Friday 5 August 2022

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School Uniform 

Why do we wear a uniform?

We hope our students feel a sense of belonging and community when they wear the Annesley uniform to school each morning.

School uniforms are credited for bringing a sense of equity and certainty for students in what they wear each day. I’m glad I don’t need to have a daily conversation with my three children about what they are going to wear to school!

Our Annesley Uniform

In our commitment to provide progressive education at Annesley, we strive to match our practices with the changing world and therefore the Annesley uniform has moved away from more traditional formal clothing items such as blazers, ties and tunics, to be more in step with the contemporary clothing now more commonly worn in the adult workforce. Annesley supplies a modern, practical, playful uniform range that offers choice for our students based on their individual style preference and what they find comfortable. In our uniform, we value that Annesley students can be active inquirers and engage in joyful play in outdoor environments, climbing on our playground and in trees and exploring our creek bed.

Mid Fee – Value for money

We proudly offer mid fee, value for money education at Annesley. This is reflected in our uniform. An Advertiser article recently compared the cost of school uniforms across a number of schools. This information revealed that the cost of a typical Annesley full uniform is around one third to half of the cost of school uniforms at several Adelaide schools.

Wearing uniform correctly

At Annesley, we do not make a child feel uncomfortable for wearing incorrect uniform. We understand that some non-Annesley uniform items have been worn to supplement student’s uniforms during the period of supply shortages from our uniform providers this year. As Annesley uniform items and sizes return to stock, we appreciate the support of parents to ensure that students are dressed in the correct Annesley uniform each day.

Unify – Reducing uniform waste

Members of our student community are working to reduce uniform waste through their second-hand uniform initiative called Unify. With many sales late last term, the Unify Team are seeking further donations of uniforms that are no longer useful to families to restock their store. Uniform donations can be placed in the dedicated basket in the Front Office.

Fearless Conversations

First Class Humans rather than Second Class Robots

A recent ‘Fearless Conversation’ session facilitated by Flinders University on Innovative Education and Pedagogy discussed the uncertain nature of authentic learning and that it is imperative that modern schools develop ‘first-class humans’ rather than ‘second-class robots’ in the advancing digital age. Enterprise at Annesley is nurturing human-specific capabilities such as critical and creative thinking to find answers to problems when artificial intelligence can’t. Our Experiential Learning program, The Quest requires students to interact socially and to make judgement calls of who they are and are not, what they are capable of and comfortable with, recognising that learning to manage risk is vitally important for young people to learn. Watch this Fearless Conversation here.  

Quest Update

Term 3 has begun with a flurry of offsite programs for Base 3 and Base 5 students. The first stop for Base 3 was the Adelaide Zoo, where they will spend a significant part of their term learning from Zoo professionals and inquiring into various endangered animals and their habitats.  

 Base 5 have begun their adventures at Belair National Park. Students honed their mountain biking skills in preparation for next week’s 30km bike ride, while also learning how to navigate with maps and compasses. 

 The Quest concluded for Term 2 with Base 6/7 finishing their Social Justice Program at Baptist Care SA. Students participated in an Urban Walk and assisted with providing tea, coffee, and warm meals to those who were experiencing homelessness.  

 Base 3 ventured to Nunyara Campsite for their overnight camp. Highlights included a visit to Belair CFS, the Tree Climb and the Water Obstacle.  

A Note from our Chaplain

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been learning about resilience. The value of not giving up, regardless of the things which may upset or disappoint us. Having resilience is our ability to negotiate tricky situations, remaining true to who we are, so we keep moving forward. 

When I was in primary school I learned to play the piano accordion. I must admit, it was heavy to carry, and it was quite tricky with all the buttons and keys on each side. I would get frustrated. I wanted to give up so many times. Sure, sometimes I got teased about it. But often it was just me talking myself out of persevering. It was my own negative attitude which kept saying it was too hard. Resilience helped me to focus again on what was important, and to continue learning. 

Here are some important facts about the accordion (in case you’re interested). When it is closed it doesn’t make any sound. You need to open it out, and let some air into the bellows. It requires some pull and push for it to make a noise. As the accordion expands, the bellows in the middle fill with air. When you push them closed, the air which is inside then gets pushed through different sized small reed blocks which vibrate and produce a certain note and sound. The accordion then comes back to its normal resting shape and position. Now you can’t carry the accordion around with the billows opened out. That will do damage to them. So it is extremely important the accordion returns to its normal shape. 

