Friday 10 June 2022

Director of Junior School Video News

World Peace Game

Last week, the World Peace Game was won by our senior students. After 5 days playing the Game, together they solved 24 world crises and raised the asset value of each country…with a minute to spare! 

It was timely to reflect upon the Top 10 Skills in the OECD Future of Jobs Report at a recent conference of Independent Primary School Heads. In 2020, they were listed as: 

  1. Complex Problem Solving 
  2. Critical Thinking 
  3. Creativity 
  4. People Management 
  5. Coordinating with Others 
  6. Emotional Intelligence 
  7. Judgement and Decision Making 
  8. Service Orientation 
  9. Negotiation 
  10. Cognitive Flexibiltily  

So much of what we do at Annesley is building these skills in our students. It is no more evident however than in the context of the World Peace Game, each of our students playing the Game this year engaged in each of these skills at various times throughout the 5 days. 

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the following prizes in the World Peace Game 2022, as voted by their peers:

Eco and Human Rights Award – Ella, Year 6
All-Rounder World Peace Game Award – Alex, Year 5
Peace Prize – Eamon, Year 6
Peace Prize – Logan, Year 5 

Parent and Teacher Partnership Meetings 

A reminder that we have a personalised model at Annesley to parent and teacher meetings. Instead of a traditional parent and teacher meeting evening once a year, we invite families to meet anytime with their child’s teacher. This allows families to meet throughout the year when it suits a child’s learning needs and our teaching team can prepare thoroughly and give the time needed to each meeting. Teachers will also reach out to families if they would like to make a meeting to discuss a child’s learning and school experience. 

Local Buy Annesley Market

Come and enjoy a sausage sizzle with Luke and the Ritchie family at our upcoming ‘Local Buy Annesley’ Market!  

This upcoming community event, at which many of our student Enterprises will be selling and promoting their products, is a great opportunity for parents, wishing to say their farewells to the Ritchies, to do so in person.  

‘Local Buy Annesley’ Market 

– Wednesday 22nd June 2022 – 

  Back in 2021 three of our Year 6/7 entrepreneurs, Avi Dasgupta-Klein, Logan Wright and Marco Pisani, had the vision of facilitating an event for the school community, at which different student Enterprises could sell or present their products and services. Our first ‘Local Buy Annesley’ market took place on the afternoon of our Christmas concert and was a great success.  

Our student Board of Directors this term, have taken over the mantle of event organisers for ‘Local Buy Annesley’ and will be holding the next market on:  

Wednesday 22nd June 2022. 

Time: 3:15pm-4:00pm 

Location: Outside the Bouncing Bean Café 

Profits from the market will go towards purchasing our New Cubby House Café. 

It is wonderful to have parents back on site regularly, and this greatly opens opportunities for our students to showcase and sell their Enterprise products and services.  

We hope that ‘Local Buy Annesley’ markets will become a regular feature at Annesley to be held several times each year.   

Unify Second Hand Uniform Shop

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 8.15am 
  • Wednesday 3pm 
  • Friday 8.15am 

Primary School Learning

Year 2 (Bella) Video News

Visual Arts

 The Visual Arts Studio has been a buzz this term, with two collaborative pieces completed for the Imaginiarium. The canvas’ have been collaborated on by Year levels 2-7 incorporating their Units of Inquiry. 

 The first is a huge IB Tree the roots being the Annesley Values and the leaves are the PYP Learner Profile. The second is the French ‘La Rêves de mon Imagination‘. Please step into the Imaginiarium to see these art works. 

 Classes have inquired into a range of artists, from Frida Kahlo, Wassily Kandinsky, Michelangelo and Matisse to contemporary Australian Artists like Abdul Abdulla. Exploring the artists’ works, their painting techniques, and their political messages. 

 Classes have learned about the ‘language of art’ to explore how artworks tell stories. We have experimented with painting techniques, music, and colour. We have discussed and explored the contexts in which artworks are created. Students are responding and developing their appreciation of many different forms of art and gaining a deeper understanding of the principles and elements of design. 

Sarah Walsh
Visual Arts Teacher

Performing Arts Video News

Assembly & Chapel

Date Assembly/Chapel Presenting Class
Thursday 16 June Chapel
Thursday 23 June Assembly Year 1 (Brad)
Thursday 30 June Chapel


Annesley Community

Last Thursday evening in the Gym a group of Annesley Dad’s teamed up to shoot some hoops and connect as a community. Last night it was the Annesley Mum’s turn to take over the Gym for a Netball evening.

A Note from our Chaplain

The Value Of Int’egg’rity 

We had some fun this week in Chapel with our own brief take on Masterchef. Three of our students volunteered as Apprentice Chefs to demonstrate the use of a key ingredient you might find in baking – the egg. They each had one normal-looking egg, and were asked to crack it open, then pour the contents into their bowl. The Apprentices expected to find a runny egg-white and golden yolk inside. Everything seemed fine from the outside. But the first egg was opened and it was hard in the middle. It was not a good egg for our purpose of baking. The second egg was opened, but it was just a shell. There was no egg-white or yolk. It was hollow and lacking substance. It was not a good egg for our purpose. Finally, the third egg had the fresh egg-white and yolk. What we saw on the outside, and expected of the egg on the inside, was true. It was all we had hoped for. This was definitely a good egg for our purpose. 

We have been focussing on the value of integrity. So using the eggs as an illustration, I wonder if in some way we might be like them. From the outside, we look okay. From the outside, others might think we’re a “good egg”. But perhaps on the outside, we hide what’s really happening inside. When the cracks appear, are we becoming a little hard, or even stubborn. Or like the empty egg, are there moments we come across fragile, maybe even lacking substance? (I won’t even comment on a bad or rotten egg, but I think you know what that’s implying.) Instead, let’s make sure we are like the good egg so that when others see us, they know what to expect from us, and we don’t disappoint them. Integrity is the real deal. Whether people are watching, or you’re out of sight, integrity is choosing to do what is right. 

I know, my God, that you examine our hearts and rejoice when you find integrity there. 

1 Chronicles 29:17 

Peter Morton
Annesley Chaplain & Counsellor 

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