Friday 8 April 2022

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It’s not just the Principal’s job to lead…

Although Sinek’s Ted Talk is now over a decade old, his philosophical approach to leadership being centred upon your ‘why,’ also defined as your personal vision statement, is as pertinent to leadership and organisational development now, as it was in 2010. My personal ‘why’ is to build capacity in individuals, teams, and originations. When I action my ‘why,’ I am like a pig in the mud! I love identifying, developing, and empowering people to lead while creating the structure that enable them to shine. I think this is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about Annesley. When I joined Annesley, there was a small team of committed staff working with a small group of students. I was encouraged by the School Council to action my ‘why’ and as Principal of a progressive, growing school, I have been able to weave my personal vision into every element of my working week. We now have over 80 employees and a vast range of professional partners, along with a student population over 420. We look forward to welcoming more new students enrolled to commence in Term 2.

As a school, Annesley is now reaping the rewards of our team’s sustained focus on leadership identification and development. This, combined with our enhanced organisational structures, enable us to develop our students and staff skills, strengths, and passions to create belonging and impact. We believe that every child is capable now, not just in the future, and every member of our team has the capacity to lead with this mantra front of mind.

As our numbers have grown, our organisational structure has too. In the past two years we have added a new tier of leadership at Annesley; Coordinators. These leaders play key roles across our school and I am grateful for each of the dedicated and creative people that hold these positions;

• Coordinator of Early Years, Alicia Clare
• Coordinator of Innovation & Technologies, Ashleigh Flavel
• Coordinator of Sport & Experiential Learning, Kin McLean
• Coordinator of Personalised Learning, Gail Millar-Luke
• Coordinator of Licensed Services, Leigh Laidler

Last year we launched our new Strategic Plan, Our Future Map 2021-2025, created in conjunction with leading educational futurist and CEO, Louka Parry. We have also conducted a review of our Senior Leadership Team’s structure, to ensure these key roles enable our dynamic senior leaders to have the time and resources to be aware, investing in and supporting the various teams across our growing school.

From the beginning of Term 2, the structure of Annesley’s Senior Leadership Team will be;

• Principal, Luke Ritchie
• Business Manager, Alex McCole
• Director of Learning and Teaching (ELC – Year 6), David Taylor
• Director of Primary School (Reception – Year 6), Jo Rossiter
• Director of ELC and Daily Operations, Donna Nicolle

Annesley is flourishing. These key leaders, all of whom are performing at a high capacity, are investing in our staff and students every day. Annesley’s leadership depth and capacity shone this week when Kin, our Coordinator of Sport and Experiential Learning, along with one of our Student Leaders, Eamon, hosted two significant visitors on behalf of the whole school. Margery Evans, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Australia and Carolyn Grantskalns, Chief Executive of the Association of Independent Schools of South Australia, are two influential voices in education across our nation. They toured Annesley with Kin and Eamon, enjoying our Robotics Day (a new initiative of our student Board of Directors in partnership with our Coordinator of Innovation and Technologies) and a student made coffee in the Bouncing Bean Café. This tour could’ve easily been facilitated by members of the Senior Leadership Team who were on site, but we love sharing leadership responsibilities throughout our team and Kin and Eamon were outstanding hosts. Collective responsibility for leadership enables Annesley to continue its growth and development, focusing on personalising the school experience for every child.

PS: In a future newsletter, I’ll share how our students are also key and trusted leaders in our organisation.

Luke Ritchie

Robotics Day

This term the Board of Directors (BoD) organised Robotics Day with the help of Ashleigh, our Technologies mentor. Here’s a recap of our amazing day:

Each term the BoD team have the opportunity to pick projects to work on. This term BoD chose to organise a Robotics Day. They planned for this day to showcase Students’ work in Technologies and learn about other classes’ Technologies work, with the main theme being robots! So, the BoD went to Ashleigh, our Technologies mentor, to make this idea a reality.