When we journey through life and face disappointment, it is often very challenging. But like accordions are made to produce music through the concertina motion, it’s through the stretching and resting over time that I too have the opportunity to emit noteworthy character traits and accomplishments. Sometimes in life we can feel stretched. We can be pushed. We can be squeezed. Different things happen to us. Not always pleasant. But whether we get squeezed, or whether we get stretched, we can be resilient. We show resilience when we confidently return to who we truly are, knowing that God created us wonderfully. 

Pete Morton

Annesley Chaplain & Counsellor

Staffing Update

Admin Staffing

Over the holidays, two of our non-teaching, administration staff have accepted other employment opportunities in larger, commercial organisations to further their experience and professional growth. We acknowledge the contributions of Chan Chau to the Annesley community and particularly Lisa Stuart who has served in the role of Principal’s EA and Registrar/Marketing for nearly 7 years. Lisa has been an outstanding administrator in ensuring effective enrolments processes in our ELC and Primary School. She has built numerous systems to enhance efficiency and process in marketing, enrolments and communication. We know you will join us in wishing them well in their new roles.

Many hands are filling these positions while we find fitting replacements. We are pleased to announce that Kathy Farrugia, a familiar face in our Front Office has accepted the position of Registrar and has already transitioned into this role. 

ELC Staffing

In the holiday period we farewelled Brittany Cox, Educator in the Grevillea room. She is now pursuing travel overseas and other professional pursuits. We thank her for her contributions to our ELC team and wish her all the best.

We are currently recruiting to fill various positions to support our ELC growth. Recently we also welcomed Zac, Hao and Isabella to our team. They are currently working across our centre.

Zac Li

Zac completed a Masters in Software Engineering and Management before changing his career direction. He is now working towards completing the Diploma in Children’s Services. For the past two years he has been working as an Educator in centres in Qld and SA. His love of sports and friendly manner has quickly endeared him to our students.

Hao Zhu

After completing a Bachelor in Commerce and working as an Accountant for many years, Hao then changed career direction and is currently in his third year of Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Previously he has been working as an Educator at the Gowrie Child Care Centre. He has a particular interest in STEM learning in the early years and is fluent in several languages. His energetic and responsive manner towards the students has quickly enabled him to build effective learning relationships with the students and our teams.

Isabella Lathouros

Isabella is in her final year of Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Throughout her studies she has been employed in several childcare centres as the Lead Educator supporting the teaching program. Her kind and friendly manner has allowed her to quickly build rapport with our students.

Council Update

We would like to acknowledge the short, but important service of Gill Hicks to the Annesley College Council as she steps away to focus on her many and varied business roles and responsibilities. David Yeates has also resigned from the Council. We thank him also for his contribution and wish both Gill and David well in their future endeavours. These resignations open  opportunities for new council members and more information will be shared as replacements are sought for these important roles in our community. 

A note from our Director of Learning and Teaching

The PYP Advantage – Why we choose the IB at Annesley 

Annesley is proud to be an authorised IB (International Baccalaureate) World School, and part of a worldwide learning community of 5500 schools in more than 160 countries offering IB Programs.  

The IB Primary Years Program, the ‘PYP’, is a future-focused, international framework that we believe complements and enhances the Australian Curriculum, providing education that is significant, challenging, relevant, and engaging for all children.

The IB may be a contributing factor as to why you chose Annesley, or it may be something you have not thought much about.  In each of the newsletters over the course of this term we will look at a key feature of the IB’s Primary Years Program framework in a series we are calling ‘The PYP Advantage’  

 There are many benefits to the PYP, and in this series we will explore:

PART 1 – The IB Learner Profile 

  • how a focus on the whole child helps to develop Internationally-minded lifelong learners

PART 2 – The Program of Inquiry 

  • how our units of inquiry, build understanding of the world and support the connection of knowledge and ideas across disciplines

PART 3 – Concept-based curriculum

  • how a focus on conceptual ideas develops children’s’ critical thinking, leading to deeper understanding

PART 4 – Inquiry 

  • the use of structured and purposeful student-led inquiry as our main approach to learning and teaching

PART 5 – Approaches of Learning

  • how we implicitly and explicitly develop the transversal life skills of Thinking, Social, Communication, Research and Self-management

PART 6 – Action

  • how children can make a positive difference in their world through authentic action resulting from their learning

PART 7 – The PYP Exhibition

  • the culminating experience of the PYP for students in their final year of the program

We hope that this series, will provide you with some new insights and understandings of the program that can support your engagement with your children’s learning at Annesley.

The PYP Advantage – Part 1 

The IB Learner Profile – Developing Internationally-minded lifelong learners

The IB is a value driven organisation with a powerful mission that aligns with our Vison at Annesley. 

