting with excitement as our World Peace Game board (WPG) is being set up in preparation for the WPG at Annesley
  • observed students planning for meaningful work to support the victims of the floods on the east coast of Australia
  • met with our School Leaders to ‘unpack’ how our core words belonging and impact resonate with our important Reconciliation Action Plan work
  • gazed upon the beautiful art work created by our Year 1s as they ‘painted to music’ inspired by famous artist Wassily Kandinsky
  • smiled as I watched groups of students develop their African drumming skills as they learnt about how different cultures commemorate significant events

We have loving, creative teachers who teach with joy and passion. We have delightful, collaborative students at Annesley, full of joy as they learn about their world around them and how they can make an impact now, not just in the future. I believe that joyful teachers lead to joyful students. That’s why we are truly rigorous in how we select our staff and develop our programs. We have only the best teachers here at Annesley, leading to the best outcomes for our students.

And as a side note, if you have not watched our World Peace Game video story, I encourage you to do so (below). Annesley is one of the only schools in Australia that can facilitate the World Peace Game and this is due to our strong relationship with its creator John Hunter through our partnership with the US State Department.

Luke Ritchie

School Leaders Team 2022

Olympia House Captain

Hi, I’m Soo Jin, Olympia House Captain. I am passionate about playing netball, fashion and sewing clothes. This year I will make sure I will support, lead and cheer for Olympia, whether we win Sports Champion or not! 

Hi, I’m Olivia and I am so excited to be Olympia’s House Captain. I am 11 years old and love to play lots of sports and I am so excited to lead Olympia. As a House Captain I would love to do well at Sports Day and also expand house soccer to basketball, netball, soccer and chess.

Corinth House Captain

Hi my name is Ella. I’m Corinth House Captain! I’m so excited that I get this amazing opportunity this year. I’ll will do my best to be a great Corinth House Leader and I’ll listen to others’ ideas and what they have to say.

Hi I am Alessandro or Ale for short and I’m a Corinth House Captain. I really like sports and give me any type of a Rubix cube and I will solve it! As a Corinth House Captain, I will like everyone to participate in Sports Day and maybe we will win! See you around the school yard! 

Reconciliation Action Plan

Marni naa pudni
Welcome everyone

With ‘Values, Heritage and Innovation’ at our heart, Annesley is committed to making positive change towards reconciliation.

Supported by a Working Group of passionate students, parents, and staff, we have begun creating our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

During our Professional Learning Week at the end of 2021, our first step was to consider our current level of cultural competence. The entire Annesley staff spent a morning in the Botanic Gardens with Indigenous educator Trent Hill, reflecting upon and developing our understanding and knowledge of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.

Teaching staff also had time allocated to explore resources and create opportunities for embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures in our curriculum planning for 2022.

We are in the process of developing authentic goals and actions that Annesley can undertake towards reconciliation. We look forward to sharing these with you when we launch our RAP this year.

Thank you on behalf of the RAP Working Group

Students: Abigail and Eamon (School Leaders) and Elise (Base 3)

Parents: Vita, Serafina and Sally

Staff: Leanne Williams, Steph Bates, Sophie Waller, Natalie Whalan, Catherine Holdcroft, Julie Selwood, Olivia Lane, Lauren Gibbs and Luke Ritchie.

COVID Management at Annesley

‘A total of 697 teachers and educational support staff were absent on Monday (this week) for COVID related reasons…’ (The Advertiser, 22/3). Independent schools are obviously not immune to this and at Annesley, you know we have a number of COVID cases in our community as we are committed to notifying you of confirmed cases when they arise. We have detailed, internal tracking and tracing processes at Annesley and communicate information with our community in a timely manner. I am grateful to the whole staff team who continue to focus on what is best for our students and do it with agility and creativity in these challenging COVID times.

School Crossing Monitor Training

The SA Police Road Safety Centre is a leader in road safety education and contributes to a reduction in the frequency and severity of road trauma in South Australia. 

Recently Base 5 and Base 6/7 took part in School Crossing Monitor Training. This training is delivered to students aged 10 years or older, teachers and school volunteers who want to operate a school crossing or pedestrian-activated traffic lights. 

This training was provided by a member of the South Australia Police Road Safety Centre and educated students on how to safely stop vehicles approaching a school crossing to facilitate the safe crossing of pedestrians. All participants will receive a certificate issued on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, authorising them to be school crossing monitors. 

We ask all parents/guardians to take the time to talk to their children about road safety. It is important that all parents/guardians are good road safety role models and we encourage you to discuss with your child what they learnt from the road safety session. 

For more information on school crossing monitor training or on road safety please visit 

The Quest

The 2022 Quest journey has begun!  

On Tuesday this week Liz Jarvis from The Forktree Project visited the school to work with Base 6/7 students teaching them about their rewilding mission. These students will visit The Forktree Project at Carrickalinga in Term 2 and in preparation for this visit planted some seedlings to nurture and grow in our Annesley Farm that will be used by our students as part of their project.  

Base 4 students are heading to camp next week and will enjoy 2 nights at Victor Harbor sleeping in tents and in cabins. Students will work with Beyond Limits Outdoor Education enjoying the great outdoors, kayaking, surfing, geo-caching with an opportunity to challenge themselves with the crowd favourite signature experience – the Flying Kiwi! 

A Note from our Chaplain

Harmony Day

Annesley was a sea of orange on Thursday as students and staff celebrated Australian multiculturalism. The message of Harmony Week is that everyone belongs. It is about inclusiveness, respect, and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural backgrounds or language differences.

Respect acknowledges we have differences, but intentionally sees ways to come together. Harmony occurs when there is evidence of respect which treats others in the way we ourselves want to be treated. It doesn’t have to be complicated or conditional. And we don’t have to look too far to demonstrate this respect. Opportunities are right in front of us. To invite. To welcome. To include. To celebrate.

Almost half the Australian population were either born in another country or have at least one parent who was born overseas, and nearly 20 per cent of Australians speak a language other than English at home. Now, we could allow our differences become a barrier or a divide between how close we can become and work together. But instead, we should celebrate those differences and acknowledge they are part of who we are – and are becoming.

Valuable action: If our difference should try to create a divide, through respect we unite to stand alongside.

Reverend Peter Morton
Chaplain & Counsellor 


Primary Years Learning

PE Video News

UR Strong

We are proud to be a UR Strong school! As part of our Wellbeing framework, this program is currently being taught explicitly to our Year 3 and 4 students to support them in understanding and navigating friendships. Parents are encouraged to become a UR Strong family. To find out more and to access an extensive range of family resources follow this link.  

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to Annesley students Deakin and Alex who recently participated in the City South East District Carnival on Thursday 17 March. Deakin and Alex were impressive in the pool. Deakin swam an amazing backstroke race to finish in 3rd place in his heat while Alex swam a fast breaststroke race to finish 3rd in his heat and 4th overall.  

The boys demonstrated the Annesley value of courage by stepping outside of their comfort zones to race in the pool for the first time. We are extremely proud of them. 

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