The plan had been made, posters had been hung, and Robotics Day was ready. Classes from Reception to Base 6/7 came into the gym where a BoD representative gave the Acknowledgment of Country to begin proceedings. There were multiple stations: LEGO, Bee Bots, Sphero, OzoBots, EV3 Mindstorms (the battle EV3 robots the Year 5/6/7s had designed), and even drones! All day kids played, learned, and enjoyed technology. This year’s Robotics Day was a huge success! We hope it’s a tradition that continues next year with the support of the BoD.

Written By Lily, edited by Eamon

School Leaders Team 2022

Nemea House Captains

My name is Charlie, I am a Nemea House Captain. I love reading, lizards, snakes, spiders, crocodiles, and I enjoy climbing and swimming. 

Hi to all Annesley students and families, it’s your Nemea House Captain here, Tadiwa. I love soccer, I even play club soccer, I love helping as well. As a Nemea House Leader, I will try and create good history for Nemea and I will make sure lots of sports are included in each and every term.  

Delphi House Captains

My name is Lily, and I am a Delphi House Captain. As House Captain my job is to organise the Delphi house, this includes making the chant and helping with House Breakfasts. I also get to work with lots of other students around the school. 

Hi, I am Thinuk and I am your Delphi House Captain.  I am a soccer geek so if you want to learn a few tricks you can come see me at playtime. As a House Captain, I will organise soccer tournaments, basketball matches and many more sports that you’ll enjoy. 

It’s Time to Celebrate

This year Annesley Junior School turns 10! And… Methodist Ladies College/ Annesley College turns 120! 2022 is a significant time to honour our rich heritage and celebrate our progressive future. COVID has meant that we have delayed forming plans and publicising details of events, as we know the complexities the pandemic continues to present. We had a working group meeting this week and are grateful to Dora, Maryanne, Mel and Zambica who joined Jo, Chan and Luke to work on exciting plans for the second half of this year. We look forward to sharing details, including key dates, early next term. If you want to be involved in our next working group meeting, please register your interest by emailing the Principal’s Executive Assistant Chan Chau;

Celebrating Passions & Strengths

The Quest

Base 4 Camp 

Last week Base 4 went to Adare in Victor Harbor. We were split into two tribes. I was in Tribe 2, aka, the Active Avocadoes. We were up against Tribe 1, aka, the Fantastic  Fries. I was in Dorm 10, with 3 other girls. We stayed there two nights, three days. There were lots of different, fun activities that everyone could do.  

The Flying Kiwi is a huge pulley with a harness on it. People on the Anchor Team pull the rope, by either running or walking, it’s your choice. I chose to run. This lifts the person in the harness flying into the air! Brain Twister definitely twisted my brain and mountain biking was so much fun! You had to pass a test then we all went on a ride. We used gears on the ride. 

For kayaking, you could have two people in one kayak. We kept bumping into big bushes. Some of them were spiky! The Challenge Course challenged us to work together as a tribe and be patient. We had to build bridges and use rackets to get across to the other side. 

We had the best time at camp! 

By Audrey (Base 4 Student)

A Spotlight on Enterprise

Three capable students from Base 3 are passionate about creating an Annesley dress as part of our uniform options for students to wear. They have created some designs, met with members of the School Leadership team and talked through concepts such as stakeholders, industry connections and relevant processes. This week, they met with Greg from Silverfleece, an industry partner in designing and producing our Annesley uniform items. Greg loved hearing of their vision, considerations that are important to them and the girls learnt from him about the SIlverfleece business and manufacturing. Greg will now share some initial drawings early next week for the girls to consider and give him feedback on. Stay tuned – exciting things to come! 

Primary School Learning

Year 2 (Natalie) Video News

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ELC Learning

Wattle Room Video News

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UR Strong

We are proud to be a UR Strong school! As part of our Wellbeing framework, this program is currently being taught explicitly to our Year 3 and 4 students to support them in understanding and navigating friendships. Parents are encouraged to become a UR Strong family. To find out more and to access an extensive range of family resources follow this link.  

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