‘The IB develops inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds intercultural understanding and respect.’ Source: IB: Our Mission    

With so many challenges facing our world today: environmental devastation, a global pandemic, military conflicts, and tensions in international relations, never has the mission of the IB been of greater significance. 

At the heart of the IB’s approach to achieving it’s mission is the Learner Profile. 

Traditionally, the primary goal of many educational systems has been to impart knowledge on students, whereas the PYP takes a holistic approach, aimed at developing the whole child.  

 The IB Learner Profile provides 10 attributes learners develop that enable them to become internationally minded, lifelong learners, aware of their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet and empowered to create a better more peaceful world.

Living the Learner Profile at Annesley

At Annesley the Learner Profile weaves intrinsically through everything we do. We live the Learner Profile through our learning experiences, choices, and interactions. Teachers look to model the Learner Profile through their own behaviour and purposefully plan learning experiences and units of inquiry that support the development of particular attributes.

For example, in many of our units we ensure there are opportunities for students to consider different cultural viewpoints, and in doing so they are learning to be Open-minded. Likewise, when we ask students to consider the ethical soundness of their choices, we encourage them to be Principled.

We also use the Learner Profile attributes as part of our everyday language with the students and explicitly reflect on our development of different attributes with students as they learn.

“The learner profile unites us all with a common focus: on the whole person, as a lifelong learner. It applies to us all – student, teacher, parent or administrator – for we are all continually learning.”      Source: What Is International Baccalaureate Programme

You may have heard your own children using some of the language of the Learner Profile. Families can play a vital role in the development of the Learner Profile by embracing and engaging with the attributes. The attached document provides some further ideas on ways to engage with the Learner Profile at home.

Learner Profile Parent Ideas

Spotlight on Enterprise

Two Year 6 student have created a business to create puzzles out of school photos, sibling or individual or even a photo of your choice. A sample and order form is currently on show in the Bouncing Bean Cafe, a great time to order in time for Fathers Day! Order and pay at the Bouncing Bean Cafe. The Puzzle Pro team plan to use profits made to donate to the Forktree Project, a sustainability, re-wilding initiative that they have visited as part of their Base 6/7 Quest program last term.

Unify Second Hand Uniform Shop

Opening Hours:

  • Monday 8.15am 
  • Wednesday 3pm 
  • Friday 8.15am 

ELC Learning

Banksia Room 

Relationships are at the heart of everything we do in the Banksia Room. We share and invest in relationships with our children, families, and one another in our team and wider ELC. This term we have welcomed 8 new children and their families. It is such a joy to see our 3 year olds (and nearly 3 year olds) help to welcome our new children.  

 We acknowledge and celebrate kindness-  

  • when we see children making room for new friends on the mat at meeting times, 
  • when we hear children encouraging new friends to join our routines, and
  • when children sing our songs to new friends so that they can learn them too.  

 These are just a few examples of our youngest children taking action. Our children may be young, but they are capable!  

Primary School Learning

Growing With Gratitude in Base 5

Growing With Gratitude is a resilience program that builds and protects young people’s mental wellbeing. Ash Manuel presents these workshops by teaching skills based on gratitude, kindness, positive reflection, empathy, mindfulness and serving others, resulting in greater resilience and happiness. Furthermore this program is teaching young people skills to overcome adversity and challenges, as well as teaching them to be good citizens. 

We have been so fortunate to experience these workshops and have built a better sense of community in Base 5. 

Physical Educaton Update

The Mary Anning Art Prize

The Mary Anning Art Prize is for young artists who are interested in prehistoric life forms. Their job is to create an original piece of artwork that features prehistoric life from the state in which they live.

Annesley Junior School had three submissions this year by Visual Arts students who have an in-depth knowledge of all things prehistoric.  Huge congratulations to Elise Hyde, Eliza Szczurko and Charlie Michell who worked so hard to get their artworks in at the end of Term 2.

Artist: Elise Hyde

Base: 3

Title: ‘Anomalocarises Tribbites’

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Eliza Szczurko

Base: 3

Title: ‘Koolasauchous’

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Charlie Michell

Base: 6/7

Title: ‘Discovery’

Medium: Lead, Watercolour, Gold Liner, Acrylic and Sand Texture Gel on Stretched Linen.

Assembly & Chapel

Date               Chapel/Assembly Presenting class

11 August            Chapel

18 August            Assembly – Year 2 Ben

25 August            Chapel (Book Week Parade)

1 September       Assembly – Year 3 Joe

8 September       Chapel

15 September     Assembly – Reception Leanne

22 September     Chapel

22 September     Assembly – Year 2 Natalie

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