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Congratulations to Nathan Brooks for his sweet victory at the recent Year 1 ‘dads night out’ at Maniax. Thanks also to the parents that arrange social events for their year level groups. Now that we are seeing a reduction in COVID restrictions, it’s wonderful to hear about more social events in our community taking place.


Created as an Enterprise project by two Year 6 students last year to reduce clothing waste, this year we now have four committed Base 4 students who are running Unify. Twice a week, they are collecting donations, labelling items with prices and selling second-hand uniforms to our community. See their advertisement video for Unify below.  

Unify Opening Times: 

Monday – 8.15am to 8.45am 

Wednesday 3pm – 3.30pm 

Friday – 8.15am to 8.45am 

ELC Sports Day

The rainy morning did not dampen our spirits for the ELC Sports Event. We were thrilled to be able to share this fun event with our families. Sheltering from the rain in the Gym and other spaces the ELC students delighted in challenging themselves on the Obstacle Course, worked together to move the Earth Ball, coordinated their movements to raise the Parachute and then sprinted their fastest times in the Running Races. An active morning was enjoyed by young and old!


Jo Rossiter (Director of Primary – R to 7) and David Taylor (Director of Teaching and Learning) both featured on a Podcast recently, The Learning Future by Louka Parry. They discussed the work they and a our teaching team have taken over the last three years  Annesley to support students in developing meta-disciplinary skills through creating process, documentation and assessment with the dynamic context of  Enterprise at Annesley. We encourage you to listen and learn more about the future of learning and how Annesley is at the forefront of this work in education. You can find the podcast here. 

A Spotlight on Enterprise

A Note from our Chaplain

God help me! 

The morning and afternoon school run can often be frantic – I know from personal experience as a father of five! So many things before and after school to fit in. Things to find… organise… carry… remember. And that’s just for the kids – then you have your own responsibilities too! This month we have been encouraging our students to consider the things they are responsible for. It is a work in progress, but it is a deliberate action we value as it helps them grow in their abilities and discover their capabilities. 

But there may be some significant things YOU are carrying at the moment which requires more than just physical and mental effort. You may be weighed down with worry… drained from disappointment.. or held by a sense of hopelessness. Perhaps you hide it well from others, but it’s tearing you up on the inside. And maybe in this moment, you feel the responsibility is all YOURS to carry. 

As a Christian I have discovered the power and peace that comes through prayer. There is something beyond ourselves – but within our reach – that occurs when we acknowledge our circumstance. God assures us that as we lift our thoughts, feelings, and situations through prayer, then His peace and purpose is invited into our moments and movements. That is God’s promise and ‘responsibility’. 

There is also a comfort and strength that can come knowing others are supportive and prayerful in the challenges you face. Without any judgment, this is an invitation for you to take one simple yet significant step in the process of lightening the load you carry. Tell God about your situation. God knows the details already. But God patiently awaits you to include Him in on your thoughts and feelings. If this step seems too daunting, I am always available to pray for you and your situation. Let me reassure you that all prayer requests will be held in confidence. While there are other staff who pray, your requests will remain confidential unless you indicate otherwise. 

Feel free to email me with as much, or as little, detail as you are comfortable with. Alternatively, you may prefer to make a time to meet. I look forward to supporting you in prayer, helping to carry some of the load you are bearing. 

With my prayers, 

Pastor Pete. 

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Independent Primary School Heads of Australian National Conference

It’s always a true joy to show others around Annesley. Yesterday we hosed 30 school leaders from across Australia who are in Adelaide for the the Independent Primary School Heads of Australian National Conference. Their direct feedback included statements such as…
‘Your team has remarkable leadership depth.’
‘Annesley’s students are truly empowered to be the co-constructors of their learning.’
‘It’s great to see you are honouring the heritage of your old buildings while expanding them to create modern, flexible learning spaces.’
‘You’ve grown in size and offering so fast, yet your school has a beautiful sense of calm, welcoming community.’
‘We’ve seen so many examples of Annesley’s students putting their skills in Maths and English into meaningful enterprise projects.’
‘Wow… your students make great coffee!’
At Annesley, we are grateful for the progressive community we have created and for what lies ahead.

Reconciliation Week

On Thursday 26 May, Annesley was represented by a small group of students at the annual event for Reconciliation Week. This was run by The City of Unley in conjunction with Adelaide’s Indigenous community. 

We had the opportunity to be part of a Welcome to Country lead by Uncle Mickey O’Brien, Senior Kaurna man.  Dance group, Of Desert and Sea, performed contemporary dances based on their traditional heritage. A definite highlight was the opportunity to join in the dancing.  

As part of Annesley’s commitment to Reconciliation, these students will be sharing their experiences and new knowledge with their year levels. What a wonderful start to Reconciliation Week.  

Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Presenting Class
Thursday 2 June Chapel
Thursday 9 June Assembly Year 3 (Rosie)
Thursday 16 June Chapel
Thursday 23 June Assembly Year 1 (Brad)
Thursday 30 June Chapel


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